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Daily Inspirations no. 160

Our today inspirational set will be of special interest for all those who value the pure art of painting. Today we have included the works of such modern artists as Frank Melech, L. W. Howard, Victor Sheleg, Kent R. Wallis and Antoine Blanchard into our collection of 33 unique images. With these paintings you will discover the real Wonderland of skills, colors, sensitivity, and magic. Being absolutely charmed with these paintings, we nonetheless have not forgotten to include surreal illustrations, sincere photography, conceptual architecture and many other images into our gallery. Thus, visiting this set, you will definitely combine the pleasure of watching beautiful diverse works with the valuable experience of acquiring new ideas and gaining inspiration for you own projects!

Photo by Isa Leshko

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Urban Photography from Berlin

Architecture Photography Jens Fersterra

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Por Arena Creative Hub – New website

Por Arena is an independent visual studio established in Buenos Aires, Argentina created by Nicolas Di Filippo.

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Free Handwritten Fonts

Masana, BabyDoll, Gameful, Rock Salt – these words could, perhaps, easily suit as the names for some music bands. However, they have nothing to do with music, because these are all the names of computer fonts, sharing one similar feature – they are all handwritten fonts. Handwriting belongs to the earliest forms of typography or font design. Throughout its long history, handwritten fonts evolved greatly, but their authenticity, specific charm, and unique appearance, which is impossible to confuse with any other font style, has remained the same or even improved with the introduction of digital typography. Among handwritten fonts you can find really world-popular and well-known masterpieces, such as Walt Disney Script, for example. Today, we have a collection of free handwritten fonts to share with our audience and reveal the true artistic value of such fonts.

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80 Examples Of Minimalistic Art Photography

Minimalism is an art movement in sculpture and painting that began in the 1950s and emphasized extreme simplification of form and color. Nowadays everyone is trying to implement simplicity and minimalism in their personal life style. People want to have minimalistic surrounding because it is comforting for everyone. Today I have collected 80 examples of Minimalistic Art Photography for your inspiration; I hope you will like this collection. Enjoy!

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Beautiful Random Photography

Mostly peoples dont like random photography but personaly i like every type of photography. Photographer really so hardwork man or women because taking a perfect photograph is a really hard work even for a learning photographer because for that only timing is not important rather one has to pay attention to other aspects as well which include light, saturation, etc. Sometimes, an excellent shot come from a daily life activity. It depends on the aptitude of the photographer that how he takes that particular moment. Here a collection of 25 stunning and wonderful photography shots. You can see here beautiful nature pictures and animals amazing pictures and much more.

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Marvelous City of Rio de Janeiro

Known as “Cidade Maravilhosa” or Marvelous City, Rio de Janeiro is one of the world’s brightest, most famous, colorful, and joyful cities in the world. By the way, Rio de Janeiro is translated into English as “River of January”. World’s biggest carnivals, samba dancing, rhythms of Bossa Nova, bright football, perfect sandy beaches, the giant statue of Christ the Redeemer – these is only a small fraction of things, which made the capital of Brazil a world known city with inimitable atmosphere, authentic climate and unique people. The city is considered to be the citadel of joy, happiness, cheerfulness, openness, and sincerity.

Peaceful 2007 to Wonderful City by esther.linoff

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Unique urban and industry photography

Since 1991 Christian Stoll has been working as a freelance photographer, now shuttling between the two worlds of New York city and Düsseldorf, Germany. In past years Stoll’s photography has been a major influence on the corporate image of global companies like General Electrics, IBM and Microsoft. Without being compelled to show greatness, he nonetheless succeeds in making greatness visible with his architectural settings and interior shots. In his still life photographs even the most banal objects undergo a metamorphosis, which may be the result of intensive digital processing, which transforms them into objects of desire. Christian Stoll works for numerous global brands and companies and for their networking companies and creative agencies.

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34 Examples Of Vodka Bottle Designs

Vodka is the world’s most popular and high-quality liquors having vast number of brands in market. To differentiate between them they design special bottle for every brand. Vodka invest major amount of capital in design process of bottles to get a unique and creative design for every brands they throw in the market. Today I have collected 34 examples of Vodka Bottle Designs. I hope you will like this collection

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Futuristic urban illustrations by Jonas De Ro

I am a young digital artist based in Belgium. My work ranges from concept art, animation, matte painting, to photography, visual effects, sound design and more.

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Best Of Glowing Night Photography – Golden Twilight

The Photographs taken between dusk and dawn refers night photography. Light levels make night photography pleasant and glowing. The better twilight shots need high configuration cameras, Artificial lights and even enough time for a single golden image like these below glowing night photographs.

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Fairy tales of humor Xiyanglou creative AD

Fairy tale is a kind of child literature. Through rich imagination, fantasy and exaggeration to shape the image and reflecting life in children, conducting ideological education. General plot twists, turns and vivid plain, magic to be designated often personified description and can adapt children accept ability.

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Dreaming of Sailing Away

I’ve never been the kind of guy who dreamed of having a sail boat or any kind of boat. Which is strange considering the fact that I’m here from the west coast…on an Island! However, this seems to be a week of realizing new dreams and interests. So yes, I admit, I’m dreaming of having a sail boat..not just any sail boat but THIS sail boat. The clean design and minimalist approach of Luca Brenta is right up my alley.

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Daily Inspirations no. 159

Gifted painters and talented photographers, creative advertisers and innovative architects, forward-thinking engineers, and innovative typographers – all of them are artists, who supply us daily with new and interesting works and even masterpieces, representing all kinds of the design on the present stage of its development. But any art needs audience, and that is what we, Cruzine magazine team, are trying to do daily – to connect artists with the audience, to create an online environment for displaying the best visual works, sharing the ideas and inspiration, and promoting works of young artists. We call such posts “Daily Inspiration,” but these galleries of graphical works are not only about inspiration, they are also about knowledge, innovations, skills, and wisdom of the art.

Artwork by Victor Sheleg

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Photography by Denis Kulikov

Beautiful macro and close-up photography showcase by Denis Kulikov

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