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Stunning Street Art in Cuba

In Cuba, two street artists decorated the streets with murals of senior citizens who survived the Cuban Revolution (1953-1959). The artworks are the continuation of the ongoing series named, “The Wrinkles of the City”.
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Bracelets Made of Guitar Strings

The bracelets in the picture are called Rock Recycled Guitar String Bracelets. These are made by hand using recycled guitar strings and other metals. String colors can differ. They can be made of different materials including silver, gold and bronze.
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Handpresso Coffee Maker

The next generation of coffee making machines is here. I am talking about the portable espresso maker named Handpresso Wild Hybrid. The company responded to fans’ wishes and created this machine which will provide versatility and easy use.
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Daredevil Defies Death

What you see in these photos are real pictures by Mustang Wanted. He is a daredevil athlete from Kiev, Ukraine. His photographs are really interesting and show how close to death someone could be. His crazy location stunts made him a sensation online going viral in thousands of websites.
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Street Art Campaign by Peter Gibson

In 2001 Peter Gibson started a guerrilla street art campaign in order to encourage Montreal city to build lanes for motorcycles. It initially started as a activity but soon became an art project which is still being continued by the artists.
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Bernard Pras’ Anamorphic Painting

Bernard Pras has an unique style of working. He assembles and does what is call an Anamorphosis (A visual illusion where artist’s produce distorted projection and they use paint or other objects to make it.
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Darkened Photographs of Famous Cities

French artist Thierry Cohen has recently released incredible photographic series called Darkened Cities or “Villes Eteintes” in French where he tried to show the sky the photos of major cities without the interference of light.
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Fairy Tale Like Painting on Own Hand

The spotlight is on Svetlana Kolosova, a Painter and Musician from Russia. She uses her own hand as canvas for painting. she paints fairy tale scense beautifully. The series is named “Palm Drawings” from the artist of Moscow.
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Single Dollar Forms Spectacular Collages

To some people like Mark Wagner a Single Dollar is much more valuable than a thousand. I am speaking from the perspective of creativity. He can produce collages using the currency that is available to him.
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Awesome Telephone Booths of Sao Paolo

I have recently seen some wonderful artwork and designs which blew me out. For example, these phone-booths are awesome to look at. You will find these in Sao Paolo, Brazil
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A Crescent Moon Lamp

It may look like edited photo but indeed it is real. In fact, it is more real than it looks. Moscow based physician Leonid Tishkov is travelling around the world with his own personalized moon.
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Realistic Urban Paintings

To create such pictures on view, many take the help of photographs and then apply various effects. This process involves everything starting from loose sketching, complex grids where a photo is turned into painting within boxes. But British painter Nathan Walsh does not follow any of the technologies available.
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The Cross Over of Comic Book Characters into Real World

I am telling you the story of an illustrator named Gaikuo-Captain of Beijing. He does well to imagine himself into one of a kind situations inspired by comic books. The artist gives us playfull images of himself interacting with known figures of manga, anime, comics or movie world.
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Miniature Pencil Work Reveals Alphabets in Animal Forms

We very often see artists creating artworks based on the medium but seldom we see that the medium is tempered with to create the art itself. Seattle artist Diem Chau works using graphite pencils and crayons.
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The DIY By-Cycle

Jurgen Kuipers, a dutch designer came up with a new type of bi-cycle which is titled as “Project Sawyer”. This bi-Cycle has a lowrider geometry. Amazingly, the frame of the cycle is made of plywood.
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