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35 Visually Expressed Thoughts and Feelings by Carlos Lang

Carlos Enrique Lang was born in Monterrey, Mexico. He moved to Los Angeles, California at the age of 17 where he got involved into photography and all sorts of visual arts. He constantly strives to create beautiful work and inspire other in the process. is his year-long project where day by day feelings, thoughts, and desires are exposed in different visual ways. I collected some of my favorite quotes to share them with you. Most of the images contain popular quotes, lyrics, and personal words of wisdom from Carlos.

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Petheadz: Do Pets Really Look Like Their Owners?

Zach Rose is a 23 year old photographer/filmmaker from Toronto, Canada. He has taken the concept of pets looking like their owners and put a creative spin on it. In his series titled ‘Petheadz,’ Zack takes DSLR portraits of people’s pets and merges them with portraits of their owners. This idea started as an exercise in creativity, but has quickly gained the attention of many online publications. The project is still active, so if you wish to stay updated be sure to follow Zack on Instagram.

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OriGummi Toy

Pull out the Kurgo Origummi Dog Toy when your playful pup gets tired of the same old toy! This somewhat wacky chew toy has a secret compartment for endless hours of hidden treat entertainment.


Chillsner Beer Chiller by Corkcicle

Cool to the last sip. The Chillsner by Corkcicle is the one and only in-bottle beer chiller that keeps cold ones cold from the first sip to the last. Whether drinking from the bottle or as you pour into a glass, the Chillsner keeps each sip icy cold. Just freeze, insert into any bottled beer and drink right through the Chillsner. Never deal with warm beer again. Perfect for parties, tailgating or pretty much any occasion where beloved beers are enjoyed.


LowKey Stand Hub by Macessity

This stand is designed specifically for Apple slim keyboard’s fans. Not only this beautiful stand provides an ergonomical view of your iMac or Apple Display, it helps organizing your desktop at the end of the day like never before. The perfect height of the stand provides a “home” for your keyboard, nothing will ever seem to be out of place on your desk any more. The LowKey Stand is constructed of 0.1085″ thick steel, powder-coated in aluminum color matching that of the iMac or Apple Display. This stand spreads out the entire length of the slim keyboard and 9″ deep, creating a sturdy structure, which can support any size of Apple Display or iMac.


Eames Aluminum Group Chairs

Famous Aluminum Group chairs were originally developed in 1958. It is one of the greatest furniture designs of the 20th Century. Our Aluminum Management Chair is made from aluminum frame, base and armrests, top grain leather seat and back. This iconic chair has a 5-star base, tilt-swivel mechanism and seat-height adjustment. The unique flexible suspension provide long term comfort. This handsome and versatile chair reflects the dynamic of the body to permit seamless movement from one activity to another.


CMYK Corner Lamp by Dennis Parren

CMYK Corner Lamp by Dennis Parren is a pendant lamp that casts shadows in various colors and is shaped like – and named for – a graphic outline used for printing.


Hidden Persuaders: Powerful Psychological Marketing Techniques

Have you ever visited a store just to take a look at the goods and an hour later you find yourself walking out with bags full of purchased products? Have you ever thought about the reason for this strange behavior? The whole secret is in the hands of smart managers who’ve studied psychological techniques.

“Do You want to have healthy teeth?”

Pronouncing this phrase, the seller uses two techniques of persuasion. The first – the use of rhetorical questions. They are delivered in such way that they force you to agree with the speaker, because the answer is obvious. This is done to inspire confidence and the feeling that the seller has the same outlook on life as you. The second technique is – the use of “yes-questions.”

It might not be questions related to the product. The seller may ask: “Nice weather, is not it?” Once a person agrees to something, even something small and insignificant, it will be easier to accept more important things, such as, to say, “Yes, I buy it.” Just like the “yes-questions” the good humor is valid. A person in a good mood, relaxed, and is ready to buy a product that is associated with pleasant emotions.

“You deserve this car”

People love flattery. They like it when they feel special, significant and intelligent. In everyday life, you can use this by talking to a man with the phrase: “I don’t think that a man of such level as you will agree to find the time to help me …” In advertising, this technique usually involves a direct appeal: “You appreciate quality”, “You do not like to waste time in vain.”

Sometimes, to grow in viewers a sense of superiority, advertising shows people doing stupid things. We like those who make compliments, and we tend to trust those who are like us. Consequently, it is easier to convince us to buy something from them. (We believe that such intelligent people as you understand how this technique works.)

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Instant Happiness: 60 Cute Photos of Cats

Cats basically own the internet. I’m sure you’re aware of the Grumpy Cat. Did you know the attracts over 1.5 million unique visitors a month? Plus their Facebook page has over 900k likes. Take a moment to soak that in. I would say the Grumpy Cat is one of the biggest celebrities on the internet!

Humans have had a long love affair with cats. For thousands of years, people kept cats for one reason: They are the world’s experts at catching and killing rodents. Cats were also declared to be demigods. The Egyptians believed cats kept evil away at night. Pretty wild huh? Also many people now believe that cats are able to see ghosts.

So why do we love cats? Our lives can be very stressful. Cats can instantly relieves us of stress and bring a huge smile to our face. I’m sure you’re read articles online about the dangers of stress on our health. So looking at the cute and funny cat memes is actually beneficial to your health. Plus, their humor requires no explanation.

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Google Glass – What’s All The Fuss About?

So you’ve probably heard about Google’s latest attempt to break into the hardware industry; Google Glass. But what’s it all about, why should you care, and how do you get one? These are the questions I’ll be answering after a quick aside from Google themselves:

What’s It All About?

The idea is that Google will free us from handheld and desktop devices altogether such that access to data is easy and immediate. To do this they have created a pair of glasses which can project interactive information into your field of vision and allow you to effortlessly perform tasks through voice commands and simple touches to the frame.

Google claims that this device heralds a new world of “wearable computing” which will change our relationship with computers and with the internet. Their aim is that this device will become as ubiquitous as the mobile phone (but with game-changing consequences).

A Google Glass device includes: a 5 megapixel camera (which can record 720p video), 16GB of storage, a touchpad on the side of the frame, Wifi, and Bluetooth. This spec allows you to film videos, take pictures, check emails, make calls/texts, navigate to your destination via GPS, and search the internet hands free.

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WordPress & Cloud Hosting: A Match Made in Heaven

Are you one of the many online publishers using WordPress? As your blog or site grows you’ll need to decipher which hosting solution benefits you the most. We won’t keep you in suspense: Cloud Hosting IS the answer. This post is here to explain why.

Hello WordPress

WordPress is the ultimate in user friendly blogging and CMS platforms. The fact is, WP is an open source godsend that has made it possible for millions of people–most with little to no web design and development experience–the opportunity to customize a website to fit their needs and vision.

Themes, plugins and widgets are changing the way web newbies and techie experts alike design online content. And as WP enters into its tenth year, we should see even more developments that make publishing web content easy and accessible to the masses.

WordPress, Meet the Cloud

The term cloud is thrown around all over the place these days. It certainly wins the award for most popular marketing buzzword in 2013, anyway (funny enough, its such a buzzword it’s made the term buzzword a buzzword in the blogosphere, believe it or not). But I digress.

Anyway, just remember that the “cloud” is just that: a trendy term.

What cloud computing really means is that accessing data can now be done very easily over the Internet, rather than on your computer’s hard drive. So rather than downloading software and tech resources locally, it is available in an overarching network that spans the Internet. This makes life easier for both IT wizards and common folk.

So what does this mean for WordPress users? The four S’s: Speed, Scale, Support, and Security.

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Vividly Messy Digital Paintings from Muju

Today we will feature the work of a digital artist that goes by the username Muju. I ran across his work on Deviantart and clearly had to share it with you. If I had to describe his work in two words, I would probably say ‘vividly messy’. His artwork carries a messy/dirty style that’s very hard to pull off. I’ve seen artists try this and it’s not as easy as it looks. From my perspective Muju’s drawings are mainly fantasy characters influenced heavily by style, taste, and vivid imagination. His art is absolutely incredible and I hope you’ll think so too. To see more of Muju’s work, visit

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Defining Your Artistic Style

Learning to paint (or draw) well takes years of practice, and on the way it’s not uncommon to get stuck in a rut where you feel like you’re no longer improving, but you still aren’t happy with where you’re at. While some might throw in the towel here and declare that they’re just “not talented enough” there are a few relatively simple steps to break out of your box and figure out a new approach that can further develop your skills.

Analyze Art

Before you can really make stylistic choices about your own work, you need to be able to know which assumptions you (and others) are making when you’re painting. Draw a very rough sketch of a person. You’ll probably end up with some kind of oval for a head, and a series of oblong roundish things outlining the rest of the body. Why should a head be an oval? Why not some other shape?

Picasso used square heads; cartoon characters sometimes don’t even have a real head (think Spongebob), but we still think of them as recognizably anthropomorphic. Think about all of the other things that you make unconscious, and really very arbitrary assumptions about. How do you think about trees, clouds, houses, animals, or flowers? What if it were different? What about colors? Is the sun really yellow or the sky actually blue all the time? Does it even matter how it is in real life? What If you decided to change it?

Setting Constraints

Once you’ve removed some of the constraints you didn’t know you were setting for yourself you can set new ones. One of my favorite examples is South Park. If you were on Myspace or early Facebook in the early to mid 2000s you’ll remember a south park character builder that went around at some point encouraging people to make south park avatars for themselves or their friends. This is a great example of a highly constrained medium. Everything is limited, from the shape of head and bodies, to clothing, to hair, to facial expressions. While it’s not exactly fine art and I wouldn’t necessarily constrain myself to such an extent, it’s very distinctive and recognizable while still remaining functional.

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Complicated Relationship Prints by Safwat Saleem

Safwat Saleem is a graphic designer, filmmaker, artist, and the creative director at Arizona State University. When he isn’t working, he spends most of his free time creating satirical art. He recently published a series of prints depicting complicated relationships between two or more objects. The prints are clean, beautiful, simple, and best of all smart. All illustrations listed below are available for purchase on

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Urban Zoom: Long Exposure City Photography by Jakob Wagner

Urban Zoom is a series of abstract long-exposure photos from big cities all over the world. These beautiful images were captured by German photographer Jakob Wagner. Jakob lives in Duesseldorf, where he works as a freelance photographer, image editor, and photo assistant. He’s very blessed to have a job that allows him to visit different countries around the world. When not working on an assignment, Wagner devotes his time to personal photography projects. Some of his previous clients include Audi, Wired, Jim Beam, Emirater, and many more. We hope you’ll enjoy his beautiful photos!

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