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The Holiday Wish List of a Snarky Hipster

Everyone’s got one of these in their family: a snarky, tumbledown jeans sporting, black rimmed glasses wearing hipster; and they’re picky. Does this company do BOGO for a child in need? Was this bracelet you got me made entrepreneurial women in a third world country? Socially conscious is all the rage these days, and these are the products at the top of every hipsters Moleskin notebook Christmas list.

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IE10: Playing Pong

Ping Pong legends were forged in the fire and brimstone of all afternoon basement tournaments when we were youngsters. When you grow up and head off to college, ping pong morphs into a different kind of game — beer pong. Gone are the paddles and overhead smashes, and in their place are a pyramid of strategically placed red party cups, overhead tosses, that cute girl from Bio 101 as a partner, and the finesse of an overhead toss.

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IE10: Pretend Horses

There are still many of us out there who remember when toys used to not require batteries. These toys used to require imagination — and a cowboy outfit — to reach their full entertainment potential. Now, it seems as though the only thing that can hold a child’s attention is a video game or tablet. Luckily our society has Psy to keep our dreams of fake horse riding alive.

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Forget the Genius Bar: Apple Consumers Turn to Customer Communities for Their Answers

When you iPhone takes a dump and the: backlight won’t work, it won’t sync to iTunes, it’s stuck in headphone mode, or you can’t figure out how to sync your iTunes to multiple computers; you don’t want to have to hit up the Genius Bar, make an appointment, and stand in line with all the other poindexters. This graphic looks at how consumers have looked to free, member-driven communities for answers. These communities have become a place where people can help one another with their various issues. They’re advanced in the way they support the new wave of social, where members within brand communities serve as their own experts, their own moderators, their own tech support, and enthusiastic evangelists.

NASCAR Sprint Cup Vs Formula One

Race car driving is one of the biggest sports in the world, and Formula One is the highest class of racing on the planet. It’s racing events, known as Grand Prix’s, draw thousands of spectators to the tracks (at the Australian Grand Prix, there were 298,000 people in attendance). The popularity of Formula One around the world trumps the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, which is the highest level of racing in the United States, and the most popular. See exactly how in this head-to-head comparison graphic created by Red Bull.

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Travel Mishaps: Avoid Tech Disasters This Holiday Season

While out traveling this holiday season, your bound to stand in long lines at the airport, work from your laptop or tablet in a hotel, and maybe lose your most prized possession — your smartphone — by losing it to the porcelain gods and drop it in the toilet. Your gadgets are precious to you, and act as your lifeline to the connected world. Without them, your holiday season will be even more stressful. Ever lost your smartphone or laptop while traveling, here’s some tips on how to avoid that from happening again.

Thanksgiving by the Numbers

Thanksgiving has a long and storied history. It’s one of the oldest holiday traditions started by the first European settlers of the Americas, and the very first Thanksgiving was very different from what we experience today. The original Thanksgiving was a 3-day harvest feast held by the founders of the Plymouth colony in 1621. Today, nearly 46 million turkeys are eaten at Thanksgiving, accompanied by the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and it’s 15 large balloons. See the rest of the differences below.

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The Rise of the Second Screen

Where will the reach of the Internet invade next? Those of us who love our television programs are increasingly watching them with our mobile devices in hand. We use them to find information related to things we’ve seen, and connect on our favorite social networks, like Facebook and Twitter. More and more shows are realizing that they’re losing people during the advertisements, when people are most likely to search the web, or interact on their mobile; which is changing the way we watch television.

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Benefits for Veterans: Honoring Our Nation’s Vets in More Ways Than One

While we’re safe at home enjoying a day off, or enduring the daily battle with our email inbox this Veterans Day, we get a chance to reflect, honor and support our active service men and women. There are currently 22.2 million veterans living today, three-fourths of them are veterans of war. There are certain benefits soldiers receive after they finish their service, and keen on education as well. They’re also focused on getting a good job when they enter the civilian workforce, see the top jobs that await them in the infographic below.

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The Social Media Zombie Apocalypse

The next time you go to grab a coffee in the morning, look around at the people in line waiting with you. Some may be in quiet conversation with a friend, or engaging the barista in the brew of the day; but, many will be head down, engrossed by their smartphones, and zombified to the world around them. Does social media turn you into a clumsy walker, with the taste of blood and brains pervading your ever thought?

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The Social Sickness

It can be argued that social media has allowed us to connect even more with the world around us. What it has also done is create a sickness. An aching necessity to check our phones every two minutes to see how many likes our Instagram photos have, how many retweets our Twitter post got, and who commented on our Facebook post. You can go out to dinner with friends to look over and realize that every single person is mesmerized by what’s going on in their phones and not at the table. See where you fit into this mess in the infographic below.

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Hanging out at “Space Coast”

It’s been over a year since Atlantis blasted off for the last time to deliver parts and cargo to the International Space Station, and the suburban sprawl surrounding Cape Canaveral on the East coast of Florida — also known as the “Space Coast” — has lost what truly made it special: launching space shuttles into the unknown. Photographer David Ryle took photos of the “Space Coast” back in 2009, and his minimalist approach to documenting the super shiny world of the NASA space industrial complex on one side of town, and strip malls and empty parking lots on the other; make for some beautiful viewing. A rejuvenated space program seems as bleak and sparse as the photos below, but NASA still has a certain Curiosity Rover on Mars that still keeps us dreaming.

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How Profitable and “Liked” are the Top Four World Series Contenders

Profits and baseball have a love affair that is as passionate as the love fans have for their favorite teams — and continues to grow. The average value of a Major League Baseball team rose 16 percent during the past year to a record high of $605 million. With the last few teams fighting for a chance to play in the World Series, this infographic takes a look at each teams revenue, income, value, and social network profiles. See if there’s any correlation between having the most money or social media followers determining whether or not a team makes it to the World Series.

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Creating the Perfect DIY Halloween Costume

For many people this Halloween, money may be a bit tight, and not being able to splurge on that fully put together costume you saw at the Halloween store may get you super bummed on life. Before you give up, arms raised in defeat towards the sky, have you ever thought about going all DIY on Halloween and making your own costume? It may not turn out to be the prettiest costume, but you’ll definitely get style points for creating a perfect DIY creation.

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The Hottest Jobs in I.T.

Information technology personnel are the rock stars of the Internet. They’re not just a bunch of nerds talking about connection speeds all day. Theyr’e driving innovation in many industries, bringing new technologies and systems to our professional and personal lives. Loving that new App or video game? Chances are an I.T. professional worked on it. Check out some of the rad jobs available to future I.T. professionals.

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