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Corinthians Popular Republic by Andre Maciel

Corinthians is one of the biggest soccer teams in Brazil, with more than 30 million fans all over the country. To celebrate its 100 th anniversary, Nike created more than just an ad campaign. They created a country. For each player, the coach and directors, was made ​​a poster.

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Aerial Landscapes by Bernhard Lang

Amazing aerial landscape photography by Bernhard Lang from München, Germany. Check out this great showcase ;)

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Daily Inspirations no. 167

The simple truth is that one of the most efficient sources of art inspiration is nothing but the art works (pictures, music, books, sculptures, architecture, etc.), already created by other artists. When you visit art gallery, listen to music, or browse the photographs, made by known and reputable photographers, you may eventually get inspired – your imagination starts to draw some visual images, and the desire to make those images real appears. We believe in this theory and that is why we publish daily collections of visual art pieces, representing different branches of the modern art – from photography to 3D illustration, and from architecture to font design. Hopefully, you’ll find your inspiration here, at Cruzine.

Playboy Tv: Home by Young & Rubicam

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Fresh And Latest Photo Manipulation Art

The first step towards photo manipulations is creativity and excellent imagination. Then comes the technological knowledge. We will come back to you next time with some professional manipulation tutorials by which you can have an idea how they are created. Hope you liked the amazing collection.

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Creative Advertising

Great advertising ideas. Enjoy!

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Logo Designs with Single Letters at Focus

People have noticed long ago than using initial letter from one’s personal name, especially if that letter is artfully decorated to form what is known as monogram, is a stylish and sophisticated way to indentify oneself. That is why such monograms were often used in heraldry, on personal stamps, seals, or emblems. Today, the same idea is often used in logo design, when designers build the entire logo around one dominating letter, which attracts most of attention thanks to large size and rich decoration. There are many examples of logo designs to illustrate the practice of using dominant letters in logo design, and now we want to share with you some of the most interesting logo designs of this particular type.

DeVine Guitars vines by Simon™

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Exciting Shadow Photography

Shadow photography is a very capricious kind of photo art because it can create fascinating shots or easily spoil them completely.

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Portraits of the Lost World – Table Mountains of Venezuela

Needless to say, that the Nature is the greatest and the most genius artist ever known at the planet Earth. Throughout millions of years Nature has been created its masterpieces using Earth surface as the canvas and winds, water, and sun lights as the instruments. Grand mountains, eroded in a fancy way, deep canyons, unreachable caves, virgin forests and underground lakes – we would mostly associate all of these with the sceneries of some lost worlds. However, the word “lost” is very relative here. Instead of being modified by human civilization beyond recognition, these places managed to save their true faces, being touched only by the natural processes.

Mount Kukenán, Venezuela by Gunther Wegner

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Digital artworks by Mateusz Sypien

Digimental is the freelance name of Mateusz Sypien, Art / Creative Director & Designer. Matt was born in Krakow, Poland and currently resides in London, United Kingdom. Matt has evolved his interest and passion for all things creative from a hobby into a career. Passionate about digital media as well as Film/TV production he started his degree in BSc Media Technology and Production at University of Bradford in September 2008. Matt unleashes his creativity across a variety of media, techniques and design disciplines including: Illustration and digital imaging, web design, print & packaging, papercrafts, film and television production.

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Unusually Beautiful Nature Pictures

One of the most beautiful natural photography set.

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Last Communist Countries – Existence after the Dusk

Communism as the idea of building the ideal society with no classes, with common ownership of all the production means, and free access of any citizen to any type of article of consumption first emerged at the end of the 19th century and reached its apogee in the middle of the 20th century after the victory of the Soviet Union in the World War II. By early 80th of the previous century communism has already come to decline and with the 1991 breakdown of the Soviet Union, the largest bulwark of communism in the world, historians declared the collapse of the communist ideology. However, there are still countries in the world following the ideas, proclaimed by Karl Marx and further developed by Vladimir Lenin.

Exit havana exit cuba by Ephraim Muller

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Wonderful Photographic Works of Animals

In this article, we collected many outstanding photographic works of animals,I hope it can give you some inspirations.

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Colorful Examples of Vector-based Artworks

If you search the internet for a while, you will come to know that vector art or vector images are the most wanted inspirational collection on the net. Designers all over the world are trying to create unique styles by incorporating new and unique ideas. Designer community is willing to bring available freebies into play that can assist their designs to turn out to be more attractive and fine-looking.

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Beautiful Photography by Rebeca Saray Gude

A few days ago I came across this amazing portfolio and decided to share it here… Today I have a post with beautiful photographs made by Rebeca Saray, photographer and digital artist living in Madrid, Spain.

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Funny 3D Images

Do you remember when the last you laughed your heart out was? Chances are, you do as such moments are so rare that you can count ‘em on your fingertips. Blame it on technology, hectic work schedule or whatever you may, the fact remains that we the human beings are losing touch with one of the most priceless largess we ever possessed- the laughter. So, spare a thought, and some time to sneak a peep at the funny visuals that we have for you. Keep laughing!

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