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How to Increase Productivity While Working from Home?

Nowadays most of the companies allow their employees to do work from home. Companies want their employees to avoid time spending on traveling and make that time more productive. Work from home is always a win-win situation for both sides. In this condition main goal is producing proper results and getting things done.

According to studies, in this situation very few people are able focus on their ability while working in Home and most of the people get distracted by other things which is directly affect on their productivity.

If you are working from home and struggling to focus then check out following tricks which helps you to create work environment in your own home, after using these tricks you will surely see boost in your productivity and produce some tremendous results. There is always a more comfort and flexibility in your own home rather than in office, so use it proper way & make yourself or your boss by producing remarkable results while working in home. A little change surely produces large impact.

1. Work Room


Create some office environment in your home; make a special work room in your home. In which no one can disturb you which helps you to focus on your work. If your house is small you can always choose your favorite place to complete your tasks. For a change you can also go outside, seat in a park or cafe and complete your work.

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20 Minimal Home Office Design Ideas

Inspiring Minimalist1
Would you agree that the space you are working in affects your productivity as well? Of course it does! Although people have different preferences when it comes to style specifics, everybody would attest to the fact that the way the desk is arranged, the amount of clutter on it, and even the décor that surrounds it would either help people focus more on their work, or distract them from it.

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Keep Your Brain Sharp With These 7 Apps

It’s normal for people to pay attention to how healthy their bodies are. With the amount of different workouts and diet plans out there, it is not at all surprising how many people you know who are committed to a fitness routine of their choice. With all the attention given to the body’s physical aspect however, there is often one thing that is left out – the brain.

There is a great need to keep your brain in top shape, knowing that it can help you boost your memory, become more creative, be in a better mood, and essentially, delay the usual effects that aging has on the human brain.

Here are a few great apps that would allow you to keep your brain in shape:

1. Peak


Peak’s ultimate mission? To make lifelong progress enjoyable. The underlying concept that pushed its developers to create such an app is the belief that there is always room for improvement in everybody no matter how accomplished you believe yourself to be. It’s a mix of neuroscience, gaming, and technology, with a series of daily goals and workouts for your brain. It works the same way as any physical fitness app, but for the brain. It even shows you the brain skills required of every profession, and helps you develop those skills through a special series of activities.

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40 Incredible Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Deciding on a tattoo design can be an overwhelming task. Although a lot of people are satisfied with an exact image from flash or graphic art, other folks want a personalized design which reflects their distinctive individuality and sense of style. The very first step in creating the best tattoo design for you is getting assistance from a tattoo artist throughout the design stage. If you don’t have an artist in mind, start visiting the sites of local tattoo shops and look at their individual tattoo portfolios.

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30 Stunning Watercolor Artworks That Will Take Your Breath Away

Art takes a lot of forms. When it comes to painting, watercolor is one of the more challenging mediums to work with because of the mutability that water brings to the paint. Your paint can be hard to control if it’s too liquid, and there’s no going back once it becomes too dark. But as with all kinds of art, constant practice can really result in stunning finished products.

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Top 5 Drones for Filming and Photography

You don’t have to be a super spy, a part of a secret military unit or a sci-fi actor to enjoy the cool gadget that is a drone. These days, the market for drones is thriving with different gadget creators producing top-notch eye-spy gadgets for both professional and amateur use.

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12 Charming Hand Lettered Quotes by Neil Tony Porter

be happy

Neil Tony Porter is a Hand Letterer and Graphic Designer from London. He helps build magical brands at the entertainment company Mind Candy. Neil has a passion for children’s branding, typography, and visual story. He recently contacted me to show me his hand lettered quotes and I was flabbergasted.

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30 Must-Have Fonts for 2015

To some people, typography may seem like a small thing. But when you’re serious about your aesthetic appearance, typography has a great impact on what you’re spelling out with your words. Typography is the style or appearance of any printed matter and the fonts you choose have an impact on the message you are sending.

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35 Clean Examples of Logo Marks

A logomark is an indetifying mark or symbol that doesn’t contain the business name. For example think of Mcdonald’s golden arches or Nike’s swoosh. Starting to get the picture?

Companies use logomarks because they’re memorable, instantaneously recognizable, and are clear when reproduced in small sizes. In nature they’re not complicated, which makes them very compelling for your subconscious brain to remember. Logomarks are also less direct, meaning that they leave room for broader interpretation or your company/organization. They should however represent your company’s vision, culture, and value proposition.

Today we collected some beautiful examples of logomarks to inspire you. So if you’re in the process of designing a logomark yourself, this visual showcase is bound to help you get some ideas flowing. Enjoy!

Whaley Logo by Gert van Duinen

Whaley Logo by Gert van Duinen

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Say It with Style: 25 Sexy Hand Lettered Logo Designs

New York Butcher Co by Adam Trageser
What could be more beautiful than a hand-written letter? It’s organic, sexy and personalized. Letters present you a unique opportunity to go crazy and creative since they can be easily shaped, fashioned and linked to one another. The fascinating magic of letters is that you can curve, lengthen and accord them in whichever way you like, in whatever representation or symbolism you want to impart. This is precisely the reason hand-lettered logo designs never go out of style.

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20 Simple Secrets to Taking Better Photos


Whether you are using an expensive camera, which does not guarantee good pictures, or using your camera on your phone, there are a few things you should keep in mind when taking pictures. To take good pictures you do not need to be a professional either. It is all in how you view the world and the things in it. It is the moments that make pictures great! As a general rule there are 20 guidelines you should follow that can change the way you picture the world right away.

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20 Incredible Photos Taken With an iPhone 6


Do you dream of taking beautiful photos but sadly do not have the cash for high-end DLSR cameras? If that is the case, there is no need to worry since all you really need to be able to take some gorgeous photos is a mobile phone with a good camera, some handy mobile photography tips, and a collection of photos that can serve as your inspiration.

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Healthy Living: Top 5 Standing Desks

Terra by NextDesk

When people get to work, they usually change, commute, and when they reach their offices, they pull out their chairs and sit down so they can get to work on their desks. This is a common picture in the office and has been happening for several decades or even hundreds of years now. But according to health experts, this scenario must change. You might wonder what is so wrong with this picture and it is not the commuting, rather, it is the very act of sitting down for hours in front of a desk that is detrimental to your health.

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33 Abstract and Unique Sculptures You Probably Haven’t Seen

Triagles by James Nizam

Triagles by James Nizam

Until recent centuries, sculptures were usually an expression of religion or politics. You would find most of them displayed in public parks and other places of interest. These works of art usually represented, and still do, distinguished individuals who have made significat contributions to a country, state, city, or local town. Today however they’re much more than that.

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25 Incredible Fan-Made Interstellar Posters

Poster by Amanda Mocci

Poster by Amanda Mocci

Christopher Nolan did it again. If you’re looking for a movie that’s smart, cleverly-done, will make you think and blow your mind, watch Interstellar. The incredible film starred Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Michael Caine, Jessica Chastain, Bill Irwin, John Lithgow and Mackenzie Foy. The film is a brainchild of the Nolan brothers – Christopher and Jonathan Nolan. They co-wrote the final script based on an original script Jonathan wrote in 2007. The film is inspired by Kip Thorne who is a theoretical physicist who eventually became the film consultant. The film is a box-office success, grossing $621.8 million.

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