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Eccentric City Silhouettes by Jasper James

Jasper James is an adept photographer working in Shanghai and Beijing. He mainly takes editorial, advertising, and corporate based photos. Jasper’s personal photography ranges from portrait, travel, interiors, and concept driven projects like City Silhouettes. The following photos are from this ongoing project. Jasper had been shooting for the past few years in different Asian cities. The idea and execution is worthy of your attention.

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99 Steps of Progress by Maentis

Maentis is a collective of artists from Paris specialized in graphic design, illustration, and street art. Their main sources of inspiration are anthropology, environment, and the imaginary/fantasy world. Their satirical project titled “99 Steps of Progress” demonstrates different ideas/concepts about evolution.

While most of the following posters are parodying the famous “March of Progress” (that drawing synthesizing 25 million years of human evolution), I found almost every single one to be truthful. Whether you believe in the evolution theory or not, I think the following artworks are deserving of your valuable time.

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Chromatic Collages by Arian Behzadi

I love it when I randomly find talented graphic artists. I guess you can say that everything happens for a reason right? California based artist and graphic designer Arian Behzadi create amazing mixed media collages. His choice of colors are very gentle, giving you an emotionally rewarding feeling.

“I have always found parallels between art and the sciences so a lot of my studies find their way into my artwork”. – Arian Behzadi

Prior to working as a Sr. User Experience Designer at Adobe, Arian graduated as a neurobiologist. Today we collected some of our favorite collages created by him. Feel free to check out his personal portfolio for more inspiration.

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Brands in Full Bloom by Daryl Feril

Daryl Feril is a freelance illustrator and designer based in Philippines. In 2012, he earned his bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts major in Advertising Arts at a small prominent art school in Bacolod City, Philippines. His mixed media style composed of rough hand-drawn, fauna sketches, watercolors, and digital techniques. His project titled Brands In Full Bloom, showcases luxury clothing brands like Prada, Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Chanel in a sophisticated manner.

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50 Alluring Magazine Cover Designs

The front cover is probably one of the most important parts of a magazine. Having a beautiful design with tempting article headlines is essential to grab people’s attention. As a reader, you’re constantly bombarded with all sorts of unique niches at the magazine rack. If the front cover doesn’t catch your eye, then you’re not going to pick it up. Because of this mentality, your cover design must be on point. Today we collected a mix of digital and physical magazine cover designs for you inspiration.

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Dragon Ball Z-ing: Interesting Photo Trend Sweeping Japan

Remember how planking became hip for a few months or so? Everybody on the internet would upload the most ridiculous and completely unnecessary planking pictures just to get laugh. Well, trends come and go. And it’s time for something new.

Dragon Ball is a long-running anime program with a massive fan base in Japan. Amongst the youth in Japan, a new photo trend called Dragon Ball Z-ing is gaining heavy traction. Numerous Japanese teens are uploading photos of themselves on Twitter replicating the Kamehameha attack in real life. This unique trend is actually very creative and certainly takes more aptitude than planking. It seems the trend is starting to make its way outside of Japan. We collected a few images to give you an idea of what it’s all about.

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Movie Scene Guns replaced with a ‘Thumbs Up’

Let’s be honest, tough guys don’t need guns. They just need a positive attitude! To realize this concept a photoblog called Thumbs & Ammo, uploads photoshopped movie characters giving you an encouraging thumbs up. It quite funny how a simple thumbs up changes the entire mood of the movie.

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25 Exquisite Men’s Wallet Designs

Wallets are usually designed to hold banknotes and credit cards. With the introduction of the first credit cards, the modern bi-fold wallet with multiple “card slots” became standardized. Since then, pocket-sized wallets haven’t really changed much style wise. So why not try something new?

Even thou we’re starting to use our phone to pay for products, I’m still not comfortable with credit card companies, allegedly, tracking all of my purchases and then sharing it with health care companies. I think cash is still king, and you shouldn’t be afraid to carry a hefty wallet. The mainstream media has scared us into only using credit cards, because we will be robbed if we dare to carry cash. This idea is so juvenile and quite hilarious.

Not all wallets are made equal. Men’s wallets shouldn’t be shabby, weak, rough, or heavy. When I purchase a wallet, it needs to be well crafted. I’ve had numerous wallets in my past, and I can sincerely tell you that cheap stuff doesn’t last long. When you purchase quality items, they will last you longer. When you buy cheap crap you will have to continuously have to replace it every few months or so. If you appreciate and value well made products, then acquiring an exquisite walled is more than ideal.

Card Sleeve Wallet

The Fold

iPhone Wallet by Landmarks & Lions

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40 Music Based Logo Designs

When designing a music inspired logo, the possibilities are endless. Depending on your client brief, you can incorporate instruments, musical notes, symbols, formats, and much more. Since people have a short attention span, make sure your logo is simple and memorable. In this day and age standing out of the crowd is a must. Also stay away from complexity, it only causes problems. Today we collected forty music based logo designs for your inspiration. The logos range from record/production companies, applications, websites, bars, and many more.

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Essential Tools Every Writer Should Know and Have

Being a writer is a difficult job, especially when you rely on your skills for a living. You must be able to convey your ideas and make sure to relate to them in a manner that readers can understand. At the same time, you also have to ensure that what you write is believable and based on facts and information. Otherwise, you will lose your credibility and no one would want to read your work.

Fortunately, there are a lot of tools which writers can use. Although everything else still depends on your ideas and own style, these aids can help you make a quality output and assists in improving your work by making sure that the content is error free. Hence, here are 10 useful tools an experienced writer should consider looking into.

Plagiarism software

With the wide-range of information available on the Internet, it’s no wonder how some people can lift a sentence or two on their papers and make those ideas as their own. In order to prevent being accused of plagiarism, then plagiarism checker Plagtracker is the ultimate tool to check any copyright issues. It has a unique checking algorithm that will immediately inform you if any of the sentences or paragraphs is similar to other people’s work.

Even if you did not copy anything while writing your content, there will be instances that your ideas are already conveyed by the other. Hence, it is better to make use of Plagtracker to make sure that nothing is duplicated. If you want further assistance, a minimal fee is required to purchase the program.

Visual Thesaurus

Google doesn’t want you to keep repeating the same word all throughout your article. To avoid being penalized, then Visual Thesaurus is going to be your new best friend. It gives you the possible choice for every word typed, whether it is a noun or an adjective. To maximize this product, you need to pay for a subscription fee at a minimum price.

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Fine Drawings and Illustrations by Simon Prades

Simon Prades is a freelancing illustrator living and working in Saarbrucken, Germany. He also teaches Illustration at the Trier University of Applied Sciences. Prades loves to work with analog mediums such as ink, pencil, and aquarell. Once he’s satisfied with his work, Simon uses Photoshop and Illustrator to adds a few final touches. Over the last few years Simon has been contacted for various newspapers, magazines, and big name companies. Once you witness his skills, you’ll see why.

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The Juvet Landscape Hotel by Jensen & Skodvin

The Juvet Landscape Hotel was recently finished by architectural firm Jensen & Skodvin. Unlike standard hotels, Juvet was designed to focus on the outside environment. The hotel also has a very minimalistic style that’s simple and straight to the point. Thanks to the large panoramic windows, you’re able to enjoy the beautiful landscape of Norway. Overall the firm did a spectacular job. To congratulate them we are more than happy to share their finished product with you today.

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Limited Edition Animal Chairs by Maximo Riera

Born in Asturias, Northern Spain, Maximo Riera has been a practicing artist for over thirty years. Maximo has now retired from his professional life in the medical industry, and dedicates his full-time to his imagination. He spends almost every day painting and sculpting in his studio. His latest project is the Animal Chair collection.

“Each chair retains the animal’s natural vitality whilst being totally biological accurate in their appearance. This collection is homage to these animals and the whole animal kingdom which inhabits our planet, as an attempt to reflect and capture the beauty of nature in each living thing.” – Maximo Riera

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Staggering Illustrations by Vadi Tkachev

Vadi Tkachev is a Russian artist, designer, and illustrator from Moscow. I’m absolutely in love with his creative chaos paintings, which are created using acrylic, ink, spray paint, and markers. Each painting is loaded with hidden gems to grab your attention. If you stare long enough, you’ll start to notice more elements which you might have missed before. We hope you’ll enjoy his staggering work!

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How To Generate a Great Idea

One brilliant thought, that commits to action is priceless. Most successful enterprises all begin with one single idea, a concept that’s built into a theory, that develops into a solid foundation – The ability of something intangible to convert to something tangible that gives fruit. Yet ever so often, it’s the idea that evades us.

Everybody wants a great idea. But, not everybody knows how.

The secret to generate a great idea is simply to connect.

Creativity is the ability to see things everybody else sees, but to relate them to completely unrelated things, to form a new connection. Remember Newton and the apple? How many other people would’ve wondered what caused the apple to fall to the ground? Now that was a great idea.

Get those creative juices flowing

First, set a goal for yourself. Goals are time-oriented, ideas however aren’t. You can’t expect to get great ideas if you keep thinking of how much time you have left to come up with something good.

Relax. Go for a walk or listen to your favorite music. And while doing any of this, try to imagine. Imagination is the key to unlocking great ideas. Think of your concept. What do you need to make it work? Think of similar things you’ve seen and heard that are related to your concept.


Open your notepad. Write your key word/ key concept at the center of the page. Now write the similar words around the key concept and work your way towards the end of the page, with the most similar words nearer to the key word and the least similar words towards the page ends. Now try to establish a connect between the words.

For example, if your key concept is a product, evaluate it’s strengths and weaknesses. Now do the same for the similar products, understand what you can work with and what should be worked upon.

Capture every idea

Ideas will hit you at any stage of the thought process. If you’re lucky, ideas will hit you at every stage of it. What you should keep in mind is that every idea should be noted. You may just chance upon something good right while you’re in the middle of doing something else. Remember, an idea missed is an idea lost.

Different perspectives

Often, what you oversee maybe captured by someone else. Always ask other people about your concept as well, so that you get an all-round perspective on things. This will help you widen your horizon and broaden your thought base.

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