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How SEO can turn a Business from Minor to Major in a Month

Many business organizations and individuals have been informed time and again that the best way to market your business and get more customers, which would reflect on their sales, is by using search engine optimization. The main reason behind all this is that it gives your business a good online presence.

What these people never understand is how effective it is and how it can immediately change the income and customer rate of their business, and in the long-run turning your business from a minor to a major. This article will help you see how that works out.

Google ranking

seo icons1 How SEO can turn a Business from Minor to Major in a Month

SEO packages always ensures good ranking for your business website thus guaranteeing success to your business. There exists a direct relationship between your business website popularity and its ranking. It is therefore important that you implement correct SEO strategies in order to get your desired results. The strategies will help you increase the business website visibility thus exposing it to many potential customers. The result of this would be increased traffic to your website that will be followed with increased sales.


Attracting visitors or customers to your website is dependent on the phrases or words you use. Using words, phrases and industrial jargons limit the visitors to your site to those in the same field, who understand the terms and those close to your business. The first step in SEO campaign is keyword research. Good SEO consultant will enable you acquire phrases and words that your customers are searching for thus creating more target traffic which would result to more sales.

Acts as a sign board giving direction

Most internet users get lost in the confusion caused by maze of website. To be able to reach the right site or address, they require guidance and some help from tools like landmarks, direction from third parties, various pointers and maps. SEO works take the place of a signboard, carrying useful pointers to enable lost customers or clients reach their target destination, which for this case would be your website, resulting to increased chances of business or commercial success.

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What Does an Industrial Designer Do?

If you were asked to envision a Jeep, iPod or Coca Cola bottle, you could do it without a problem, right? That didn’t happen by accident – a skilled industrial designer was behind the scenes, creating that image so that it would stay emblazoned in your mind. You know those times when you think to yourself, “Wow, what a great idea…but how could I ever make it come to life?” Closing that gap is exactly what industrial designers specialize in.


53609f777c50ff0f1a08591ddc679a9511 What Does an Industrial Designer Do?

Most industrial designers specialize in one specific industry, like automobiles, housewares or furniture. This career requires imagination, creativity and strong communication skills. Industrial designers are involved with various aspects of creating a product, from meeting with clients to working alongside engineers in development. The good news is that this type of expertise is always in demand, since new products are constantly being thought up by businesses both large and small.

Job Responsibilities

b0ce4cddd8459489828602273be0e3e811 What Does an Industrial Designer Do?

It’s the industrial designer’s job to create an aesthetically pleasing product that fulfills a need for consumers. From creation to planning and styling, the focus is greatly on how products look. Commodities that require these skills range from cars and electronics to food packaging and even medical equipment.

Aside from aesthetics, a product’s usability and ergonomics have to also be taken into account. From there, function, design and even marketing efforts can be improved. Ultimately, an industrial designer will create a product that is either currently needed by consumers or will be “needed” by consumers after implementing a clever marketing strategy.

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Halston Clock

355509687623355313 ddef5c86417f11 Halston Clock

The Halston Clock is a beautiful Danish designer clock with high quality high torque movements.


Fujifilm X100

283707785 47b2e9b95fed11 Fujifilm X100

The Fujifilm FinePix X100 is a high-precision digital compact camera that combines modern technology with a traditional camera design to deliver the ultimate in image quality. The package of X100 BLACK Limited Edition contains the camera unit, a genuine leather ever-ready case, a lens hood, an adapter ring and a protective filter. Each package comes with a message card reading a number as proof that it is one of only 10,000 units produced. The model will end its sales when all 10,000 units are sold out.

Featuring an APS-C CMOS sensor (12.3 megapixel), a Fujinon 23mm Single Focal Length Fixed F2 lens, a 2.8-inch LCD with 460K pixel, and the world’s first Hybrid Viewfinder, the FinePix X100 captures exceptionally high quality images.


Retouching Inspiration: 30 Incredible Before and After Photos

Before computers, photo manipulation was achieved by retouching with ink, paint, double-exposure, piecing photos or negatives together in the darkroom. We’ve come along way in a short amount of time and things are only going to get better. Thanks to image editing software, photographers are able to adjust colors, contrast, white balance, sharpness, restoration, brightness, vividness, and much more. Without boring you to death with all the incredible features available, let’s discuss creative retouching.

From commercial to personal projects, photography retouching is an art form. While some spectators might think it’s a walk in the park, it’s not as easy as it looks. Most celebrities actually hire their own digital artists to professionally retouch their images before they’re released to the public. While critics may argue that mainstream media promotes false visual and physical appearance, people should already realize that almost every single image you see is heavily edited.

retouching by curcabeata d3fj40c11 Retouching Inspiration: 30 Incredible Before and After Photos

retouch 7 by makargina d3l7bqp11 Retouching Inspiration: 30 Incredible Before and After Photos

big11 Retouching Inspiration: 30 Incredible Before and After Photos

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4 Graffiti Artists to Watch in 2013

Graffiti artists these days are a dime a dozen. It doesn’t take much for someone to snatch up a spray can and paint the name of their clique on a wall for people to see. However, to produce poignant, artful images is another story.

Many taggers do it for the rush, others to incite social awareness, and some even for the thrill of running from the cops. But at the heart of the street art movement is the desire for change, or to at least encourage the everyman to open his eyes and question his surroundings. 2013 has already seen amazing work over the last few months, but with the summer approaching, many people are wondering what’s next.


graffiti art by phlegm 31 4 Graffiti Artists to Watch in 2013

graffiti art by phlegm 71 4 Graffiti Artists to Watch in 2013

When it comes to large-scale pieces, Sheffield’s own Phlegm is a man worth keeping an eye on. Drawing inspiration from the characters in his own Phlegm Comic, this UK bad boy uses graffiti as a way to reinvigorate run down areas in his hometown and abroad.

There are many recurring themes in his work, but he is often drawn toward simplicity that over time becomes more complex, such as the expansion of ecosystems. One of his latest pieces, a collaboration with London artist, RUN, was painted for the Chichester Street Art festival and occupies nearly the entire side of a building.


street art by slinkachu 11 4 Graffiti Artists to Watch in 2013

street art by slinkachu 51 4 Graffiti Artists to Watch in 2013

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Spark Off Your Career as a Well-Known Blogger

When you think of the word Journalism many things come to mind, but with the rapid extension of technology progressing through the lives of millions each day, one of the keys is online blogging. An array of thousands take to blogging each and every day, hoping to hit the big time … however, they’ll never make it because they keep making the same mistake.

With great blogging, comes great irresponsibility — I mean responsibility. There’s more to success than just jotting down your ideas on digital-scratch paper and publishing it. Believe it or not, writing the actual post is the easy part. There’s a stack of stairs to climb before viewers will even begin to consider your content. It’s not the fact that what you write is bad, it’s the fact that they just don’t know you, your site, or what you’ll even be writing about in general. However, have no fear, that’s why I’m making this list; to help novices like you spark off your dream career of a well-known blogger.

1. Social Media

social media1 Spark Off Your Career as a Well Known Blogger

Unlike in 1999, where a website consisting of how to fix a clogged toilet would wow the common man, today’s game is another story. Many bloggers, who strive for comments, views, and support, are missing the main step that will actually set their site off. It’s not the content, it’s not who you are, it all starts with Social Media.

Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and so much more opt small writers every day to bigger and bigger writers, until their sites are the next ESPN. When you sign up for a social media page, it’s now your page. When you write your content, post it to the media page, it shoots out not to all your everyone’s, but to everyone who is following you, (if you choose to make a fan page on Facebook that is, which is highly recommended). Look at it this way: if you have a mere 100 followers on your Facebook page, and you shoot a link to all of them every time you post, you can best guarantee at least 40 of them will see the link, and, ranging from the interesting of the content, at least 20-30 of them will click on the link. It’s small, yes, but that’s 20 or 30 more views than you didn’t have before!

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35 Visually Expressed Thoughts and Feelings by Carlos Lang

Carlos Enrique Lang was born in Monterrey, Mexico. He moved to Los Angeles, California at the age of 17 where he got involved into photography and all sorts of visual arts. He constantly strives to create beautiful work and inspire other in the process. is his year-long project where day by day feelings, thoughts, and desires are exposed in different visual ways. I collected some of my favorite quotes to share them with you. Most of the images contain popular quotes, lyrics, and personal words of wisdom from Carlos.

visually expressed thoughts by carlos lang 11 35 Visually Expressed Thoughts and Feelings by Carlos Lang

visually expressed thoughts by carlos lang 41 35 Visually Expressed Thoughts and Feelings by Carlos Lang

visually expressed thoughts by carlos lang 51 35 Visually Expressed Thoughts and Feelings by Carlos Lang

visually expressed thoughts by carlos lang 61 35 Visually Expressed Thoughts and Feelings by Carlos Lang

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Petheadz: Do Pets Really Look Like Their Owners?

Zach Rose is a 23 year old photographer/filmmaker from Toronto, Canada. He has taken the concept of pets looking like their owners and put a creative spin on it. In his series titled ‘Petheadz,’ Zack takes DSLR portraits of people’s pets and merges them with portraits of their owners. This idea started as an exercise in creativity, but has quickly gained the attention of many online publications. The project is still active, so if you wish to stay updated be sure to follow Zack on Instagram.

petheadz by zack rose 11 Petheadz: Do Pets Really Look Like Their Owners?

petheadz by zack rose 21 Petheadz: Do Pets Really Look Like Their Owners?

petheadz by zack rose 51 Petheadz: Do Pets Really Look Like Their Owners?

petheadz by zack rose 121 Petheadz: Do Pets Really Look Like Their Owners?

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OriGummi Toy

 OriGummi Toy

Pull out the Kurgo Origummi Dog Toy when your playful pup gets tired of the same old toy! This somewhat wacky chew toy has a secret compartment for endless hours of hidden treat entertainment.


Chillsner Beer Chiller by Corkcicle

357664311008564279 3322b24d58a311 Chillsner Beer Chiller by Corkcicle

Cool to the last sip. The Chillsner by Corkcicle is the one and only in-bottle beer chiller that keeps cold ones cold from the first sip to the last. Whether drinking from the bottle or as you pour into a glass, the Chillsner keeps each sip icy cold. Just freeze, insert into any bottled beer and drink right through the Chillsner. Never deal with warm beer again. Perfect for parties, tailgating or pretty much any occasion where beloved beers are enjoyed.


LowKey Stand Hub by Macessity

 LowKey Stand Hub by Macessity

This stand is designed specifically for Apple slim keyboard’s fans. Not only this beautiful stand provides an ergonomical view of your iMac or Apple Display, it helps organizing your desktop at the end of the day like never before. The perfect height of the stand provides a “home” for your keyboard, nothing will ever seem to be out of place on your desk any more. The LowKey Stand is constructed of 0.1085″ thick steel, powder-coated in aluminum color matching that of the iMac or Apple Display. This stand spreads out the entire length of the slim keyboard and 9″ deep, creating a sturdy structure, which can support any size of Apple Display or iMac.


Eames Aluminum Group Chairs

 Eames Aluminum Group Chairs

Famous Aluminum Group chairs were originally developed in 1958. It is one of the greatest furniture designs of the 20th Century. Our Aluminum Management Chair is made from aluminum frame, base and armrests, top grain leather seat and back. This iconic chair has a 5-star base, tilt-swivel mechanism and seat-height adjustment. The unique flexible suspension provide long term comfort. This handsome and versatile chair reflects the dynamic of the body to permit seamless movement from one activity to another.


CMYK Corner Lamp by Dennis Parren

300238825 260acfedd29711 CMYK Corner Lamp by Dennis Parren

CMYK Corner Lamp by Dennis Parren is a pendant lamp that casts shadows in various colors and is shaped like – and named for – a graphic outline used for printing.


Hidden Persuaders: Powerful Psychological Marketing Techniques

Have you ever visited a store just to take a look at the goods and an hour later you find yourself walking out with bags full of purchased products? Have you ever thought about the reason for this strange behavior? The whole secret is in the hands of smart managers who’ve studied psychological techniques.

“Do You want to have healthy teeth?”

Pronouncing this phrase, the seller uses two techniques of persuasion. The first – the use of rhetorical questions. They are delivered in such way that they force you to agree with the speaker, because the answer is obvious. This is done to inspire confidence and the feeling that the seller has the same outlook on life as you. The second technique is – the use of “yes-questions.”

It might not be questions related to the product. The seller may ask: “Nice weather, is not it?” Once a person agrees to something, even something small and insignificant, it will be easier to accept more important things, such as, to say, “Yes, I buy it.” Just like the “yes-questions” the good humor is valid. A person in a good mood, relaxed, and is ready to buy a product that is associated with pleasant emotions.

4704488057 3a145f2331 b11 Hidden Persuaders: Powerful Psychological Marketing Techniques

“You deserve this car”

People love flattery. They like it when they feel special, significant and intelligent. In everyday life, you can use this by talking to a man with the phrase: “I don’t think that a man of such level as you will agree to find the time to help me …” In advertising, this technique usually involves a direct appeal: “You appreciate quality”, “You do not like to waste time in vain.”

Sometimes, to grow in viewers a sense of superiority, advertising shows people doing stupid things. We like those who make compliments, and we tend to trust those who are like us. Consequently, it is easier to convince us to buy something from them. (We believe that such intelligent people as you understand how this technique works.)

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