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A Look at Some of The Most Legendary Car Designs

Beauty is ephemeral and subjective, it’s very tough to reach a consensus on which car has the best design. Some people may find a certain car’s exterior attractive, while others may consider the same car unappealing. In the past, many cars have been manufactured that were able to get the approval/appraisal from the most pickiest and strictest auto critics and car enthusiasts, thus becoming somewhat of icons in the automobile world. I think everybody in the general public has a dream car. Today we would like to focus your attention on bold vehicles admired by almost every passionate car enthusiast. Enjoy!

Aston Martin DB9 Coupe

aston martin db9 coupe1 A Look at Some of The Most Legendary Car Designs

Starting with a classic British car, the Aston Marting DB9 Coupe is a legendary sports car with great performances and an amazing design. It has a very elegant design, coupled with a perfect aerodynamic shape, which allows the car to achieve those high performances it is famous for. Up front, there is a large, wide grille, along with a large, nicely curved hood, and long, vertically positioned headlights, giving it a mean, aggressive look. The little decklid spoiler is the most distinctive feature at the back end of the car, along with the LED-lighted side strakes. So, you could say that Aston Martin has managed to stay true to its reputation as a company that has always managed to produce flawlessly designed cars.

Bugatti EB110 SS Veyron

bugatti eb110 ss veyron1 A Look at Some of The Most Legendary Car Designs

Apart from being one the fastest cars ever made, the Veyron offers a great design, too. This supercar, which achieves a 250-mph top speed, has a couple of very distinctive features that make it unique and pretty attractive. They include the elliptical grille with the Bugatti emblem attached on it, along with the imposing, bulging fenders, and the curved hood the runs uninterrupted from the bottom of the front end all the way to the windshield. This is definitely one of the most iconic car designs that we’ve ever seen.

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Efficient Tips for Corporate Blogging Success

Corporate blogging is vastly different from the usual concept of ‘personal’ blogging. According to Wikipedia, “a corporate blog is published and used by an organization to reach its organizational goals”. Thus, corporate blogs are of two kinds – internal blogs and external blogs.

The internal blogs are meant for its employees and management. Whatever happens within it is not revealed outside. External blogs are public blogs where a team is usually assigned to communicate with the outside world, that is, their targeted consumer base. Amazon, Facebook, Delta Airlines, Red Cross, BMW and Starbucks have some of the best corporate blogs. You can read about them and more here.

Corporate blogging is not easy. One has to follow certain rules and regulations to make the blog a success. In this article, I will share some corporate blogging tips with you.

efficient tips for corporate blogging success1 Efficient Tips for Corporate Blogging Success

1. Corporate Blog Training

If you are working for a comapny and wish to become part of their blogging team, you need training. This training is less about the technicalities of pure blogging but more about the things you may or may not reveal on the external company blog.

The company will train you regarding the things you are not supposed to talk about such as a pending product launch; you will be trained about how to handle comments or visitor queries and more. After all, the corporate company will not want to come across as vulnerable. If any of their employees reveal something which they are not supposed to, it will not only hamper the employee’s career but the corporate repute too.

2. Corporate Blog Marketing

Just because it is a corporate blog doesn’t mean it will be successful on its own. Consumers, new and old, have to know about it so promotion is necessary. Free classified ads posting, classified business listing, guest blogging, organizing giveaways, holding contests are some of the suitable methods. While classifieds will help to create free online ads for promotion across multiple classifieds ads channels, other methods like the giveaways and contests will bring in repeat visitors. Whatever the promotion method, the purpose is to take corporate blogging seriously and use it for brand extension.

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25 Remarkable Examples Of Shadow Photography

Shadows are known for emphasizing emotion and adding a sense of reality to a photograph. When taking shadow based images, be sure to take full advantage of the sun. After all it does dictate the contrast and feeling of your work. Prior to going out, you should have a general idea of what you want to accomplish. But don’t let that discourage you, some of the best photographs happen accidently. Today we collected some remarkable shadow photographs for your inspiration. All of the images are linked to their source. Enjoy!

e6f56db946c2d3a3eedef40fbe59a84711 25 Remarkable Examples Of Shadow Photography

by maurizio lattanzio1 25 Remarkable Examples Of Shadow Photography

one by one bu guy cohen1 25 Remarkable Examples Of Shadow Photography

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8 Effective Plagiarism Checker Tools

Whenever a guest blogger submits an article for publication, you can use the following tools to ensure that they didn’t commit plagiarism. Usually, from my personal experience, sneaky people spin content. What does this mean? Article spinning is when you take a freshly written article and use software to change the meaning of a sentence through the use of words with similar but subtly different meaning to the original.

Let’s use the word “cars” as an example. The content spinner will change it to vehicles or automobiles. Basically thousands of word-for-word combinations are stored in the software to draw from. This ensures that a large percentage of words are different from the original article. Then they go and submit these articles to different blogs with their dofollow link. The entire point is to get a nice SEO boost for the website they’re trying to promote.


duplicate content checker 0111 8 Effective Plagiarism Checker Tools


duplicate content checker 0211 8 Effective Plagiarism Checker Tools


duplicate content checker 0611 8 Effective Plagiarism Checker Tools

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Oak Wood Bike Hanger by Woodstick

185860193827953145 12d95cf0630a11 Oak Wood Bike Hanger by Woodstick

The bike hanger is fully handcrafted and the texture is made from the carefully selected highest quality oak wood stub cross cut, birch and oak plates. It has its own special character from all viewing angles that makes this bike hangar simply special. Comes with an easy to use mount system that can be installed by 3 standard screws on plaster boards, wood and concrete walls, and all other typical walls.



Appetize Dessert Set by Gense

312039271873645941 36fbed6b513811 Appetize Dessert Set by Gense

The oval and clear shape of the Japanese tea plant leaf provided inspiration for the design of Gense’s Appetize Cutlery. The rounded appetize spoon is ideal for dessert or hors d’oeuvres and is perfectly complemented by the picking fork. Innovative and creative, “Appetize” received the prestigious Swedish award “Formex – Formidable” for cutlery design in 2006.



CMYK Playing Cards

300453800144017999 e385b742c4e311 CMYK Playing Cards

Brilliantly stripping away all the heritage and history of good playing card design, they’ve removed everything they could, The suits have been swapped for the printer’s choice of ink: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black, and the design on the back created from the kind of utilitiarian registration marks and checks usually never seen by the public.

Clever, simple and as easy as ever to use – the cards are colored by different opacities of ink, creating an amazing gradient when fanned out in your hand during that tense poker game.

Source: Fancycrave


Concrete Rollerball Pen

203883030991867447 83161c4f590a11 Concrete Rollerball Pen

Record your most important thoughts with the concrete rollerball pen – made from hand-poured concrete! The weighted form makes sketching and drawing a pleasure with its elegant ridged body providing easy grip. With the ease of a rollerball nib you can effortlessly cement those light-bulb moments in time – whether it’s just a simple sketch or the next big idea.


Home & Interiors

CapitaLIST Pig Chalkboard Piggy Bank

322719368456705583 0cb8d747ed6411 CapitaLIST Pig Chalkboard Piggy Bank

This fabulously dark Piggy Bank doubles up as a chalkboard to jot down your objects of desire, random notes or total funds. If you are looking for a unique money bank then the CapitaLIST Pig may be the ideal solution!



GoPano Micro iPhone Lens

 GoPano Micro iPhone Lens

The GoPano micro is a lens for the iPhone 4 and 4S that enables you to create 360° panoramic videos. Just snap the lens to your iPhone4 and tap record to make cool interactive 360° videos instantly.

Use the GoPano micro to record all the action at your next concert, make your own video street views, or shoot your favorite sporting event in 360°. The GoPano micro records everything around you simultaneously so you never miss a minute of action! Instantly upload your 360° video and share a video experience that’s almost as good as being there.



Braun Prestige BN0106

297299860384646921 e30447aaa1b211 Braun Prestige BN0106

The BN0106 is the first watch in the Prestige collection by Braun. This deluxe digital timepiece features a patented EasySkroll v 2.0 operating system, which is used to navigate through the variety of functions available on the watch.

The functions include two time and date screens, an alarm, a stopwatch and a countdown timer. The two time and date displays enable the wearer to set the watch to different time zones. The language can be changed between English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

The watch is available with a rubber or stainless steel strap and comes with a stainless steel face. The face measures 41.8 millimetres by 36.7 millimetres and is 10.1 millimetres thick.



Black Winecoat Bag by Menu

Menu Baggy Winecoat1 Black Winecoat Bag by Menu

This wine coat is designed for a wine bag from a 31 Bag-in-Box. The opening fits all standard taps and it’s easy to lift and carry by the broad, soft rubber belt. The size can be adjusted by rolling or folding the belt and it stands stably on a non-slip rubber base. And if the wine is to be served chilled, there is room for an ice pack.


Home & Interiors

Camouflage Chesterfield Couch by CoCoCo Home

308177261457048581 9c32ece014d411 Camouflage Chesterfield Couch by CoCoCo Home

This couch has a professionally engineered frame and an elite level spring system topped with high density down wrapped seats. A real conversation piece, unless you put trees behind it and your guests can’t find the couch.



MobileCinema i20 by AIPTEK

 MobileCinema i20 by AIPTEK

The MobileCinema i20 projector is a portable projector and battery pack for iPhone and iPad. It’s smaller than a pack of gum and weighs just under three ounces, which means it is able to go anywhere to project pictures, videos, slideshows, movies, games from your iPhone or iPad onto a screen (or even the ceiling/wall) for presentations or entertainment.



20 Fascinating Space Photographs

When life gets you down, you should take a moment to zoom out and reevaluate your goals/actions. After a few minutes of pondering, you’ll come to a scary yet interesting conclusion. We are all on this tiny rock that is floating in space and going around the sun. There are billions of galaxies in the universe, and we’re only a part of one. If that doesn’t make you feel small, then I don’t know what will.

Our Earth feels like all there is, nonetheless we should constantly try to remind ourselves that we’re all brothers and sisters on this fascinating place. Do you take care of your home and treat your loved ones with respect? If so, then Earth is no different. We’re all in this thing together. I know that might sound corny as hell, however this kind of viewpoint humbles people and allows them to control their indomitable ego’s.

The following images will make you feel like a tiny ant. The reason I wrote the two paragraphs above is to make you appreciate these stunning photographs even more than you would have. So far we are the only living organisms, that we know of, in this Universe. Who knows, maybe in the future we will meet others or start setting up colonies on Mars. One thing for sure is that the Universe is truly marvelous. Enjoy!

m42 inside the orion nebula1 20 Fascinating Space Photographs

felix baumgartner1 20 Fascinating Space Photographs

milky way over quiver tree forest1 20 Fascinating Space Photographs

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