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Chris Kotsiopoulos Photography

Photographer Chris Kotsiopoulos made a great website full of stunning shots, Here you can admire beautiful panoramas, planets, stars, the sun with its spectacular shape shadowed in an eclipse, the red sky crossed by birds or airplanes, all of them captured from Greece. We have selected some of his best shots, but please don’t forget to see more photos on GreekSky, too.

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Nature Photography By Sam Lim

Insect and animal photography that will take your breath away.

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Funny Comic Fonts: Be Childish – Be Positive!

Funny comic fonts are definitely for those who have unrestrained energy, vigorous imagination, and who actually wants to have fun while creating his projects! These merry typefaces can jump and dance, joke and mock, twist and bend. They can look naughty and tousled and scattered all around, but they can also make you smile and have some fun! This collection of free comic fonts is kindly offered to our visitors by our friends from the rich typefaces resource Dive into the funny world, return to your childhood for a while, free a child in you – this merry spirit along with our free comic fonts will create amazing projects!

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Street photography by Rui Palha

“Photography is a very important part of my space… it is to discover, it is to capture giving flow to what the heart feels and sees in a certain moment, it is being in the street, experiencing, understanding, learning and, essentially, practicing the freedom of being, of living, of thinking…”

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Lost places by Sven Fennema

The ambitious photo artist Sven Fennema was born in Xanten 1981 and is living in Krefeld near Düsseldorf today where he also works in his day job in the information technology. Since a long time now the creative photo art is an important and elementary part in his life. Sven’s pictures are stamped by extraordinary compositions with atmosphere, special light and mood but also by the play of light and forms. Himself he describes them as just “alive”.

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Daily Inspirations no. 154

Do you know the differences between traditional and digital painting? Well, one of them is that in the first case an artist cannot use Ctrl-Alt-Z to undo the previous action… Though the level of automation is very significant in the digital art process, even the most sophisticated image processing or editing software is useless without human participation, without creative vision, artistic inspiration, and painting skills. That is why nobody questions the statement that digital forms of art are of the same value as traditional ones. Digital art is just different, but it has many masterpieces worth of wide audience attention and many achievements worth of being proud of. Daily inspiration sets at Cruzine are both: sources of inspiration for artists and demonstrations of modern digital art success.

2011 by Raphael Vicenzi

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Photos by Sarah Lee

Sarah Lee lives in Hawaii. Makes colorful and lively pictures of the ocean, surfers and young people. She studies at the Chapman University, specializing in film production and advertising.

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Pictures from the Sky by Yann Arthus-Bertrand

These beautiful pictures were taken by photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand. Enjoy!

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Parkour and Freedom of Creation

David Belle debatably the founder of Parkour as we know it was inspired by George Hébert’s principles of physical training; the “Natural Method of Physical Culture”, which he developed in the early twentieth century. George Hébert was once a French Navy Officer and his influence was spread throughout the French Army. French soldiers inspired by Hébert’s work went on and created “parcours du combatant”, which is an obstacle course training in which soldiers are timed to get past obstacles as quickly as possible.

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Photography by Karina Marandzhjan

Creepy but awesome photography by Karina Marandzhjan from Moscow / Russia. Enjoy her work!

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Natalie Manuel

Stunning animal photography by Natalie Manuel. In some of these photos you can find powerful emotions, especially in those with apes.

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Illustrations by Andrew Mar

Great illustrations and digital artworks by talented Andrew Mar from San Francisco, CA. Hope you’ll like our showcase from his amazing artworks :)

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Urban photography by Tobias Koch

Tobias Koch (ToKo) is a student of political science and history at University Frankfurt/Main (Germany). He has been working as a press photographer since 2005 and loves to travel especially to take photos. Check out his great urban photos ;)

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Creative photography

Peter Lippmann is an American-born photographer who has worked in Paris for the last 25 years. He specializes in still life, advertising, magazine work, food, and trompe l’oeil. Some of his clients include Marie Claire, Cartier Art Magazine, the NY Times Magazine, the London Sunday Times, and Le Figaro among others. This is our showcase from his portfolio ;)

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Wild Horses by Melissa Farlow

MELISSA FARLOW is a freelance photographer that has contributed 14 stories to National Geographic magazine. Previously she was a staff photographer at the Pittsburgh Press, the Courier-Journal and Louisville Times. She was part of a team that won a Pulitzer Prize for coverage of desegregation in the public schools while at the Louisville newspapers. Farlow worked in three African countries for Women in the Material World, a book comparing women’s roles in different cultures. She photographed in Chile, Peru, and Mexico for a book on the Pan-American Highway and also for a National Geographic book titled Wild Lands of the West. Her images have won multiple awards in the Pictures of the Year International competition and other contests. She received her B.A. degree in Journalism from Indiana University and her master’s degree from the University of Missouri where she also taught photojournalism. She has been a faculty member at the Missouri Photo Workshop, the Center for Photographic Studies in Louisville, and the Anderson Ranch of Fine Arts in Aspen, Colorado.

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