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Logo Design by Filip Komorowski

Up coming graphic designer Filip Komorowski has built and impressive folio – check it out below.

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Daily Inspirations no. 170

The beauty and grace of a female has always been an inexhaustible source of admiration and inspiration for representatives of different forms of visual art, including but not limited to photography. Actually, today we want to show you once again the pictures, featuring beauty and grace of a woman, within the daily inspiration set at Cruzine. However, please, do not limit your perception of such photographs with enjoying the seductive shapes of a female body only. Elegant movements captured by a camera and irradiating inner beauty – that is what photographers, such as Liis Anton and Jan Masny, whose works you’ll find in the gallery below, try to depict and express through their creative works.

negrita by Enrique Sandoval

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Super Creative Illustrations

Straight from Bangalore, India. Nithin Rao Kumblekar is the man behind these super creative illustrations, from art direction to illustrations and caricatures, his work is just amazing. Check it out!

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World’s Famous Landmarks and Places in Panoramic View

Mind-blowing world’s famous landmarks and places in panoramic view which will made you feel that you are standing there. That’s the beauty of panoramic photography with 360 degree angle you can watch all around of these famous landmarks and places.

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Wall Murals. Modern decor ideas

Although the trend for interior design is minimalist, and all the designers recommends simple designs, simple lines, wall murals, a wall decor concept with tradition, are always ever-green methods to improve our home.

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Clouds Photography or Portraying Metamorphosis

Describing clouds using verbal means only could become a challenging assignment even for a skillful literary expert. The coloring of clouds may vary from almost transparent white to deep red, and their shapes are just next to impossible to describe because of constant motion and changing. That is why we are offering here the visual portraits of clouds, made by the most skillful photographers around the globe. Here you will find the pictures of calm and peaceful clouds, flowing above the grasslands and forests, as well as the vividly-colored clouds during the sunset at sea, and even terrifying clouds before the storm or tornado. All are here for you to enjoy.

Cloud Collection by Rüdiger Nehmzow

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Celebrities in the Renaissance

Today we want to blow your mind with the following experiment. Let’s imagine that now is the Renaissance. How would look celebrities in the Renaissance? Artists from creative website have tried “to catch the moment” and show us famous paintings but with modern celebrities in the main roles. Some of them look very natural in their new roles. Check them out!

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Beautiful Examples of Colorful Vector Art

Colors are the emblem of fresh art and life. If see colorful art designed by genuine artists you cannot help inspiring at all. Here in this post we are presenting a beautiful collection of vector art which is showcased with the masterpieces and have great worth as well.
Vector art basically means scaling drawing without any end of loss of quality. This is difficult but some times artist showcases their density with their high passion. We hope that you will see this nature of passion in this post.

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Daily Inspirations no. 169

Another day of many jobs and tasks has begun, so let’s get inspired for the achievement of new goals, implementing all the ideas, and making all the dreams come true with a traditional daily inspirational set of versatile images at! If we want something done, and done well, we should do it with genuine desire, we should find the stimuli all around us, because only work performed with pleasure can be a real success. The usually unusual works of the contemporary creative artists are gathered daily in our inspirational sets to become one of those stimuli, which would lead you through the process of pleasurable work to the great success of your completed projects.

Photo by Damon Winter

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Fantastic worlds illustrations

Amazing fantasy illustrations by Jon Foster from Rhode Island, NY. Enjoy our showcase from his artworks ;)

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Cool and Refreshing Green Web Design Layouts

Whether you are a web designer, a web developer, a blogger or just a person who takes pleasure in seeing anything beautiful, then this showcase is for you. You can use this as inspiration for your next design or for whatever purpose you may have in mind. May you find these designs useful and worth emulating.

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Paper Art – The Refined and Fragile Beauty

Looking at the amazing art pieces by multiple artists and crafters from all over the world, the thought of naming human creativity one of the world’s wonders inevitably crosses the mind of a viewer. Practically any person, not only professional artists, has what it takes to make something beautiful, artistic, and creative. Moreover, we can create art works literary anywhere and from anything, no matter whether it is a piece of marble, mountain peak, or a recycled button. However, they say that paper is the material most often used as an artistic medium. It is really versatile; it can be used for multiple and sometimes quite unusual purposes; and the creations made from it amaze by their beauty, delicacy, and refinement.

Follett Library Resources – Hummingbird by Calvin Nicholls

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Fine art photography by Klaus Kampert

My work is mainly concerned with the human body. Still, I do not concider my images to be classic nudes or erotic photography, although these genres may have an impact on my work. I’m not interested in showing beauty as a outward phenomenon. Rather I would like to present the human being as a whole: Body and mind united.

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Daily Inspirations no. 168

Fashion photography will never be tired of surprising the audience with revolutionary approaches and innovations within fashion and photography themselves. For example, Jose Morraja in the photography project for Neo2 magazine simply puts sports footwear right on the heads of the naked models. Pretty bold and provocative move, isn’t it? Of course, photography is not only about provocation; it is also much about style and design, and we have tried to demonstrate this statement within our today’s collection of inspiring visual art pieces. For example, photographer Johannes Heuckeroth delivers here the sparkling style of modern architecture, while Nicoline Patricia Malina concentrates on the authenticity of the rural life in Indonesia. Making long story short – thanks for visiting Cruzine and as a reward enjoy this fresh portion of “mental food” to nourish your imagination and satisfy all your artistic needs.

“MY HEAD AND FEET ARE SWOLLEN” for Neo2 magazine by Jose Morraja

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20th Century in Black and White Photos BBC