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Staggering Illustrations by Vadi Tkachev

Vadi Tkachev is a Russian artist, designer, and illustrator from Moscow. I’m absolutely in love with his creative chaos paintings, which are created using acrylic, ink, spray paint, and markers. Each painting is loaded with hidden gems to grab your attention. If you stare long enough, you’ll start to notice more elements which you might have missed before. We hope you’ll enjoy his staggering work!

staggering illustrations by vadi tkachev 171 Staggering Illustrations by Vadi Tkachev

staggering illustrations by vadi tkachev 231 Staggering Illustrations by Vadi Tkachev

staggering illustrations by vadi tkachev 281 Staggering Illustrations by Vadi Tkachev

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How To Generate a Great Idea

One brilliant thought, that commits to action is priceless. Most successful enterprises all begin with one single idea, a concept that’s built into a theory, that develops into a solid foundation – The ability of something intangible to convert to something tangible that gives fruit. Yet ever so often, it’s the idea that evades us.

Everybody wants a great idea. But, not everybody knows how.

The secret to generate a great idea is simply to connect.

Creativity is the ability to see things everybody else sees, but to relate them to completely unrelated things, to form a new connection. Remember Newton and the apple? How many other people would’ve wondered what caused the apple to fall to the ground? Now that was a great idea.

Get those creative juices flowing

First, set a goal for yourself. Goals are time-oriented, ideas however aren’t. You can’t expect to get great ideas if you keep thinking of how much time you have left to come up with something good.

Relax. Go for a walk or listen to your favorite music. And while doing any of this, try to imagine. Imagination is the key to unlocking great ideas. Think of your concept. What do you need to make it work? Think of similar things you’ve seen and heard that are related to your concept.


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Open your notepad. Write your key word/ key concept at the center of the page. Now write the similar words around the key concept and work your way towards the end of the page, with the most similar words nearer to the key word and the least similar words towards the page ends. Now try to establish a connect between the words.

For example, if your key concept is a product, evaluate it’s strengths and weaknesses. Now do the same for the similar products, understand what you can work with and what should be worked upon.

Capture every idea

jason moning1 How To Generate a Great Idea

Ideas will hit you at any stage of the thought process. If you’re lucky, ideas will hit you at every stage of it. What you should keep in mind is that every idea should be noted. You may just chance upon something good right while you’re in the middle of doing something else. Remember, an idea missed is an idea lost.

Different perspectives

Often, what you oversee maybe captured by someone else. Always ask other people about your concept as well, so that you get an all-round perspective on things. This will help you widen your horizon and broaden your thought base.

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The Next Generation Startups

Starting a new business is far from easy. It takes time, dedicated staff, and a lot of financial assistance. The past involved so much failure by not planning. Many would empty their savings accounts and take out loans against their mortgage. This caused many people to not only lose their business if they could not keep afloat but also their homes. The Next Generation of Startups is looking towards smarter financing methods. Here are 5 ways they are financing their new business startups.

next generation startups1 The Next Generation Startups

Eliminate the Paycheck

A startup has to make many sacrifices. The first method of getting enough finances is to plan to spend less. This is hard to do but not impossible. The founders of a startup should not expect to give themselves a paycheck. This is why many startups founders plan for a few years to save their money up to work on this opportunity full time. By saving up the money themselves in savings accounts, CD’s and IRA’s they can save loads of interest rates from loans.

Seek Investments from Family and Friends

The Next Generation of startups has many young entrepreneurs. The world is seeing the advantages and usefulness of startups. The Next Generation should invest time in propositioning to their family and friends about their dream. They need to do more than just explain or paint a bland picture in their minds. They should give the same respectful presentation tailored to the audience of whomever they are presenting their startup dream to. They should paint the picture of how beneficial it is to their audience.

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5 Steps To a Less Expensive, More Effective Website

Let me be frank: your website is bleeding money. There might be an exception here and there, but the great majority of websites spend far, far too much money in their quest for solvency. Some of these expenses seem necessary, the only means to a certain end. Other expenses fly under the radar. The website owner either doesn’t know of any alternatives, or doesn’t know how to even address the problem.

Most websites qualify as small businesses, and few if any small businesses can survive while wasting money. Website owners seeking ways to reduce cost and run a tighter ship can follow these five steps to run a less expensive, more effective website. The bonus in all this: you’ll be a smarter, savvier website owner as you work through the steps.

1. Examine hosting options

hosting options1 5 Steps To a Less Expensive, More Effective Website

If you perform enough research on web hosts, you’ll find that there are almost too many options. Dozens, maybe even hundreds, of companies offer hosting of all types, leaving website owners mired in the paradox of choice. How can we be sure we’re making the right decision when so many present themselves? Chances are we won’t make the right decision. In web hosting, the wrong decision can prove quite costly.

The only solution is to conduct thorough research not only of the hosting companies themselves, but of website hosting itself. You might find your eyes glazing over at first as you encounter unfamiliar jargon and acronyms, but those terms will become clear in time. The benefit to you is a clearer understanding of exactly what you need, and the most efficient path to obtaining proper hosting. You might not be qualified for a system administrator position, but you’ll be able to make the correct decisions about hosting your website — and not fall victim to web host salesmen who prey on ignorant prospects.

2. Rethink customer acquisition

Different types of websites will require different methods of customer acquisition, but the need for, and cost of, customer acquisition is present for any website. Yet so many websites waste their money trying the new-new thing, the method that all the internet marketers are hyping. Perhaps you’re even paying an individual or an agency to handle your customer acquisition needs. Chances are, then, that you’re spending too much money to acquire each customer.

For e-commerce and other businesses that actively sell products and services, SEO and PPC rank among the most effective methods of customer acquisition. They’re both search-based, and when people search they reveal intent. Search marketers can leverage this intent into conversions. The truth is, so can you. It will cost you a few hundred dollars in the form of a subscription to a site such as SEO Book, but that’s money you’re spending on learning rather than paying an agency to do your dirty work for you. In the process you’ll learn more about your customers, too — things that previously only your SEO agency knew.

Digital publishers, on the other hand, waste their time with PPC and SEO. Since their sites are not directly commercial in nature, PPC is a waste of money. Publishers will almost always pay more for a click than they will gain from ad impressions from that visit. In terms of SEO, publishers need only the basics for on-site optimization. The other SEO factors, such as link building, come naturally when promoting content. A heavy social media presence, where publishers can connect directly with readers, serves as a much more efficient customer acquisition method.

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25 Useful Products Made From Repurposed Skateboards

When a skateboard breaks, throwing it in the trash is the wrong thing to do. Getting creative and turning trash into treasure should be your top priority. Since skateboard decks are very well manufactured, they’re able to withstand high stress and impact. Using them as building blocks for something crafty is a wise decision. Plus, there is no better feeling than enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Today we collected twenty-five examples of repurposed skateboards. These awesome outcomes should get those creativity juices flowing inside your head. You can even start selling your unique hand crafted products on Etsy like Dave DeWitt. He sells sunglasses made from recycled skateboard decks. How awesome is that?

il 570xn 34617366611 25 Useful Products Made From Repurposed Skateboards

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320772230713712585 4c7c20e0ada411 25 Useful Products Made From Repurposed Skateboards

579e887f1e6f0d81589a1831121afeae11 25 Useful Products Made From Repurposed Skateboards

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Expressive Beauty: Exploded Flowers by Fong Qi Wei

Fong Qi Wei is a thoughtful photographer from Singapore. Using photography as his medium, Fong strives to make images that will touch your feelings. His art seeks to get your attention and make you think about the message presented on a deeper level. His latest series called ‘Exploded Flowers’ captures the expressive glamor of singular blooms. The radial symmetry reminds us of the expressive beauty of flowers.

exploded flowers by fong qi wei 11 Expressive Beauty: Exploded Flowers by Fong Qi Wei

exploded flowers by fong qi wei 41 Expressive Beauty: Exploded Flowers by Fong Qi Wei

exploded flowers by fong qi wei 71 Expressive Beauty: Exploded Flowers by Fong Qi Wei

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Cut Food Photography by Beth Galton

Food Photographer Beth Galton and food stylist Charlotte Omnes created a wonderful series entitled ‘Cut Food.’ The project was inspired by an assignment from their client. They had to cut a burrito in half to show all of its contents. After completing the task, they decided to use the same method for other foods. The results are full of gravity defying goodness.

cut food photography by beth galton 11 Cut Food Photography by Beth Galton

cut food photography by beth galton 21 Cut Food Photography by Beth Galton

cut food photography by beth galton 41 Cut Food Photography by Beth Galton


How to Protect your Business’s Identity on Twitter

Many businesses – big and small – are turning to social media to build up their brand names, acquire more customers, and provide effective customer support for their clients. Social media sites are among the most visited websites, so businesses are taking advantage of this platform to reach a large population of users.

Why social media is good for business

buildyourcommunity 200 011 How to Protect your Business’s Identity on Twitter

Multinational and domestic businesses alike benefit immensely from social media sites. First of all, marketing your business using these sites will not cost you an arm and a leg compared to advertising in newspapers, television and radio. Small businesses with small marketing budgets can easily compete with global companies for new customers using social media. As a business owner, you can also use social media’s targeted advertising to ensure that you get your message across to the demographic user you’re aiming to reach.

Having an online presence on social media will also grant you access to a large number of people – people who spend a lot of time on social networks to communicate with their friends, family, acquaintances, and even long-lost grade school classmates. Facebook and Twitter are full of these people, making these social networking sites two of the most visited websites to date. With more people using social media, it’s going to be easier for your business to become well known and acquire more customers.

The bad side of using social media

build your base 45011 How to Protect your Business’s Identity on Twitter

However great a medium Twitter or Facebook can be, there are still several disadvantages to using social media. One of the downsides to using Twitter, for example, is your business becoming a victim of social media identity theft. It’s basically similar to identity theft where a criminal steals your identity; in this case, however, the criminal steals your social media identity in order to mislead or confuse existing and possible customers. This could be harmful to your business as your reputation could be damaged, leading to a loss of customers.

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Sustainable Shelter: Tree Tent Concept by Luminair

The Tree Tent concept is the result of 3 years of hard labor accompanied by heavy research. The team consists of friends with specialized talents like; balloon and airship engineering, precision machining, fabrication, autosport engineering, a lifetime carpenter and expert steam bender, sustainable engineering, and design expertise.

Considering everything on the market, Luminair wanted to offer their own take on low impact shelters. Their goal was to develop an efficient structure using sustainable materials. The result was a complementary tent that’s ready at any time of year whether it be for recreation, research, conservation, or education.

It’s lightweight, waterproof, made out of 100% cotton canvas, and offers a comfortable shelter. The spherical structure harmoniously blends aluminium and wood with inspiration from the early zeppelin engineering and lightweight aircraft design. 3m in diameter, it’s sizable enough to comfortably accommodate two adults. This expertly tailored minimal masterpiece will run you a comfy $13,000.

gal03enlarge11 Sustainable Shelter: Tree Tent Concept by Luminair

gal12enlarge11 Sustainable Shelter: Tree Tent Concept by Luminair

gal13enlarge11 Sustainable Shelter: Tree Tent Concept by Luminair

galext01enlarge11 Sustainable Shelter: Tree Tent Concept by Luminair


Killer Curves: Colorful Illustrations by Tom Veiga

Tom Veiga is a 31 year old art director at Midia Digital in Curitiba, Brazil. He is mostly recognized for his ‘Waves’ series, which was born from his need to disconnect from the daily grind at the office. During this free time he would devote his skills and admiration to surf culture. Tom’s strong passion for waves, curves, and colors shines throughout his beautiful work. Today we present you with a few of his minimalistic illustrations for your inspiration.

beach1 Killer Curves: Colorful Illustrations by Tom Veiga

huntington beach1 Killer Curves: Colorful Illustrations by Tom Veiga

rio1 Killer Curves: Colorful Illustrations by Tom Veiga

torre eiffel1 Killer Curves: Colorful Illustrations by Tom Veiga

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Tips on Surviving the Financial Crisis

Countries and people across the globe are having major financial issues, with thousands of employees constantly getting laid off. If you’re in America, I’m sure you’re aware that over 47 million people currently rely on food stamps. Europe’s economic crisis is now worse than the Great Depression. This kind of reality might be overwhelming for some, however humans are capable of adapting.

With the average cost of living having soared over the last few years, food and fuel prices are still up. With the global economy still struggling to recover from the financial crash, many of us are making cuts and trying to save cash where we can. Luckily, it is often the smallest and most easily applicable tips that can accumulate to make the biggest of savings in the most expensive aspects of our lives.

financial crisis1 Tips on Surviving the Financial Crisis


Shopping online can be a great way of making sure you only buy what you need; avoiding ‘tempting’ deals that cause you to spend unnecessary money.
If you are heading to the grocery store, creating a meal plan and writing a list of the ingredients you require for the week will help avoid impulse buys.
Deciding what are necessities and what are luxuries, then cutting down on such treats can reduce your spending.
Cutting out the purchase of cigarettes and alcohol will not only benefit your health but leave you with that extra bit of money for safe keeping.
Avoiding well known brands – be it food, clothing or appliances – and opting for a shop’s cheaper, own brand alternative will make a big saving.
It can be easy to stick with a particular brand or store because you are familiar with it but shopping around can help uncover some much cheaper options.

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35 Beautiful Artworks Made With Paper App

Paper is an application made for the iPad by FiftyThree, Inc. This awesome free app allows you to capture your sketches, drawings, diagrams, illustrations, and notes. With its easy to use interface, you’re able to bring your ideas to life while storing them all in one place. The application was designed from the ground up for touch and creating on the go.

What I love most about Paper, is its ease of use. After you download the app, you’re presented with a welcome tutorial to get you started. All of the instruction are straight forward and after a few minutes of sketching, you’ll be navigating the application like a pro. Their custom ink engine is built to react swiftly to your movements, you’ll see what I mean once you use the app. So if you have an iPad and you’re an artist or designer, you should definitely give Paper a try.

tumblr mbv3hylb0q1rvbypzo1 r1 128011 35 Beautiful Artworks Made With Paper App

tumblr mbydtagpnn1rt2ncwo1 128011 35 Beautiful Artworks Made With Paper App

539026 481976491857894 880612604 n11 35 Beautiful Artworks Made With Paper App

tumblr mdukatuirl1r664h6o1 128011 35 Beautiful Artworks Made With Paper App

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How SEO can turn a Business from Minor to Major in a Month

Many business organizations and individuals have been informed time and again that the best way to market your business and get more customers, which would reflect on their sales, is by using search engine optimization. The main reason behind all this is that it gives your business a good online presence.

What these people never understand is how effective it is and how it can immediately change the income and customer rate of their business, and in the long-run turning your business from a minor to a major. This article will help you see how that works out.

Google ranking

seo icons1 How SEO can turn a Business from Minor to Major in a Month

SEO packages always ensures good ranking for your business website thus guaranteeing success to your business. There exists a direct relationship between your business website popularity and its ranking. It is therefore important that you implement correct SEO strategies in order to get your desired results. The strategies will help you increase the business website visibility thus exposing it to many potential customers. The result of this would be increased traffic to your website that will be followed with increased sales.


Attracting visitors or customers to your website is dependent on the phrases or words you use. Using words, phrases and industrial jargons limit the visitors to your site to those in the same field, who understand the terms and those close to your business. The first step in SEO campaign is keyword research. Good SEO consultant will enable you acquire phrases and words that your customers are searching for thus creating more target traffic which would result to more sales.

Acts as a sign board giving direction

Most internet users get lost in the confusion caused by maze of website. To be able to reach the right site or address, they require guidance and some help from tools like landmarks, direction from third parties, various pointers and maps. SEO works take the place of a signboard, carrying useful pointers to enable lost customers or clients reach their target destination, which for this case would be your website, resulting to increased chances of business or commercial success.

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What Does an Industrial Designer Do?

If you were asked to envision a Jeep, iPod or Coca Cola bottle, you could do it without a problem, right? That didn’t happen by accident – a skilled industrial designer was behind the scenes, creating that image so that it would stay emblazoned in your mind. You know those times when you think to yourself, “Wow, what a great idea…but how could I ever make it come to life?” Closing that gap is exactly what industrial designers specialize in.


53609f777c50ff0f1a08591ddc679a9511 What Does an Industrial Designer Do?

Most industrial designers specialize in one specific industry, like automobiles, housewares or furniture. This career requires imagination, creativity and strong communication skills. Industrial designers are involved with various aspects of creating a product, from meeting with clients to working alongside engineers in development. The good news is that this type of expertise is always in demand, since new products are constantly being thought up by businesses both large and small.

Job Responsibilities

b0ce4cddd8459489828602273be0e3e811 What Does an Industrial Designer Do?

It’s the industrial designer’s job to create an aesthetically pleasing product that fulfills a need for consumers. From creation to planning and styling, the focus is greatly on how products look. Commodities that require these skills range from cars and electronics to food packaging and even medical equipment.

Aside from aesthetics, a product’s usability and ergonomics have to also be taken into account. From there, function, design and even marketing efforts can be improved. Ultimately, an industrial designer will create a product that is either currently needed by consumers or will be “needed” by consumers after implementing a clever marketing strategy.

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Halston Clock

355509687623355313 ddef5c86417f11 Halston Clock

The Halston Clock is a beautiful Danish designer clock with high quality high torque movements.