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The Changing Lives of Arab Youth

Life in the Arab world has not been the same since the Arab Spring uprisings began in Tunisia a year and a half ago. The Arab Spring spread through neighboring countries and has changed the economic and political landscape of the Arab world for years to come, with corrupt leaders and harsh dictators being removed from power after decades of rule; but, where does this leave the Youth of the Arab world?

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Where Could It Be? Tracking Vintage Album Art in NYC

I would always wonder how many amazing people had walked the very same sidewalks as me. NYC is the birthplace of some of the greatest music of all time, where many artists got their starts and in all different types of genres. NYC is also the place where many of them chose to take their album art photos. Real Estate Agent by day, Bob Egan spends his free time as an album art detective, hunting down settings of some of his favorite records for

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Splashes of Liquid Become Amazing Flowers

It’s truly shocking when you find out the secret behind Jack Long’s sculptural looking Vessels and Blooms series. What at first looks like some form of blown glass or fluid 3D computer modeling, reveals itself as carefully planned and perfectly captured splashes of colored liquid! You read that right. These images capture a single splash event, captured as a single exposure!

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The Browser You Loved To Hate

Remember your time being an awkward child or teenage? The time in your life when you look back and hardly realize the person staring back at you from middle school yearbooks or a friends’ photo album? Well, if you don’t remember those days, then you probably hung out with the “cool kids,” who never had a pimple, excelled at every sport, and nothing worried you in the slightest, because you were perfect. For the rest of us, we all have a similar reaction to those old, embarrassing photos —”Eh, so I used to be awkward, and it sucked.” Continue »

Indie Craft Brewers Are Outpacing Industry Growth

Over the last few decades, craft breweries have been coming into their own when it comes to making delicious pints of the “nectar of the gods.” The output coming out of large breweries dwarfs that of the smaller craft breweries each year – with companies like Budweiser to keep up with, it’s kind of a no brainer. But, the shining light for the small business owner is that the growth of small breweries has eclipsed overall beer industry growth. These indie brewers know they’re not trying to fill football stadiums with their brew, but the bellies and backyard BBQs of local individuals and loyal fans. This allows them to focus on quantity over quality, and looks like things are working out quite well for everyone involved.