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When Architecture Meets Watercolor: Painting Wonders By Maja Wronska


Architect and freelance illustrator Maja Wrońska continues to amaze with her beautifully executed watercolor paintings of iconic cityscapes from around the world. Taking on her mother’s trade of architecture, Maja has been drawing buildings and castles since she was a child. Poland’s skill requirements for architectural school prompted Maja to attend drawing classes, which changed her attitude towards drawing and gave her inspiration as a developing artist. As you will see today, her talent shines through her work. We collected some of Maja’s most impressive watercolor works for your enjoyment! Continue »

Outstanding Examples of Restaurant Logos

Habitat by Valeria Waters
Habitat by Valeria Waters

Any business logo, no matter how small it may be, could actually have a huge impact on the way the business goes. It dictates how much recall the business may have for first-time customers, and could even help potential clients decide whether a business is worth trying out or not. Continue »

Beautiful Vintage Packaging Designs

Vintage Listerine Packaging
Vintage Listerine Packaging

There are many products in the market today that are impeccably made and of high-quality, but still don’t make the news. On the other hand, there are some products that are mediocre at best, but are selling like pancakes because of how they’re marketed to the public. Continue »

Nature in Motion: Stunning Pictures of Waterfalls

Temple Divine by Kunal Khurana
Temple Divine by Kunal Khurana

People use their cameras to capture moments. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using a digital camera that’s a little more high-end compared to that of your friends’, or a camera phone and the usual apps that make the end result a lot more professional-looking. All that matters is that you have something on hand that would allow you to freeze certain moments in time, moments that you know could never be repeated in the exact same way ever again. Continue »

20 Examples of Modern Web Design

PichShop by Pavel Emelyanov
There is probably nothing more empowering than the ability to bring life to a profession, brand, product, or service through their website. A website represents everything that a business or person stands for – its ideals, its history, its culture, and so much more. And this is exactly what makes web design a truly thrilling experience. It gives one the capacity to weave a tale that could turn businesses and individuals into influencers in the field they belong to. Continue »

30 Most Creative Billboard Ads You’ll Ever See

The Perfect Billboard
When it comes to outdoor advertising, billboards definitely take the prize. After all, companies invest so much money on each of these huge creations just because it has been proven time and again how effective they truly are. Continue »

5 Free Wedding Presets for Lightroom & Photoshop

In this download you will find 5 free presets to use for your photos. The ZIP file contains 5 Lightroom Presets as well as 5 Photoshop actions. To get a glimpse of what each preset/action does to your photo, check out the preview images listed below. Check out the entire wedding presets bundle here! Continue »

20 Creative Ping Pong Table Designs

Killerspin SVR Black Ping Pong Table
It has been said that ping pong is a fun sport that is easy to play, but hard to master. Regardless if you’re a pro, an amateur, or a first-time player, the many benefits of the game can greatly contribute to your disposition and health. After all, playing ping pong develops and improves the motor skills of its players. The energetic sport also facilitates weight loss. To top it all, ping pong also improves the player’s concentration and brain function. Continue »

40 Free User Interface Kits You Should Consider Downloading

Sally Blocks UI by PixelBuddha
“User interface” is term a lot of us often see, especially when it comes to gadgets and devices. But does everyone knows what a user interface is? Continue »

10 Misconceptions About Mobile App Development

One of the key features to come out of the growth of smartphones has been the development of apps that make smartphones smarter. The mobile app development industry has seen incredible growth in the recent times. Despite the rapid growth of mobile phone industry, there are a number of misconceptions about mobile application development that are holding some businesses back.

These misleading notions seem to be common in the mobile app development industry. The failure of some business organizations to see projected Return on Investment (ROI) can often be directly attributed to these misconceptions. Understanding these mistaken beliefs will help your app achieve mobile app marketing success.

Here are 10 of the popular misconceptions about mobile app development:

1. All you have to do is build an app


Many businesses believe that mobile applications sell themselves, as long as they are built well and have good functionality. Sadly, this is a lie. Building an app is only the beginning. There is no guarantee your app will stand out from the rest and building it will not automatically bring users or revenue. Marketing of your application is necessary to ensure individuals know that the app exists. If consumers don’t know it exists, consumers will not download it. There are countless marketing methods available that you can use to increase its presence in the app stores. This way, you will be able to bridge the gap between the targeted audience and the app. Continue »

25 Outstanding Logos of Professional Athletes

Michael Schumacher

A sport is a fun, engaging kind of activity. It’s also a good business, especially when it comes to professional sports, teams, and athletes. Just take a look at Michael Jordan’s prowess in basketball, both on the sport and its business side. The great basketball player isn’t just a living legend in terms of his playing skills, he also made, and still makes, a fortune with his Michael Jordan merchandise. These products are often with his own logo. After all, MJ is not just a retired basketball player, he is also a brand. Continue »

Top 5 USB Hubs for Your Office


Can you still remember how things were when USB-powered devices still weren’t around? You had to find sockets for almost everything that you end up with huge extension cords crawling all over the place. As far as computer peripherals are concerned, they required different ports behind your computer as well. Continue »

30 Inspirational 8-Bit and Pixel Artworks

Maybe we should go back by Octavi Navarro
8-bit and pixel art are very reminiscent of the old school computer times. In fact, I’m sure that when I started mentioning the terms 8-bit and pixel art, gaming consoles in the early ’80s are what first came to mind. Don’t you just miss playing old school Mario Kart and Pac-Man?
Continue »

30 Logo Designs That Choose Beauty Over Simplicity

Skydog Jewelry by Amy Hood
No matter what kind of business you have, your logo will always be one of the things that will matter the most when it comes to brand marketing. Your logo is the one thing that will stick to the minds of your target market, even if they cannot remember the name at first. It’s something that will carry your name and will give people a general idea of what your organization is all about.
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Top 5 Ebook Readers for Home and Travel

Kindle Paperwhite
For those who enjoy savoring the written word, there is no doubt at all that ebooks have somehow brought a new level of convenience in doing just that. Especially for those who don’t really mind missing the smell of freshly printed paper on a new book, using ebooks as an alternative allows people to do so many things that they just did not experience with printed books before.
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