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Jacob Sutton by Jannike Viveka

Great photography by Jannike Viveka. Enjoy!

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Clay – Paradise on Earth

The element of Earth instils in us a sense of stillness, grounding and a feeling of being connected. The common playground for all living beings on this planet is this planet, we all call home. Nations fight against each other to protect their soil. It is this very soil that we artists have fashioned over the years into statues of gods, goddesses and great men and women of history. Pottery and ceramics have played an essential role in the evolution of human culture since millennia. From prehistoric age vessels to modern roof tiles, to space shuttles, pottery and ceramics are indispensable in ongoing human endeavors.

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Cute 3D characters

Great 3D artworks and characters by Teodoru Badiu from Vienna, Austria. Enjoy our showcase from his portfolio :)

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Digital photography by KHUONG NGUYEN

Amazing digital photography and photo manipulations by KHUONG NGUYEN from Paris, France.

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Daily Inspirations no. 173

Many people believe that the true purpose of art is to show only the brightest and the most positive emotions and feelings, and to glorify beauty, perfectness, harmony, happiness, joy, and love. However, the truth is that art is and should always be equally devoted to another type of human emotions as well: sorrow, melancholy, nostalgia, grief, and even pain. Without such alternative colors, the picture of life, created by photographers, painters, and illustrators, would be incomplete and lopsided. That is why, among the images, displayed within our daily showcases, you can see the pictures of shabby houses, dead trees, poverty, or human indifference towards issues, which do call for our attention and adequate response.

Flying Mouse 365 Tee Design – Week 3 by Chow Hon Lam

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Photography by Mikko Lagerstedt

I’m graphic designer and self taught photographer from Finland. I started photographing in December 2008. Since then I fell in love with it. I am constantly trying to find new ways to view this world. Thanks for the visit, I hope you like my photos!

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Alessandro Battara Illustrating Highs and Lows of Life

Alessandro Battara aims to strike hard on what’s negative around us such as a piece of news or a social/political situation through his work.

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Luxury Villa Amanzi in Thailand

The Villa Amanzi by Architect firm Original Vision Studio is a stunning modern vacation residence located in the exclusive Cape Sol on the West coast of Phuket, Thailand. Villa Amanzi is a stunning six bedroom residence with a 15m infinity pool and breathtaking views over the Andaman Sea. This luxury villa enjoys a spectacular headland location along Kamala’s exclusive Millionaires Mile and captures cool gentle breezes all year round with uninterrupted sea views from every vantage point, in one of the most breathtaking locations Phuket has to offer.

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Wild Animals Photo Album

They can be strong and merciless, but they never kill for sport. They can be larger than a tram and still feed on the tiny krill or zooplankton. Some of them are not larger than a dime, but their poison leaves no chance to survive to a much larger enemy… Of course, we are talking about wild animals; and now we want to invite you, our dear reader, for a virtual tour to the wild nature environment, where you’ll be able to enjoy the closer views at the wild animals, which you may or may not meet at your geographic location. Furious tigers and peaceful horses, noble eagles and wise owls, funny bear cubs and curious deer – all of them did their best to act like professional models, allowing photographers make their best shots.

Male proboscis monkey in Bako National Park – Borneo – Malaysia – South East Asia by Lucie et Philippe

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Digital photography by Daniel Regan

I’ve been an obsessive image maker since the age of 12 when I picked up my first 1 megapixel digital camera. With my interests primarily in digital media, design and post-processing I have been creating a range of stylised photography for the last 13 years. When not working on commercial or commissioned work I’m busy documenting the world around me or developing projects or conceptual images for my personal portfolio. I graduated from Brighton University in 2006 with a degree in Editorial Photography and have been working professionally since then.

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The Pod Pavilion by Studio Nicoletti Associati

In the area of Petaling Jaya, west of Kuala Lumpur, a great urban development is under way for the establishment of a new urban centre. As a landmark for this area, the Developer wanted to host his on-site offices and sale’s showroom in an iconic pavilion that would reflect the spirit and the architectural style of the whole development.

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Beautiful Photography

Photography is the art, science, and practice of creating pictures by recording radiation on a radiation-sensitive medium, such as a photographic film, or electronic image sensors. Photography uses foremost radiation in the UV, visible and near-IR spectrum.For common purposes the term light is used instead of radiation. It’s beautiful journey to walk with his awesome photostreams.

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Ijburg House by Marc Koehler

The Ijburg house designed by Marc Koehler is named after its location, a new neighbourhood in Amsterdam. The home stands as a solid mass with a central window column that appears to be chiseled out. This window connects the back to the front and floods the space with light. Inside, the building houses three bedrooms and bathroom on the main floor and an open concept living area above. The house is most recognizable for its pixel-like brick exterior. the design is based on the amsterdamse school style first used in the 1920’s. The pattern features special bricks that protrude from the building. these are not only a textural feature but also allow hanging plants and vines to grow on the building’s exterior.

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Great typography by Karol Gadzala

I am Karol, freelance graphic designer from Poland, totally devoted to type illustration. My works are a result of passion for letters and decorative hand craft. I am always looking for coalescence to idea and eye catch execution.

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Stop Motion Animation

My favorite definition of Animation is ‘The act, process or result of imparting life, interest, spirit, motion, or activity.’ One of the more interesting techniques is Stop-motion animation. Stop motion is an animation technique of manipulating physical objects into appearing to move on their own i.e. the cinematic process by which an armatured, pose-able puppet is brought to life by breaking motion into increments and filming one frame of film per increment. The objects are moved in small increments between individually photographed frames thus creating an illusion of movement when all the frames are played together in a continuous sequence. Clay is used often to create figures that are used in stop motion since clay allows for easy repositioning. This sort of motion animation using clay is called clay animation or claymation. One of the most monumental examples of stop-motion being used in mainstream cinema is King Kong, a milestone made possible by stop motion animation.

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