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Corporate Problem Solving

With so many levels of bureaucracy, policies, procedures, and meetings to plan the next meeting to talk about the meeting, it seems you just can’t really get any problems solved. See how corporate problem solving really works in this Visual Storytelling piece.

Uncommon Wellness Tips

Hanging on the couch and stuffing your face with Cheetos, and pounding an entire bag of Sour Patch Kids isn’t exactly living the sweet life. The only spare tire you own isn’t just sitting in your trunk, but it follows you around wherever you go. Saying, “Bite me,” to the couch and getting your ass up and exercising a few hours a week will help your health immensely. See what other uncommon wellness tips can have an impact as well in this graphic created by WellnessFX.

What Vegans Talk About

There is definitely a trend in what vegans talk about in conversation. This graphic will help you spot it.

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Child of the 90s

Internet Explorer was born in the 90s, and as they grew up, a generation known as the Millennials did too. Their design left much to be desired from its users for many years, ushering a new form of modern web browsers in the likes of Firefox and Chrome. They had a change of heart, and decided to clean up their act with the new IE10. A browser any Child of the 90s would be proud of today. Take a trip down memory lane and see if you have fond memories of these classic 90s staples: snap bracelets, yo-yo’s, bowl cuts, fanny packs & Troll dolls. #childofthe90s

Check out more 90s swag over at

How to Optimize Your Website for Mobile Viewing

There are over 80 million smartphones in circulation throughout the world. Which means we are truly entering an age of “always on” and “on-the-go.” This new mobile explosion is changing the way we receive and interact with content, whether we’re paying bills, answering emails, ordering food, checking our favorite sites – news/design – or purchasing our favorite products on Etsy. Everything is changing rapidly, and if business owners haven’t thought about how their website functions on a mobile phone, then they’re hanging perilously in the balance of being left behind. Check out this graphic if you might need help in how to optimize your website for mobile viewing.

The Age of Exploration: Life on the Open Seas

Life was pretty difficult for a sailor in the age of exploration, and every day was filled with hard work, and back breaking labor. Journeys could take years, since ships could only cover about 100 miles a day, and the pay was poor. Food wasn’t of the best standard either, with crews getting 3,000 calories a day of salted beef, hardtack, ale or wine, and dried fruits or vegetables. How far would you make it in the Age of Exploration, with only one set of clothes, and scurvy, “the scourge of the seas,” nipping at your heels — along with the mice?

Apartment Living in 2080

It’s an exciting time for technology, and our future. Especially when it comes to imagining how our living spaces will be. In the future, apartment living won’t be a sacrifice; instead we imagine self-repairing appliances, alternative energy sources, and adjustable square-footage for city dwellers everywhere. Take a look at what we believe just might be the average standard of apartment living in 2080.

Ah-choo! The True Cost of Getting the Flu

Your sitting at your desk at work, minding your own business, when you hear a deafening, “Ah-choo!” followed by whimpering sniffles and a hacking cough. ring out in the office. That’s when you suddenly realize, “Oh crap, it’s flu season.” Find out what the true cost of getting the flu is, in this graphic created by CouponCabin.

Visual Storytelling: Navigating a Large Convention

With CES now upon us, the big hoopla for tech geeks is being able to get the first glimpse at all of the new consumer gadgets coming out in the near future. Another thing people love about big conventions are: booth babes and all the free swag getting shoved at you from every direction. Use this graphic to see how you should be navigating a large convention.

HowAboutWe: Visualizing One Million Dates

Americans love to date, and in our digital age, online dating is beginning to reign supreme. With over one million dates now having taken place on HowAboutWe — and climbing — they have some really interesting data about the dating habits of Americans. Depending on where you live, the most popular date spots, drink choices, date activities, and eats change.

Check out the full interactive to learn about the rad dates people are going on in your city.

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Cold Weather Wanderlust

Many believe its the beach or bust when it comes to winter travel. The cold weather will drive people people stir crazy, and an idea of wanderlust will seep into their brains. Dying for the chance to ditch their jackets, beanies and mittens for boardshorts or a skimpy bikini. Unfortunately, not all of us can just whisk ourselves off to faraway locales like San Juan, Puerto Rico. Where we would lay, bronzing in the sun for what seems like an eternity. Basking in the rays and playing in the waves on a tropical beach paradise.

If you don’t have the time — or the cash — to enjoy an international destination, there are some up-and-coming domestic locales that have been gaining traction year-over-year by garnering positive feedback on TripAdvisor. The top 5 destinations are: Austin, Texas; Memphis, Tennessee; Colorado Springs, Colorado; Portland, Maine; and Denver, Colorado.

Mankind The Story of All of Us: Pyramids

The story behind mankind is a wild epic of survival that spans thousands of years and documents the stepping stones in our journey from hunter-gatherer to global citizen. The history of the human race is a story of all of us, and how we came to be on our planet. It takes 10 billion years for the ideal planet to form and 3 billion more for the right conditions to emerge before it finally happens: mankind begins. Learn more about pyramids from around the world in this infographic created by History.

Signs of the Apocalypse: No One on the Internet Seems to Have an Opinion

Many of us know the joke: Opinions are like a**holes, everybody has one. Well, the Internet heard this and took things into overdrive. The Internet has become the soap box in our modern age, giving anyone the chance to voice how they feel on a particular topic — from their parents basement. There are some intelligent people who use the Internet as an opportunity to further conversation, and our hope in humanity. While others are sending logical thought, and the phonetics of every language, into the dumps. This graphic looks at how a sign of the apocalypse would be if no one on the Internet seems to have an opinion.

Signs of the Apocalypse: Didn’t See a Food Photo on Instagram Today

If the Mayans are right, in just a couple short days the world is going to end. Which means people around the world are looking for the sign to drop everything and have the most epic “Apocalypse” party ever — it’ll be your last party anyways, so live it up! A sure sign of this apocalypse coming to fruition would be if you didn’t see a food photo on Instagram today. #themayanswereright

Santa’s Wild Ride

Our favorite bearded gift-giver is getting ready to take off on his yearly Christmas flight, bringing holiday joy to all the little girls and boys who were good this year; and, coal to those who weren’t so nice. Santa lives at the North Pole, and he’s got a lot of ground with his reindeer in order to drop off toys at the 91.8 million homes he’s planning on visiting. See the logistics behind Santa’s wild ride in this infographic created by Confused.