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Ijburg House by Marc Koehler

The Ijburg house designed by Marc Koehler is named after its location, a new neighbourhood in Amsterdam. The home stands as a solid mass with a central window column that appears to be chiseled out. This window connects the back to the front and floods the space with light. Inside, the building houses three bedrooms and bathroom on the main floor and an open concept living area above. The house is most recognizable for its pixel-like brick exterior. the design is based on the amsterdamse school style first used in the 1920’s. The pattern features special bricks that protrude from the building. these are not only a textural feature but also allow hanging plants and vines to grow on the building’s exterior.

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Great typography by Karol Gadzala

I am Karol, freelance graphic designer from Poland, totally devoted to type illustration. My works are a result of passion for letters and decorative hand craft. I am always looking for coalescence to idea and eye catch execution.

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Stop Motion Animation

My favorite definition of Animation is ‘The act, process or result of imparting life, interest, spirit, motion, or activity.’ One of the more interesting techniques is Stop-motion animation. Stop motion is an animation technique of manipulating physical objects into appearing to move on their own i.e. the cinematic process by which an armatured, pose-able puppet is brought to life by breaking motion into increments and filming one frame of film per increment. The objects are moved in small increments between individually photographed frames thus creating an illusion of movement when all the frames are played together in a continuous sequence. Clay is used often to create figures that are used in stop motion since clay allows for easy repositioning. This sort of motion animation using clay is called clay animation or claymation. One of the most monumental examples of stop-motion being used in mainstream cinema is King Kong, a milestone made possible by stop motion animation.

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Photography by Jan Masny

Jan Masny’s photographs are simple and minimal with the aim to specifically emphasize their content. He is fascinated by polarities and contrasts of meaning, and the ability to extract from the subject often unexpected aspects which gives a freshness and depth to his work.

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Excellent Animal Photography Shots

Animal photography is one of the most challenging and rewarding form of photography. Stalking wildlife animal to take pictures of them is quite difficult, because in any moment your subject could run or worst attack you. You need patience and time when photographing animals, especially if you are want a particular position and scene. Even as animal images can be taken using basic equipment, excellent animal photography needs special equipment, such as macro lenses for insects, underwater cameras for marine life and long focal length lenses for birds. From land based animals, marine mammals, and birds, I collect 28 stunning animal images with excellent wildlife photography. I hope you enjoy this inspirational showcase.

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Insects Illustrations – Breaking the Stereotypes

If you think of insects as about tiny yet tremendously nasty, ugly, and annoying creatures, we are here to break such stereotypes and show that insects can really be funny, cute, smile-causing and positive beings. We welcome you to the gallery of insect illustrations at Cruzine, compiled with the brightest works of illustrators, featuring all types of insects. Though you will hardly meet all the creatures, featured here, in the wild nature environment, we believe this won’t be an obstacle for you to enjoy the “portraits” and change your perception of insects as part of the fauna.

Insects by Max Kostenko

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In this narrative photo series set in a post apocalyptic world, a young boy encounters a foreign tribe of kids. The ten images were commissioned by ‘Kid’s Wear’ magazine and mark the first collaboration of adNAU’s Tino Schaedler with photographer Achim Lippoth. Tino designed vehicles and sets which were combined with CG landscapes and photography by Hamburg based post production house The Scope.

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Weird Saddo Artwork

Today I am going to present here so weird and unusual artwork. Saddo is a great artist who done this job he is belong to romania. These are artwork done by spray paint on public place therefore its also called street artwork. Its just like graffiti artwork but graffiti art is so beautiful and attractive saddo artwork is also attractive but its unusual and weird his artwork look like alien type, but of people just love unusual and creative or mix artwork. Spray painting is a painting technique in which a coating draw on wall with spray device with high presser of air.

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Examples Of Bokeh Photography

The route the lens executes out-of-focus points of light brings bokeh and quality of the blur gives the image more stunning and glittering show. This distinguishing form of photography called as Bokeh photography and in this showcase I have presented some of the outstanding examples of Bokeh photography.

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Circles in Logo Designing

From time immemorial people have always believed that there is some hidden mystique or even divine meaning about such a simple geometrical shape as a circle. Being similar in shape to the natural objects such as the sun and the moon, circle has been associated with heavenly Powers and the life itself. That is why circles have always been among the primary choices as the key elements in heraldry, governor’s and state seal designs, and later in logo designing. Modern circle-based logos effectively combine traditional shapes and structure of a logo with the innovative approaches towards logo designing, concept developing, and decorating. Though the history of the circle-shaped logos dates back to really ancient times; this particular type of logotypes will hardly become old-fashioned or outdated eventually. Circle belongs to the fundamental shapes the urgency and value of which will never fade away.

Aeolus by Matto

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Typography artworks

Stefan Chinof is an independent artist specializing in illustration, type treatments and typography. With passion for details, innovative results, pushing the boundaries in a well balanced combination. Over the past four years he work with clients like NIKE, Mountin Dew, AXE, BBC, DJEEP, Steven Colbert, KDU, Berliner, MAXIM magazine, W I R E D magazine and many more.

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Portraits by Ken Hermann

Great people portrait photography by Ken Hermann from Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Beautiful National Geographic Photography

Another set of awesome NatGeo photography … we are kind of used to it .)

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Daily Inspirations no. 171

Life is always cheerful and happy for the young. However, the state of feeling young is not that tightly connected with the actual age of a person: one can feel old and tired even in his twenties, while some 70-year old grandpas can sometimes show endless optimism and vigor for living. This inner state of feeling young definitely depends on the circumstances we live in and people surrounding us. While we cannot affect the latter, our Cruzine magazine still can take a chance to make your surroundings richer and brighter in colors, more positive and cheerful, and not monotonous and boring. And that is exactly the reason why we have gathered these 33 images in our today set: hopefully they will inspire you to live your life happier, easier, and more pleasurable. Spice up your day with these hot and heady artistic images, which are so variable that everyone will be able to find a couple he will like best.

Explosive Polaroid by Staudinger Franke

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Wine Cellar at Cruzine

How about visiting a virtual wine sampling right now and right here at Cruzine? Oh yes, current versions of the internet protocols do not offer yet an opportunity to stream wine over the internet like we can do with music or video… But do not despair, as an alternative to pampering your gustatory sensations, we now offer you a chance to arouse your visual sensations with the best wine bottles designs and compositions. Even not all the best restaurants could boasts of such a collection of wine labels as we have collected here at this showcase, hosted by Cruzine magazine.

Segreto Wine by Hugo Razo

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