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Overflow Bathtubs from Käsch

These bathtubs from Käsch, a German manufacturer, caught our attention, not just because they’re designed to allow the water to overflow, but because we don’t normally see bathtubs that are so level with the floor.

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Secret Inhabitants of the Depth

Ocean is, perhaps, the only space, which still keeps many of its secret out of the reach of people. Driven by urge for the new discoveries and inspired by the spirit of adventure, humans have already reached the remote locations of all the continents, have conquered the highest mountain peaks, and even peeped into the outer space, but the world ocean still remains unexplored in its largest part. Of course, living creatures, which inhabit the deepest seas and oceans of our planet, are cloaked in mystery, myths, and legends.

Demon of the Deep by QQQQcon

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Wall-E and Danbo photography

Funny Wall-E and Danbo photography. Enjoy our showcase ;)

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Blue Enigma Wallpapers

Bloggers Path collected some of the best wallpapers such as the Blue Enigma Series which will liven up users Desktops and give it a distinct appearance. Enjoy and have fun with some cool wallpapers.

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Most Fascinating Geological Wonders On Earth

This planet we live on offers us beauty beyond words. Every country has its own special region that takes your breath away with the magnificence of it. Here we can see some places that are a geological wonder that you may know about already, or maybe not?

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30 Unconventional Yet Awesome Web Designs

Today I have collected 20 unconventional web designs for your inspiration. You will find something new in every design for inspiration or even few ideas for your next web design project. I hope you will like this awesome collection of websites. Also let me know which one is your favorite?

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Daily Inspirations no. 148

It happens sometimes that we want to at least peep into our future to discover what is waiting for us there. And although we are said to be the masters of our own lives, unfortunately we cannot always do what we want. Nevertheless, we start looking for the means to satisfy our curiosity about the future, and don’t be surprised to learn that Cruzine may be one of those means that can help you take a look into your nearest future. Our daily set of 33 images contains a powerful charge of inspiration, and if you look through the works of creative artists, you may definitely acquire an idea what you are going to do next in your life. Even if you are not an artist, and you are neither going to take professional photos nor generate advertising ideas, your future activity may still share the same passion, emotionality, extraordinariness, positive thinking and creativity with these inspirational images.

Physical by Mert & Marcus

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Great typography artworks by Richard Perez

Hello There. My name’s Richard, and I’m a designer and illustrator living in a little apt. in Lower Haight part of San Francisco with my gf and our adorable kittens, Buffins & Tibbles.

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Amazing sequence photographs

Sequence photography means to take the photos of a series of actions of the moving body, and ultimately presented in a photo. This form is very suitable for photographic performance state of motion. Here is the amazing sequence photographs for everyone to enjoy.

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Modern Pictograms – Fruits of Millenniums of Evolution

Pictograms were among the earliest forms of visual art, practiced by humans thousands of years ago, much earlier than writing and traditional painting techniques appeared. At that time small images on the stones or wooden panels carried sacral meaning. For the previous decades after introduction of computers and world wide web the art of pictograms changed greatly and gave the beginning to multiple associated graphical designing trends, such as icons developing, web smileys, navigation signs, etc. However, the primary nature of pictograms, whatever you call them today, remains the same – to convey the meaning through simplified yet easily recognizable graphical representation of the physical object.

Heads in my head / Part II by Znids

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Amazing paintings by Robert Steven Connett

When the flush of a newborn sun fell first on Eden’s green and gold, Our father Adam sat under the Tree and scratched with a stick in the mold; And the first rude sketch that the world had seen was joy to his mighty heart, Till the Devil whispered behind the leaves: “It’s pretty, but is it Art?”

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Amazing X-Ray Photos

X-rays can penetrate solid objects and create useful images for doctors, dentists and scientists. Due to their short wavelength, they can pass through various densities but not others, allowing for useful images, although recent fears over the TSA’s use of full body scanners also have made x-rays a subject of popular debate.

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5 Great Font Designers and Their Best Fonts

As always on Wednesdays we display at Cruzine the highlights and the best examples of the modern digital typography. But today we wanted to make our free font collection special, and so we decided to name people, standing behind particular font designs. So, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome 5 great font designers, representing modern typography industry, and their best creations. Douglas Vitkauskas, Benoît Sjoholm, Nick Curtis, Lauren Thompson, and Francesco Canovaro from the studio Kmzero – these are the five artists, whose font designs are featured in this gallery of digital fonts at Cruzine. Each font designer will be represented with four authentic fonts, so that our readers could evaluate and enjoy the individual style of modern font designing.

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“The Deep: The Extraordinary Creatures of the Abyss” by Claire Nouvian

Claire Nouvian is a freelance writer and film director. She began her career as a wildlife journalist before moving into television and publishing. Claire has spent the past seven years making science and wildlife documentaries, travelling all over the world whilst working on series such as Untamed Asia, The Intruders and Wild Nights. A long-term fascination with the sea and her intensive practice of scuba diving led her to specialize in underwater films with a valued commitment to the award-winning documentary Night Underwater. She has collaborated on the film Microcean, the underwater continuation of the international success Microcosmos by producer Jacques Perrin. Following a decisive collaboration with MBARI (Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute) over three years ago, she has focused on unveiling mysteries in the deep sea to the French public. She just finished making a documentary on the recycling of whale carcasses at the sea floor for the European educational channel ARTE and is involved in other projects, which include the construction of a small photographic sphere with French high school students.

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Paris Yves Saint Laurent INTIME

Who wouldn’t know Yves Saint Laurent .. check this inspirational black and white photography showcase.

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