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Photography of Live “As Is”

In contrast to photographs, made in photo studios with arranged light, prepared backgrounds, and trained models, street or daily life photography tends to reflect the live on the “as is” basis, simply portraying the true faces of life without hiding its drawbacks under the layer of makeup or focusing at the positive aspects only. After all, art is not only about beauty, it is also about truth, sincerity, and honesty, whatever forms it appears at. We, at Cruzine, would like to show our audience all the diversity of modern art and photography in particular. That is why we are publishing today a separate gallery of photographs, featuring life. Yes, it may sound too ambitiously, but that is actually what you will see below – the life in its entire diversity.

About Life 31 by Mete Özbek

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Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore

Marina bay sands complex consists of three hotel towers connected by the magnificent sands skypark. Designboom’s editors had the great opportunity to stay and test out the newly opened hotel.

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Portraits by Benoit Paillé

Amazing portrait photography showcase by Benoit Paillé from Montreal, Canada. Enjoy ;)

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Contagious Smile Photos

Experts say there are 19 different smile types. In other words, people’s smiles will vary according to different specific environments, such as polite, happy, understanding and kind, and so on.

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Daily Inspirations no. 162

Beautiful flowers, painted by Anton Gortsevich, and fascinating city landscapes by Ruben Bore will not let anyone feel indifferent about the digital art works, we have collected in the today’s gallery of inspiring design art pieces, hosted by Cruzine. Furthermore, along with the works of the mentioned artists, we are also displaying nature photography by Luke Austin, breath-taking underwater pictures by Aleksandr Marinicev, bright 3D art creations, and soon-to-be-realized architecture projects to transfer a part of inspiration and energy from these works directly to you, our dear readers. We hope this collection will satisfy your aesthetic needs and help you tune up for the upcoming weekend.

Mitsubishi: Lion by Africa

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Amazing peoples and landscapes photography

Great photography showcase by Justin Carrasquillo from LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES. Enjoy :)

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Life photography by Ibai Acevedo

Amazing and creative photography showcase by Ibai Acevedo from Barcelona, Spain. Enjoy!

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Amazing Landscapes

am a financial consultant and I live in Rome, I have a passion for photography for many years, although I started to photograph from 2003 that since entering the digital market was predominantly, and in fact I once believed in the infinite possibte ‘ that this technology could provide. I like different genres including landscape in all its facets, street photography, portraits, and nature photography, I love immersing myself in nature to detoxify the tedious and stressful daily life, one thing is’ certain, turning the camera around his neck I enjoy life more. My equipment consists of two different systems one of which Olympus have different bodies and lenses, Canon and others that use the photo for more naturalistic.

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Underwater Experiments

This is only small part of my underwater work at the White Sea Biological Station. When I went underwater for the first time I was absolutely shocked. White Sea showed me another world with it’s own aliens, and some of them were really amazing creatures

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Text Logo Designs

If you want somebody to know something – tell this to him in words. Language and text as its written representation was once created as the means of communication between people and since then it has been the primary source and means of human civilization development and progress. Text logos, we have in the showcase today, are the best examples of the laconic yet highly efficient way for a business to identify itself and to tell customers or partners the key words, valued by this particular business entity. Typography or font design is essentially important for text logos – after the text itself font is the next primary element of the text logo design. So, have a look at the collection below and pay attention at the way designers combine words with simple colors and very rich typography. Tell us what you think about these logos by commenting below – Cruzine loves to hear the voice of its readers.

Kiski by serhos

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Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg – Cinemagraphs

New York fashion fotographer Jamie Beck in collaboration with the motion graphic artist and designer Kevin Burg is the author of the series “cinemagraphs” – animated gif photo halfway between video and photos.

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The Art of Negative Space

Selected illustrations employing negative space by Tang Yau Hoong

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Canyons and Valleys – Natural Monuments Created by Rivers

Glorified by many Hollywood films, American Grand Canyon, located in Arizona, is, perhaps, one and the only canyon with the world fame and popularity. However, there are many and many other canyons in the word, each being characterized with the distinct authentic look and surrounded by multiple legends and true stories. Like with other natural masterpieces, it took millions of years for the Mother Nature to create canyons, which are today the monuments and reflections of the complex geological process, taking place on planet Earth times ago.

Paragliding along the Aurlandfjords by Ben Thé Man

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Portraits by Slim Letaief

My name is Slim and I use a Canon EOS 450D + 18-55mm IS + EF 50mm f1.4 and EF 100mm f2.8 Macro USM (Sold) ..I use Photoshop and Lightroom for post processing.

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Digital Art Designing Photo Gallery

The application of image editing techniques to photographs for creating an illusion or deception,using analog or digital means is known as Photo Manipulation. Photo manipulation is much more explicit than subtle alterations to color balance or contrast.It may involve overlaying a head onto a different body or changing a sign’s text. Here are some beautiful examples of Digital Art Designing photos.

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