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20 Common Mistakes Graphic Designers Make


Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes. But that doesn’t mean you should use this excuse and continue to make them.

Today we will take a look at the most common mistakes made by graphic designers. If you’re a young designer just getting into this field, this post is for you. Let’s not waste anymore time and get to the meat of this article.
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7 Often-Ignored Things About Design That Affect Business


A designer’s work ends with design. For a business owner, however, the entrepreneurial journey often begins from here. If website design is the start, marketing is a lifelong endeavor. Most business owners tend to treat design as one set of jobs while copy or content is relegated as another subset of jobs. Meanwhile, the business itself is a huge set of tasks.
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25 Free Stock Photo Websites


If you’re a frequent reader of our website, you’ve probably noticed that we use stock photos on a regular basis. I try my best to find relevant images which will benefit your reading experience. I’ve recently received emails from people asking me where they could find 100% free stock photos for their projects.
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Top 10 Budget Pens for Professionals

Jetstream Premier

Sometimes, when we need to find a pen quickly, we may grab the one closest to hand. When this happens, we will probably find ourselves using one of the logo-branded, cheap freebies that are readily on offer today, with their short shelf life and poor reliability. These pens are certainly not examples of a quality writing tool.
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Why You Should Create Questionaries for Your Clients


In all walks of life, the only method that tells us whether we as individuals or institutions meet certain expected standards is through feedback either verbally or in a written form.

One feedback method is to get data by using a questionnaire. The questionnaire was invented in the 19th century by an eminent Englishman Sir Francis Galton. Continue »

Scarcity Mindset: What It is and Why You Should Avoid It


When you have a scarcity mindset – which is based on fear – you may suffer a variety of emotions, ranging from anger, anxiety, worry and stress. These feelings are never good. You believe there is never enough money to go around, you believe everything around you is permanent, and your language always contains the words, I can’t or I don’t have enough.
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35 Jaw Dropping Photographs from a Planet Called Earth

Glow Worm Cave in Waitamo, New Zealand


After you’ve seen these photos, you will understand why simply getting out there and seeing the world should be number one on your bucket list. Continue »

New to Graphic Design? A Comprehensive Guide to Get You Started


As with all careers as a beginner it can be daunting with no experience behind you. In becoming a graphic designer your insecurity can stifle your creativity. You are either unsure of yourself, you shy away from the simplest of tasks, or your overconfidence leads to numerous mistakes.
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Niche-ify Your Niche: Lower Your Competition, Connect With Your Followers, and Increase Your Effectiveness


So you’re probably wondering how to “niche-ify your niche”. Well, what if you were told that in order to become one of the big guys in the market you need to start small… and by small we mean tailored to your specific product or service your company offers. Read on!
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30 Cool Products That Will Make You Say, “Shut Up and Take My Money!”

If you’re looking for cool, clever, and creative gift ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Below we listed thirty cool products that will make you say, “Shut up and take my money!” Most of these products will work well for friends, family members, and perhaps your special someone. So without further ado let’s check them out!

1. Flask Tie


Just because everyone else is bored and miserable at the office, doesn’t mean you have to be! With the flask tie, it is five o’clock all day long. It holds 6 ounces of whatever your liquid of choice is. Consider how many judgmental healthy people there are out there. Do you really want them eyeing your Coke (and rum) with critical eyes? With your hidden flask tie, you can take the anxiety out of sipping at work.
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Best Writing Tools for Inspired Authors


If you are a writer who is still stuck with the conventional ways of creating novels, then you are missing out on a great world of opportunities that can enhance your inspiration and make you more effective at what you do.

The choice of online writing tools, websites, and apps is so overwhelming that can easily turn you back to the typewriter, which is why we decided to list the best tools and save you from losing time.
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20 Travel Tools You Need To Know About

This article is meant to help travelers find beneficial travel tools. It covers everything from cheap transportation, maps, currency exchange apps, and much more. So if you’re a frequent traveler, you should consider bookmarking this article.

Sky Scanner


Skyscanner is an international travel search site that compares the price of millions of flights instantly; there are over one thousand airlines to choose from. You can browse prices for the month, or alternatively for the year so you can get the lowest price and seal the best deal. They also deal with hotels and car hire; you can book online, with the airline, or a travel agent.
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30 Charming Flat Logo Designs

Flat design is a hot trend right now. It all started when companies like Microsoft went all in with flat UI design. Now we see Google and Apple joining the flat design bandwagon as skeuomorphism fades away.

Color in flat logo designs ranges from the minimalist two-color scheme all the way to multiple colors. The logos typically consist of clean lines, classic graphics, and simple fonts. The focus is mainly on distinctive colors instead of elaborate color gradients and shading. It is not unusual for a two-color design to use a vibrant color with white as the second color. Typically, flat logos revolve around lovely fonts and typeface instead of eye-popping elements.

Additionally, flat logos allow logo designers to strip away the flamboyant to focus more on conveying a concise idea. The thought behind these designs is that the company logo is at the forefront and is strong enough to communicate the corporate ideology. Some attribute the desirability of flat logos to ease and cost-effectiveness for small companies and start-ups.

To get you inspired, we collected 30 outstanding examples of flat logo designs. Enjoy!

Croissant by Jonas

Croissant by Jonas
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Get Motivated: Do What You Need to Do

Getting the motivation to get up and do something that you know needs to be taken care of is always easier said than done. Finding the courage can be very hard, but isn’t impossible.
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Embrace Minimalism: How to Declutter Your Life

Common Misconceptions About Minimalists

A few year ago, my life was cluttered. I misplaced things, I was unorganized, I practiced unnecessary consumerism, and I didn’t keep track of my budget. In general, I was living irresponsibly. Over the last few years things have changed dramatically. Life doesn’t simply happen to me anymore, I’m in full control of it.
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