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Historic Photos Of Norwegian Fishing Villages Mixed with Present-Day

Norwegian photographer Hebe Robinson has created an impressive photo series titled “Echoes,” created unsing photos from descendents of the original Norwegian fishing village Lofoten residents. Continue »

United Nude’s Shoe Concept At Milan Design Week 2015

United Nude+3D Systems presented innovative and unusual shoes at Milan Design Week 2015. Created by a select group of the worlds leading architects and designers. Continue »

Thomas Lamadieu Illustrates In The Sky Between Buildings

Illustrator Thomas Lamadieu has created a series of sky art in between buildings of different cities with characters. Continue »

Acrobatic Dancer Photos by Jeffrey Vanhoutte

Belgian photographer Jeffrey Vanhoutte has created an impressive photos series of an acrobatic dancer, in collaboration with creative agency Norvell Jefferson. Continue »

Ice Cream Flavors That Perfectly Describe Women’s Emotions During PMS

Dallas-based designer Parker Jones created a clever packaging for PMS Ice Cream to capture a woman’s feelings during her period. Continue »

Stunning Handmade Scarves Look Like Animals

Stunning Animal Scarves by Nina Führer, made out of high quality cashmere and merino wool… Continue »

Artist Creates Illustrations by Burning Tiny Holes in Paper With Incense Sticks

Korean artist Jihyun Park has created stunning drawings on rice paper by burning tiny holes into the paper with incense sticks. Continue »

Hyperrealistic Paintings By Patrick Kramer

Artist Patrick Kramer has created stunning photorealistic paintings. Working from photos, he paints from still lives and portraits to city scenes or landscapes. Continue »

Artist Creates Amazing Realistic Portraits on Her Thigh

19-year-old Boston-based artist Jody Steel draws amazing realistic portraits of celebrities and animals on her leg.

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Hyperrealistic Portraits Drawn with Pencil by Olga Larionovas

Russian artist Olga Larionova has created a series of incredible hyperrealistic pencil drawings and portraits.

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Light Painting Photography of Darren Pearson

Photographer Darren Pearson has created a beautiful series of Light Paintings that show skeletons and dinosaurs.

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Tattoo Arts by Expanded Eye

Incredible series of Tattoos by artists Jade Tomlinson and Kevin James of Expanded Eye.

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Carved Skulls by Jason Borders

Portland-based artist Jason Borders carves each of these skulls by hand using complex floral designs.

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Amazing Surreal Photos by Silvia Grav

Madrid-based photographer Silvia Grav has created this incredible series of surreal black and white photogaphs.

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Doctor Who Meets Disney Princesses

Impressive illustrations titled “Doctor Who and Disney” by Massachusetts-based artist Karen Hallion.

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