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James Bond 007: Vehicles and Gadgets

The legacy of James Bond lives on in infamy, and with the treasured franchise now reaching it’s 50th anniversary, the new feature film, Skyfall, is preparing to hit studios. This will be Daniel Craig’s third time playing British Secret Service agent James Bond, OO7. James Bond was known for his ability to seduce the most bombshell vixens the planet has ever seen. He was known for having the hottest rides, decked out with the most high tech — and oddly practical weaponry — ever needed for any situation. He also had the raddest gadgets.

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League of Legends by the Numbers

The world of online gaming and the amount of players certain games can attract is continually ascending to staggering heights, and League of Legends from Riot Games is no stranger to this phenomenon. Over 90% of the players are male, and 85% are between the ages of 16 and 30. These impressive numbers of hours played per month even out to League of Legends being the most played video game in the world. 

The Ultimate Zombie Preparation Guide

There’s nothing worse than getting caught with your pants down, especially if it’s during the psychotic rampage of a brain-eating, flesh tearing, walking dead zombie apocalypse. You’ve got a couple different options during the apocalypse, hunt them down, or head for the hills. Either way, you’ll need to prepare for the eventual end of the world. Check this infographic to learn about how you’ll need to plan, research, and train to ditch those brain-eaters.

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The Enlightened Happy Hour: An Interactive Drink Guide

As more restaurants make their nutrition information available, patrons are becoming all too aware of the shocking calorie counts behind some of their favorite menu items. But did you know that the happy hour drinks you guzzle down also come with their own significant calorie count? Use this interactive guide to help you make smarter decisions about what you sip at the bar.

Head on over to Visual News to view the Interactive.

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Before I Hide Away: The Artwork of Brandi Milne

Brandi Milne’s work speaks from human emotions – the worlds of love, loss, pain and heartbreak, but also so much beauty. Her works speak from the heart of someone with so much to say, but at one point in time thought no one would be interested. Her show, titled “Before I Hide Away,” emphasizes these doubts and blows them completely away at the same time. See her work below.

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The Repurposing of NASA

US space exploration is beginning to take on a different light and persona since its exceptional beginnings in 1958 – the ending of the NASA space shuttle program earlier this year; the exploration of space by manned space shuttles to be carried out by private companies; the landing of the new Curiosity Rover on Mars; and the death of the first astronaut to step foot on the moon, Neil Armstrong. Even though astronauts from around the globe will still congregate at the International Space Station while scientists scour the galaxies from Earth with powerful telescopes and images from far away satellites traveling beyond our solar system — things have still changed a lot in the continual exploration of the unknown.

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It’s The End of the World As They Know It

As we near the four month mark on the countdown to the proposed end of our world and civilization as we know it (as foreseen by the Mayans and their calendar) to take place on December 21st, 2012, there are still plenty of skeptics roaming the streets and writing in the blogosphere; but, there are some odd ducks out there who believe it will happen. A new global survey has found that 1 in 10 people believes that the end of the world will occur sometime in 2012, which coincides with the ending of the Mayan calendar.

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Greenpeace: Save the Arctic

When will the evil corporations ever learn that we mean it when say that we don’t want them drilling for oil in our Arctic waters? It seems as though they’ve learnt nothing over the years in regards to our distrust in their ability to stop catastrophic oil spills — which we’re still feeling repercussions for in the Prince William Sound massacre, some 23 years after the Exxon Valdez oil spill. Or, that Shell’s Chukhi drill site is the summer home of gray whales, and no research submarine has surveyed this area before, and the plans to begin exploratory drilling risks a destructive oil spill in an area where the biodiversity is relatively unknown and already threatened by climate change?

Two Greenpeace ships, the Esperanza and the Arctic Sunrise, are already on their way to the arctic right now to head off the Arctic oil rush. See what they’re up against in the graphic below.

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Football Versus Football: Which League Scores With Fans on Social Media?

The differences between American football and football in the UK are quite different — the most glaring difference being with football in the UK and no one using their hands but the goalie, and in America they’re putting their grubby little digits on everything in sight. Despite one sport being called “football” for no apparent reason, there is still a question to answer: who has a bigger following on social media?

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Don’t Let Summer Grilling Make You Sick

The hot summer days and long nights make us want to do nothing more with ourselves than hop into our swim gear, enjoy a long day at the pool or beach, and have a good old fashioned picnic or BBQ. The only problem with this — especially with how hot it’s been this summer — is that warm weather causes a spike in foodborne illness. Nothing ruins a good time like potato salad that’s taken a dive and become radioactive while you were out taking a dip, throwing the frisbee around, or grabbing another cold one.

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Armed to the Teeth

America has the most heavily armed citizens in the world, and when you look at the numbers you begin to understand their citizens are packing some serious heat. Since its conception, the Second Amendment — guaranteeing the “right to bear arms” — has been a controversial clause. It was invoked in a time when America was still a relatively new country, and there was still much lawlessness throughout its lands that required such a mandate…and the Wild Wild West was still to be won.

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How To Generate Good Ideas

Good ideas aren’t the easiest thing to come by, and many times they seem to hit right out of the blue. While some may have a “Eureka!” moment while in the shower, an “Ah Ha!” moment on the drive into work, or a “That’s funny…” moment (if you’re a scientist in the laboratory); but, they didn’t just come from nowhere. While these may be the places some of our best ideas hit us, there is still a looming question that needs to be answered: how are good ideas generated? We all know they simply aren’t just lying around like seashells on a beach waiting for us to pick them up, nor are they so random. Check out this motion graphic created by Column Five to learn more.

KT Tape Brightens the Olympic Games

Besides noticing tons of neon shoes, shorts, tops and jackets decorating the sinewy bodies of the worlds top athletes this year at the Summer Olympics, there’s another type of brightly colored tape adorning their bodies as well. It travels the lengths of their dense, rugged muscles, to help aid in the recovery and prevention of sore muscles, aching joints, shin splints and tennis elbows. It’s called KT Tape, and tons of Olympic athletes from track and field stars, to soccer players and water polo swimmers have been using it.

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Mike Giant: Confessions of an Old Dirty Skateboarder

San Francisco based artist Mike Giant has been a fixture in the graffiti, skateboarding, tattoo and illustration scene for years. This past Friday, July 20th he had his first solo show with the FFDG gallery entitled “Confessions of an Old Dirty Skateboarder” featuring tons of new and recent. Black ink is his specialty, and his signature style inspired by Mexican folk art and Japanese illustration is unmistakeable — you know a Mike Giant piece when you see it, and you love it.

“I’m a product of my generation. I grew up through the 80s and was drawn to the punk rock and hip-hop cultures simultaneously,” Giant said in a recent interview. “I threw myself in headfirst. A lot of those things were about personal expression, and also an anti-establishment attitude like, “We don’t need you, we have our won thing.” That’s the backbone of who I am to this day.”

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How Your Favorite Sites Are Using Your Data

All of the different sites you frequent on a daily basis are actively gathering facts about you. The rise of social sharing sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Google, Pandora, and Twitter are gathering information as well, and bringing about an interesting change in how our data is being used. Social networks are betting on a future built on a personalized web, an Internet paradise filled with items the virtual you will be more apt to share, pin, tweet, or “like.” With each of those actions you complete, advertisements based off of your preferences are being diverted your way. With a personalized web we’ll see more of what we like, and less of what we don’t.

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