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Why All Freelancers Should Monitor Their Reputations

Every piece matters!

When you work with a larger company, you can use that company’s reputation to build up your own. Surely, since that company is amazing, you must be amazing too, right?

At the same time, when you contract through a company (or work as an employee), you have the luxury of being able to create some distance should the company do something to embarrass itself or if some potentially harmful material surfaces. You can take a step away. Yes, the marketing department’s graphics on that campaign are disturbing, but you had no control over that—you just wrote the copy placed over the image! It might not win you any friends, but it is possible.

When you freelance, all you have is yourself. Everything you do matters. Everything you say has the potential to influence a potential client’s decision to work with you (or not). There is no cushion. There is no buffer.

This is why internet reputation management is important! The last thing you need is to be caught by surprise if something embarrassing or potentially damaging turns up.

Monitoring your reputation is important for the following reasons:

People Talk

Nowhere is this truer than the Internet. And because the Internet is widely un-policed, people can say pretty much whatever they want with very little fear of repercussions. What are they saying about you? Is what people are saying true? Is someone spreading false rumors about you?

People Steal…Er…Borrow

Is your work being used only for the purposes for which it was originally intended? Or is it turning up in some surprising places? Is it turning up with someone else’s name on it? How will you know if you don’t take the time to monitor the situation?

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Facial Paralysis Portraits by Sage Sohier

Facial paralysis occurs when a person is no longer able to move some or all of the muscles on one side of the face. Apart from a stroke, facial paralysis is almost always caused by:

Damage or swelling of the facial nerve, which carries signals from the brain to the muscles of the face
Damage to the area of the brain that sends signals to the muscles of the face
For the past 3 years, photographer Sage Sohier has spent time in a facial nerve clinic in Massachusetts capturing portraits of people with facial paralysis. His intention has been to make portraits that are psychologically powerful, visually intriguing, and that challenge conventional notions of portraiture. When looking at someone with partial facial paralysis, we are in a sense seeing two versions of the same face at once, with each side conveying different emotions.

This ongoing project is titled “About Face.” It offers a fascinating view of two expressions at once, while honoring the courage required for one to cope with medical afflictions. Sage hopes these pictures bear witness to the incredible courage required to deal with medical afflictions, especially when they affect one’s primary appearance. Even minor facial problems challenge and potentially diminish a person’s sense of self; the poise and inner strength that it takes to deal with this, while at the same time presenting oneself to the world, is remarkable.

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Weekly Food Consumption Around the World by Peter Menzel

You are what you eat. This famous phrase comes to us from Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, from an essay titled Concerning Spiritualism and Materialism. Now don’t take it literally, but think about it symbolically. It simply means that the food one eats has a bearing on one’s state of mind and health. Our food consumption has a huge effect on our prosperity, and dictates our well being.

Have you ever pondered about the food consumption around the world? While I’m writing this, according to U.S. Census Bureau, we have over 7,084,999,000 people on Earth. Just take a moment and let that sink in. Think about how many mouths that is to feed. Think about all the daily meals and snacks being consumed as you read this. These kind of curious thoughts are always floating inside creative minds.

In order to better understand the human diet, photographer Peter Menzel and author-journalist Faith D’Alusio, decided to explore what culturally diverse families eat every week. This inspiring idea turned into an eye opening book, which contains a comparative photo-chronicle of their visits to 30 families in 24 countries for 600 meals. The book is called Hungry Planet: What the World Eats, and throughout you’ll find portraits of each family with a week’s worth of food purchases, weekly intake lists, costs, family recipes, and illuminating essays.

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50 Inspiring Examples of Flat User Interfaces

Many popular blogs, as well as big tech giants like Google and Microsoft, are employing a flat design scheme. Without a doubt, Flat UI is one of the biggest design trends in 2013. But don’t led the hype fool you, flat design existed long before it became a buzz word. The trend is receiving a huge push because it’s simple, beautiful, sharp, clean, and easier for developers to code. Some designers think this trend is overblown and receives too much attention. I think it’s here to stay. Today we collected a few prominent examples of well executed flat UI designs fro Dribbble.

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Blogging For Web 3.0

Web 2.0 has become well established and infiltrated business, education, and the general public. The concept of interactive webbing is seen in social media, searching within websites, and collaborative work tools. Web 3.0 emphasizes new more efficient ways to retrieve information. More applications and data sources will become compatible for all devices accessing the Web. Data creation will become accomplished by all types of devices and machines.


What if anything does it have to do with blogging? For business, a blog is an advertising method to attract followers who hopefully will become clients. Web 3.0 technology plans on increasing the capability of easily finding unstructured information such as found inside a blog, tweet or other social medias. The technology formulates a meaning for the context in which the information is published making high quality, engaging content that has a voice receiving higher rankings.

Resources are correlated by common interest based on natural language processing searches which finds information that has something to say creatively and clearly. Data indexed will have interpretations attached to it and relationships established between contrasting elements based on user searching behaviors.

Changes in Search Queries

The plan is for search engines to add a feature that allows the use of a question. The search engine attempts to answer the question by looking for phrasing that answers it, but it is not based on key words. This means a specific search term may or may not appear in a page pulled up by the search engine. Any phrase having to do with the question becomes part of the search.

Data filtering and relevance will become much more important in delivering an accurate and relevant site. The focus becomes content quality not quantity. The concept addresses the problem of information overload and distraction. One gets a question answered from several perspectives with high quality content rising to the top giving a full meaning to the information sought.

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Must Download: Pixel Perfect Precision Handbooks by Ustwo

Pixels are the building blocks of all the visual design. If you’re a designer, I’m sure you’ve heard of the term ‘pixel perfect.’ This phrase is used to describe visual perfection of every last pixel. Blurred edges and color mismatches are common mistakes made by newbies. These kind of errors distract the user, leaving them with a poor impression.

Ustwo is an independent digital design studio that serves clients across the globe. Showing endless love towards the design community, they produced the Pixel Perfect Precision Handbook. This handbook covers core Photoshop principles, disciplines, resources, tricks, shortcuts, tips, and much more.

The PDF was originally released back in March, and they recently released a second version. If you’re an upcoming designer, these informative handbooks will catapult your learning. The best part is that they’re 100% free. The first handbook is 106 pages, and the second one is 163. Don’t worry, this guide is image heavy and very simple to follow. The concise descriptions are short and straight to the point.

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Sketchbook Drawings and Illustrations by PEZ

PEZ, real name unknown, is an illustrator, painter and graphic designer from Nantes, France. He had been working as a freelance graphic designer since 2006. Recently PEZ released drawings from his sketchbook on and boy are they incredible. To create these stunning illustrations, he uses graphite and the mighty pen.

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Striking Map Portraits by Ed Fairburn

Ed Fairburn is an illustration graduate whose work is mostly figurative. He paints, draws, and constructs using a flexible range of tangible media across a wide range of surfaces and contexts. By utilizing patchwork of roads, rivers, and trains, Ed creates outstanding portraits on printed maps. He colors street grids with meticulous ink, or pencil crosshatching, smoothly blending macroscopic terrain with human features. Fairburn has a great eye for finding patterns, exploring a wealth of ideas and concepts.

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What will Everyday Items Look Like in 100 years?

Have you ever wondered what everyday items might look like in 100 years? Maico Akiba, a Japaneese illustrator/sculptor, decided to answer that question with his new project titled ”100 Years Later.” Like the name suggests, Maico fabricated rust paint and moss onto every day objects to give them an archaeological look. This corrosion project definitely infuses you with an apocalyptic feeling.

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70 Jaw-Dropping HDR Photographs

Thanks to mobile apps like Instagram, HDR photography has become extremely popular. HDR, a.k.a. High-dynamic-range, photography captures a greater dynamic range between the lightest and darkest areas of an image. This process creates an unrealistic effect that amazes you every time. The two main sources of HDR images are computer renderings and merging of multiple low-dynamic-range or standard-dynamic-range images.

Photoshop allows you to mimic those effects with just one image. With the software, photographers can play around with contrast and lighting effects to create a desired outcome. There are also many premium and free HDR Photoshop actions that you can download. Once you have them installed, you can apply desired actions with a single click. This technique saves you a great amount of time and creates beautiful results in just a few seconds.

Crime by 911


Dolphin Girl

Abandoned Hopes in Surgery

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20 Amazing Graphic Design Works by Rogier de Boeve

Rogier de Boeve is a graphic designer based in Belgium. He started creating digital graphics about 7 years ago. As he gained more design experience, he took part in online art groups such as Evokeone, Konvulse, and SlashThree. The feedback he received gave him the confidence to start a career in graphic design. He decided to elevate his skills by getting a masters in graphic design from a Belgian University. Currently Rogier is working as a freelancer, seeking new artistic and professional adventures. We hope you’ll enjoy his work!

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The Best 2013 Blogging Tips To Build A Profitable Website

A proven system that anyone can profit from regardless of their skill level and it’s perfect for beginners or for struggling intermediates. If you’re an advanced marketer, then you probably already know what’s in this course or you may not know all of it, but it’s probably not going to fit into your business model if you’re already an advanced marketer. If you’re a beginner or intermediate just getting going, this is the perfect system to help you build your business and get started making money right from the get go.

Investment With Monthly Fee

Okay, now here’s why this system is so powerful. It has zero start-up cost and low if any overhead – overhead meaning monthly fees or costs associated with running the business. There’s very, very little of that, if any of it at all and it doesn’t cost you a thing to get started. All you have to do is be willing to invest some time. It’s easily and immensely scalable. This system can really literally make you as much money as you want just by repeating it over and over and over again. It’s so simple that you can scale it to as massive of a size as you want as long as you’re willing to put in the effort to get it there.

Okay, so there’s a potential there to make a ton of money with a very simple system. It also is going to give you valuable skills that will make you more money in the future. It’s building a solid foundation for a real business. Finally, what you build with this “Money Made Easy” system can be easily rolled over into an advanced Internet marketing business model at a later date. This is to get you started – to help you start making money and it could be your focus for the rest of your life if you wanted it to. It’s a sustainable business model.

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Promotional Products as Effective Marketing Tools

What are promotional products and why are they good for marketing? Well, promotional products are and easy way of promoting, or in other words, marketing your business. Promotional products can be pens, stress shapes, promotional water bottles or promotional non-woven bags (as well as some other things). When you decide to giveaway a certain promotional product, just make sure you printed all the information needed that is related to your company and you are good to go!

They don’t require an uttered (where you can reach just a certain amount of people every day) and therefore are very suitable for a faster expansion. They have a far more wide-reaching effect than advertisements or commercials. It is more probable for a customer to remember your information if he or she gets a promotional product, than if he reads about your company in the newspaper.

In addition to being effective, promotional products are very cheap, which is very important when it comes to marketing big companies. Just think of it this way, when you write an advertisement it’s basically a one-time deal, but promotional products are sure to be seen by hundreds of people. I mean, who doesn’t use pens in his everyday life?

Another very important benefit of promotional products is that they give your company a reputation of helpfulness. This can help you in gaining public favor in the future. Promotional products are a win-win situation for both sides. The customer gets an item that is helpful, and the company gets a long term advertisement.

How to distribute your promotional products?

Make conferences and meetings. Conferences and meeting are ideal events where you can promote your company. For example, you can give a promotional product at the end of the meeting as a “thanks for coming” gift. This way, you get to promote yourself and meet the customers face to face. You can also do this at holiday parties if you notice some potential customers.

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60 Free High Resolution Desktop and Mobile Wallpapers

Many say that a picture is worth 1000 words, well these jaw-dropping wallpapers say much more than that. Today, you’re presented with sixty high-resolution wallpapers for your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, and HDTV. Every single wallpaper was hand-picked from interfacelift, who offers wallpaper downloads in nearly any aspect ratio and image resolution you could possibly need. We hope one of these wallpapers is worthy to serve as your new background.

HemLoft Secret Treehouse By lucasjungmann

Kapalua After Sunset By Jeffery Hayes

From Beyond By Destin

Baros Maldives By Dan Grady

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Mechanical 3D Digital Art by Kazuhiko Nakamura

Kazuhiko Nakamura was born in Hyogo, Japan in 1961. Being greatly influenced by surrealism and cyberpunk styles of art when he was young, Kazuhiko started to study and tech himself the ins and outs of 3D digital art. Using his spare time to do this, his practice snowballed into the amazing works you’ll see today. In 2004, his art was featured on major CG art websites. Since then Kazuhiko received positive appreciation from other artists and fans.

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