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Daily Inspirations no. 144

Looking through and selecting different visual materials for Cruzine daily inspirational sets, we often think about aesthetics and the diversity of multiple forms it can appear at. One of the conclusions we made for ourselves is that today there is no, and, obviously, there cannot be a single standardized or canonical aesthetics. The world is diverse, the life itself is diverse, and so is the art… That is the reason why photographers and digital artists choose to depict not only pure beauty in its classical understanding, but they also often choose to show us the uncovered and undecorated reality – shabby houses, dead trees, or city slums. And that is not to give rise to some negative feelings in the audience, but just to show things “as is”; because aesthetics is not only about beauty, it is also about truth as well.

Self Portrait by Austin Power
di144a Daily Inspirations no. 144

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Stop-motion photography by Stephen Dalton

“Stephen Dalton’s photography has made his name legendary among nature lovers and photographers the world over. By freezing motion with his camera he has unlocked the mysteries of animal movement and this has had a stunning impact in the way we see nature.” Stephen has been an enthusiastic naturalist ever since he can remember, but his interest in photography did not develop until his early twenties. Then, after studying the art and science of photography for three years in London he merged his two passions to embark on a career of nature photography.

sd2k Stop motion photography by Stephen Dalton

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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Each of the images in this gallery is made of up up to 200,000 words of varying lengths, heights and colours. Amateur Spanish artist Juan Osborne scours speeches, lyrics and books for the words associated with his subjects. Each picture is painstakingly pieced together on his netbook using software he designed himself.

w3a A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

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Daily Inspirations no. 143

Our spirits in this season of the year can be as changeable as the spring weather – the sun has just been shining brightly, and all of a sudden it is hidden by the clouds; the air has been standing still, and now the wind is blowing… So changeable everything is in this world! So are the ladies, represented in various hipostasises on the photographs of our today daily inspirational set. Similarly, so versatile are the interesting conceptual artworks in our illustrations, arts, and digital arts sections. The typography designs we offer you today are interesting not only from the point of view of typography itself – they are also expressed by the words of wisdom. Some of the advertizing ideas feature minimalistic approach, and the technological developments are really zestful and unexpected.

The Circus by Lior Arditi
di143a Daily Inspirations no. 143

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30 Dark and Mysterious Fantasy Wallpapers

When it comes to wallpapers, a lot of people like to set their computer to cycle through a series of wallpapers, so we’ve gathered up 30 dark and mysterious fantasy wallpapers to grace your desktop. Each wallpaper seems like it has a story behind it, and will leave you wanting more.

dw1a 30 Dark and Mysterious Fantasy Wallpapers

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Computer and Tech Icon Sets

One of the features as well as requirements of modern web building is usability and intuitive navigation. One of the ways to achieve this goal and make a web site intuitively easy to navigate is to use visual images or, speaking the computer language, icons to represent different sections of the site, product categories, menu options, etc. Free icon sets, offered at Cruzine today, will suit perfectly web sites, related to computer or technology industries, especially if it is an online shop, selling multiple types of gadgets from laptops to portable stereo and to camcorders. Please, be informed that free icon sets offered below were designed and developed by the professional icon designers from Each set consists of 6 different icon images, each represented by a Photoshop source file, separate .png icon file and a transparent .png file.

ct1a Computer and Tech Icon Sets

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Creative photography by Art Streiber

Cool celebrity photos – I am sure you gonna enjoy these. Thumbs up!

as2a Creative photography by Art Streiber

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Breathtaking Medieval Building Turned Into Contemporary Living Space

Located in the core part of Girona’s medieval quarter and overlooking the Plaça de Sant Domènec, Spain, this is a property called Alemanys 5 within an original building dating back to the sixteenth century. The house has been recently renovated by architect Anna Noguera and has and incredible design which integrates old and new, integrates traditional and contemporary elements.

mb1a Breathtaking Medieval Building Turned Into Contemporary Living Space

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Monumental Historical Buildings – Tested by the Time

This world is a great place to live in, especially if you know where to go to abstract away from the routine of everyday life. Our today showcase of monumental buildings is a collection of the greatest architectural masterpieces ever created on this planet. It was compiled for all those who wish to discover the historical world within the modern one, and with a thought of the skilled artists and masters who succeeded to build such mightiness that lasts thousands of generations and withstands the affects of weather, time, and human kind.

Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris by Panoramas
hb1a Monumental Historical Buildings – Tested by the Time

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Close-up celebrities

Martin Schoeller is a New York based photographer whose style is distinguished by similar treatment of all subjects whether they are celebrities or unknown. His most recognizable work are his portraits, shot with similar lighting, backdrop, and tone. His work appears in The New Yorker, Outside Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, GQ, Esquire, and Vogue.

cu1m Close up celebrities

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Weird and Wonderful: fairy-tale illustrations


Thursday cool design and art inspi­ra­tions for all DYT readers :)

13 inches cover ( first proposal ) by Borja Fresco Costal

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Book illustrations by Raquel Aparicio

I was born in Ávila with my twin sister Sae 24 years ago. After spending a few years in Edinburgh I came back to Spain to study illustration and also attended one year of the illustration Academy in Florida. I am still deciding where I want to live. In 2006 I started illustrating as a pro working for magazines, books and advertising.These are some of the very fine people that I worked with.

ra1z1 Book illustrations by Raquel Aparicio

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Daily Inspirations no. 142

Have you ever heard about the Wow factor? It is actually about something, capable to impress one so deeply that he says “Wow!” and his jaw drops immediately. For example, you are getting into a taxi and see that the cab driver is Brad Pitt or Jessica Alba (depending on your preferences) – you say “Wow”, and that is what people call a Wow factor. However, we are here to talk about the Wow factor in art. Actually, visual or graphic design in its multiple incarnations through photography, illustrations, digital painting, cool advertising concepts, graffiti design, etc., is a very powerful generator of the Wow factor effect. Look at the stunning photograph of the panoramic tree or at the illustration of the sexy British patriotic girl, or at the Chevrolet Mi-ray roadster concept below and you’ll understand clearly what Wow factor means…

Willow Wagon by Andy Fairhurst
di142a Daily Inspirations no. 142

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B&W landscapes by Maciej Duczynski

I was born in Katowice, south of Poland in 1975. During my studies in Technical University in Gliwice I discovered my first passion – traveling. After a few years the second passion – photography, followed the first one. Up until now I have spent most of my free time traveling around Europe. I specialize in landscape photography and prefer the cold beauty and wilderness of northern lands Scandinavia. I started with analog cameras, nowadays I continue with digital cameras and using new techniques giving more possibilities in landscape photography (HDR, panoramas stitching etc) I exhibit my photographs in Poland and write articles about landscape photography and post-processing of digital images for various European photo magazines.

md1t B&W landscapes by Maciej Duczynski

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