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Dana Keeler Desert: Fantasy And Beautiful of Natural Wonders

The country is a land of natural contrasts, with waterfalls and volcanic hot springs. Ethiopia has some of Africa’s highest mountains as well as some of the world’s lowest points below sea level. The largest cave in Africa is located in Ethiopia at Sof Omar, and the country’s northernmost area at Dallol is one of the hottest places year-round anywhere on Earth.

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Adrenaline Photography – Fight or Flight Situations

It increases heart rate, constricts blood vessel and dilates air passages in order to deliver more blood to the muscles and more air to the lungs and thus help a human survive in a dangerous or unexpected situation. This is the mechanism of action of a hormone, called adrenaline or epinephrine. The word “adrenaline” today is, perhaps, the only example of a medical term, known and used widely beyond medical sphere. It has become a synonym for excitement, passion, adventure, and risk, and it is now closely associated with extreme activities, such as mountaineering, jumping, and challenging sports, such as racing, parachuting, or skiing. We have devoted our today’s gallery of photographs to all kind of activities, where adrenaline plays the leading role, being at the same time the aim and the means of achieving that aim.

i’ll make ya famous by Roof Topper

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Celebrities by Ralph Mecke

Ralph Mecke, a berliner who lives and works in Paris, became renown for his photo portraits made for French Vogue. He thereafter strenghthened his fashion photography, which today has become his main focus. His fashion series are today regularly published in magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair, Vogue and GQ.

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Stunning Sun Snap Pictures

For a few, it’s an hobby that would take far a bit much patience. Just one photographer waits for hours just to capture the amzaing photography of storm clouds breaking. Kris Dutson, 53, has spent ten years scouting out the ideal locations across Britain to capture the most astonishing atmospheric shots on his camera as rain falls.

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Cartoon Logo Designs – Wake a Child in Yourself

They say all of us descend from the childhood; and anything that reminds us about the sweetest time we had during the first decade or so of our lives raises the best and the warmest emotions in adults. Cartoon logo designs, we have on display today, may look childish, but aren’t they so inspiringly powerful, when it goes about charging yourself with the load of positive thinking, sincerity, and fun? Anyway, logo design being a part of marketing is all about creating the appropriate atmosphere by stimulating particular emotions in the target audience. Well, cartoon logo designs do prove this statement – look through our collection of cartoon logos and you’ll receive a daily dose of emotional vitamins. Tested and guaranteed by Cruzine team!

DODO pizza by Gal

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Beautiful Illustrations and Papercut Works by Bomboland

Some artists have so much of a good taste that it hurts. Visiting a few places I got to find these amazing, beautiful illustrations and papercut works that simply took my breath away.

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Black&White beauty photography

Carsten Witte, born in 1964, is the venerable priest of beauty. Already as a little boy of three he slack-jadedly gazed after beauties that where passing by when he was walking at his mother’s hand. Many years later, after he had attended the Bielefeld school of photography, worked as assistant for renowned photographers and started his career as a freelancer with his own studio in 1989, he could finally dedicate himself exclusively to his perfect esthetics at taking shots of beautiful woman’s bodies, their eroticism and chasteness and the sensual play of shadow and light, whereas he has never betrayed the deference to the beautiful creature.

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Beautiful Leopards Pictures

The leopard is a member of the Felidae family and the smallest of the four “big cats” in the genus Panthera, the other three being the tiger, lion and jaguar. Once distributed across eastern and southern Asia and Africa, from Siberia to South Africa, the leopard’s range of distribution has decreased radically because of hunting and loss of habitat. It is now chiefly found in sub-Saharan Africa; there are also fragmented populations in Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Indochina, Malaysia, and China.

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Storms, Tornadoes Devastate the South

Powerful storms swept through the South and Midwest regions of the United States over the past several days, bringing with them heavy rainfall, flooding, hailstorms, lightning, and hundreds of devastating tornadoes. As of this morning, the death toll from the storm system has nearly reached 250 — at least 128 of those in hard-hit Alabama. Neighborhoods have been flattened, thousands are without power across the region, and efforts to aid the trapped or injured continue in regions where many roads have become impassable. As residents work to recover what they can, they are preparing for yet another storm system predicted to pass through starting Saturday. Gathered here are images from the storm-damaged south and central U.S. over the past several days.

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Metropol Parasol – The World’s Largest Wooden Structure

What is there not to like about Metropol Parasol? The waffle-like crown structure in Seville, Spain has been finally completed in April 2011 after a competition held by the city of Seville in 2004. Located at Plaza de la Encarnacion, the stunning sequence of undulating parasols comprises the world’s largest wooden structure. The Metropol Parasol project was part of the redevelopment of the Plaza de la Encarnacíon, designed by J. MAYER H. Architects, this project becomes the new icon for Seville, a place of identification and to articulate Seville’s role as one of the world´s most fascinating cultural destinations.

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Daily Inspirations no. 157

Is there any other source of artistic inspiration, which could compete in the mightiness and richness with the humans themselves and with the nature? Beauty of a human body, sincerity of a human heart, and pureness of a human soul have always inspired artists to create true art with the same values expressed. Nature with its perfectness and harmony is another powerful source of inspiration, which is easy to recognize looking through the collection of photographs, chosen for our today’s inspirational set. Of course, speaking about digital art with its multiple and diverse forms – sources of artists’ inspiration also diversify. Today, one can be inspired with a TV commercial, magazine headline, or a new concept car displayed. However, whatever source of inspiration is, the result of the art process is what matters and what is valued…

Brainstorming essentials by Ion P.

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Animals photography by Olga Samuels

Olga Samuels is a photographer based in Hamburg, Germany. She incorporates animals into her fashion, still life and advertising photography. She is represented by Marlene Ohlsson.

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Beauty photography by Gilles-Marie Zimmerman

Paris-born Gilles Marie Zimmermann studied classical music before discovering photography. How lucky for us that he did. Zimmermann got his start as a young assistant Harcourt Studios. His talent was noticed and shortly after, he was promoted to photographer. Gilles Marie also worked for Sygma agency as a movie set photographer.

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70 lovely and wonderful pet photographys

Pet photography is one of the most interesting types of photography. It is very interesting that take photos for your own pet, but often it is difficult to truly show the pet’s cute side. Take a photo for pets, must always keep this followings in your mind : patience, focus on the eye, and keep a interaction with your pet. We collected 70 wonderful photographs of pets in this figure . let us go together into the smart, cute, charming little life !And I hope you like it.

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The Streets are our Studio – the Rise of Berlin Street Art

Reclaim Your City: A global call to arms from urban artists to refresh bland, gray urban areas with statements of political and individual intent.

While in most cities they work under constant risk of arrest, Berlin, Germany’s capital, has become an urban artist’s Utopia – areas left empty both by the city’s division and unification are a morally, if not a legally legitimate canvas; posters, cut-outs and stickers splattered across once rotting fences and luminous, surreal images lightening the murkiest of industrial wastelands. Neighborhoods such as Prenzlauer Berg may have all but lost their artist population but new well-to-do inhabitants and families still tolerate the so-called ‘graffiti’ that has shaped its identity. It is- as much as the Nazi architecture of the Olympic Stadium, and the Communist spectre of the TV tower – a major part of their legacy.

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