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An Alternate Marvel Universe: Avengers Heroes turn Fantastical

Everyone’s been raving about the new superhero flick Avengers: Age of Ultron that’s now out in cinemas. In the movie, crowd favorite Tony Stark tries to revive a peacekeeping program, but things don’t go well. Heroes Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Iron Man himself are put to the test.
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Extraordinary Prints of City Layouts That Will Take you to a Different Perspective of Art

With the use of Google’s OpenStreetMap, creative visualization of the artist and the aid of Cinema 4D, a series City Layout print arts comes to existence.
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This Meticulous Shaving Foam Campaign has a Lot of Story to Tell

One great factor to a successful brand advertising is on how you attract your client and convey the message that reflects their personality. It is very important to target the audience right to their persona. Let’s have a look on this Schick Edge campaign that was made possible with the art of Photography (Jaap Vliegenthart), CGI and the rest (Souverein). Continue »

Freebie: 5 High Resolution Geometric Backgrounds

Geometric backgrounds have gained tremendous popularity in the last couple months and I believe your audience would really like them. This set comes with both AI files (completely editable) and high resolution (300 dpi) jpg images at 2500 x 2500 px. This allows people to use them on virtually any design project. Download here

Free 35 Vector Christmas Cards Design

During this season we find ourselves busy preparing gifts, decorations and thoughtful greeting cards. Sometimes, we want those cards to be done in a perfect way but in a quick manner

I, too find myself in search of a faster way in preparing Christmas cards, faster in a sense that design idea are already present and the only thing left to polish and change are the text content, little tweak of colors and shape.

So, we have collected vector card designs for you not to wander anymore in the Internet just to have yourselves free design elements such as below collection.

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Viber iPhone iOS 7 Concept

10 Free iPad Air PSD and Vector Mockup

Think about when presenting your responsive web design in different devices, during the past years we settled in providing on how it looks on desktop computers, remember those iMacs and Safari blank template where we usually present our web design? Nowadays, we usually prepare three design presentation that has desktop, tablet and mobile.

For the sake of elegancy, and with the upcoming release of iPad Air, you might want to start using this device mock up for presentations, so we have collected resources of iPad Air PSD and Vector Mockup for you to download.

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The Floral Project by Antoni Tudisco

Antoni Tudisco continues to work on his passion, and today we are going to share you another one of his unusual work of art, the Floral Project.

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Food Typography by Jorge Tabanera

Jorge Tabanera a Madrid-based artist, has the passion in creating food-themed lettering illustrations.

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40 Uncanny Halloween Flyer Templates

So if you’re hosting a Halloween party, you’re probably busy with the preparations. I know it’s not easy to plan a party so you don’t have to worry about the promotion for guests to attend your party. I prepared 40 Halloween flyer templates for you. These come with creative wordings and unique designs that will definitely magnetize everyone to go to your event.

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Download free vector icons as SVG, PNG or WebFont directly in your Photoshop

Flaticon is the last project of the Freepik’s team. It’s the world’s biggest vector icon database with more than 12.000 high quality vector icons. A project with free files, free to use, even for commercial purposes.

But the most important release it’s on the Flaticon Photoshop plugin, that allows you to access to the Flaticon database without leaving your work environment in an updated, synchronized way.

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20 Creative Food Advertising Designs

Everyone needs food, this is a universal truth. But because of the growing market today, different food manufacturers are competing against each other. A company must think of ways to outwit, outplay and outlast their competition to be the sole “survivor” in this industry. The most effective way of doing this is by having advertisements. And not just plain old advertisements, to be able to be successful, you must have a creative advertisements and not just those monotonous, stereotype advertisements that others have.

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Monday Freebie: 120 Handwritten Decorative Shapes 01 and other Stuffs

It has been my routine to check their website every week and look at their free stuff section, if you are in need of design goodies that no single penny is required and have a quality stuff, wander no more, head to their website and start picking up those free goodies

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15 Innovating Corporate Identity Design Approach

A good company has to have an equally very good corporate identity. Think of it as picking what dress or shoes to buy, your decision will be based on the impression that is relayed to you by a particular brand of shoes or dress. This is where corporate identity comes in.

Check out some of the best corporate identity design approach that will help you achieve a top notch marketing materials.

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18 Super Duper Paper Textures

These paper textures mean a lot to me, they form the basis of every single image I produce and I have spent a long time experimenting with them, there really is a rich depth to each paper with flecks of alternate colours that I find adds so much to any project I’m working on. I hope you will love these as much as I do.

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