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25 Beautiful Vintage Style Business Card Designs

Premium Draught

pdcards11 25 Beautiful Vintage Style Business Card Designs

Good design never goes out of fashion. In fact there’s something about using vintage and retro style design elements, they can (when used correctly) lift a design and somehow make it seem modern. Just like physical appearance, you never get a second chance to make a first impression with your business card.

Poorly designed business cards flood your local town, so why not stand out? Show your potential clients that you don’t cut corners with a beautiful business card. Today we collected some amazing vintage style business cards for your inspiration. Enjoy!

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Getting Your Design Priorities Right in 2014

responsive psd shot11 Getting Your Design Priorities Right in 2014

Web design, for a long time now, has always been about the looks. It’s been about the colors, the typography, and the language used to build a website or the core platform the website is based on. With a judicious mix of concepts, wireframes, graphics, content, and overall planning, websites would come alive. They’d make it to the “designers” hall of fame or gain massive recognition among the design community, but are these websites worth the money being spent on them?

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A Brave New World: Online Marketing Post-Hummingbird

google hummingbird1 A Brave New World: Online Marketing Post Hummingbird

I know, Hummingbird went into effect months ago. However, many bloggers, businesses, and marketers continue to play by the rules of the wrong game today. With Hummingbird came some big changes for SEO and content marketing. Luckily, though, Google is moving in a direction that should benefit everyone: consumers and site owners alike.

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New Year’s Resolution: Learn How to Code

learn how to code1 New Year’s Resolution: Learn How to Code

You know that feeling. You’ve been meaning to take action for a while. You’ve a great idea and an inkling to to make the next Snapchat. But how? It’s super hard to code right? Not completely true. What better a time to start learning than 2014!

Coding is a serious business and it’s not easy. There’s no doubt about that, I assure you. Programmers oftentimes encounter vicious bugs and errors which take hours, if not days to overcome. The first step in your journey is to learn patience. If you already have that, excellent!

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Why You Should Have More Side Projects

have more side projects1 Why You Should Have More Side Projects

For those of us with creative minds, we need to stay on top of our game in our free time and down-periods. That means we always need to be on the lookout for new trends and get familiar with new platforms. While it might be a confusing theory that spending our leisure time creating more work for ourselves is actually a stress-relieving exercise, it truly is.

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5 Writing Tips: How to Organize your Research

These days, anyone can have a blog. Therefore, we often suffer at the hands of authors without proper writing education. The internet is a self-published writer’s playground.

As such, formal compositions are rarely seen in the blogosphere. People often share their thoughts and ideas in a jumbled fashion. Research has become less and less important to many.

However, there are still a few of us who value well-written, heavily-researched, quality pieces. While the research process does have its merits, it can be challenging. Here are five steps to help organize your research and make the overall writing process more effective.

1. Record Everything

record everything1 5 Writing Tips: How to Organize your Research

One of the most important parts of organization is proper documentation. That’s why this is step one. You must do it correctly from the very beginning.

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How to Make the Move into Freelancing

how to make the move into freelancing1 How to Make the Move into Freelancing

If you’ve been working for awhile and feel the need for a change, you should considering taking a shot at freelancing. Almost everyone that I know has thought, at one time or another, about working independently. Some have a passion that they want to develop while others dream of being able to use their work time creatively.

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5 Ways You Can Better Yourself In 2014

Many would have made New Years resolutions to better themselves in 2014. However, it is one thing to adopt a resolution, but an entire other thing sticking and seeing through your resolution. Adopting a better self in 2014 can help you in a number of ways, it can help you be more confident, raise your self-esteem, feel less depressed and less stressed.

Counselling, psychotherapy and life coaching

There is loads of advice out there to help you raise your self-esteem and gain better confidence, such as this resource provided by specialist counsellors and psychotherapists. However, you do not always need the help of a professional, there are loads of easy ways in which you can start developing a better you that you can do at home!

Being healthy is essential

499751830083867180 cdcd5e22a37f11 5 Ways You Can Better Yourself In 2014

Many people use the excuse of not having enough money to join a gym for the fact that they do not exercise. This, of course, is nonsense! You do not need money to exercise!

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9 Incredibly Effective Habits of Successful Startup Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are a driven bunch of people. They start, build, run, promote, and manage businesses. That often takes a lot.

Often they fail, and start all over again. That’s why entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone.

Successful entrepreneurs, however, belong to a different class. There are certain traits and habits that make them who they are. There are secrets to their success. Thankfully, most of these habits run common among business owners with a successful DNA. Here are some of the incredibly effective habits of successful startup entrepreneurs:

Looking into Market Needs

entrepreneurship1 9 Incredibly Effective Habits of Successful Startup Entrepreneurs

Successful entrepreneurs look for what the market needs and not what they thought was a great idea. Ideas are plenty. As such, there’s not much value in an idea itself, as Paul Graham writes in his essay on startup ideas. He believes that many startup founders get into the abortive work of founding companies based on ideas that the market doesn’t really need. At Y Combinator, Paul and his team call these ideas “sitcom” ideas.

Paul believes that successful entrepreneurs work to come up with ideas that the market really needs. If there’s a problem that needs a solution, these ideas will help solve that problem.
It’s simple, but it’s elusive. For most entrepreneurs it could be too late before this fact sinks in.

Living the Unsettle Syndrome

Successful entrepreneurs don’t settle for anything – for them, life is never static. They don’t get used to either less or more of anything. They don’t need ratification of an accepted idea to lunge into execution. Show successful entrepreneurs an opportunity and they’ll take the lead. If a startup succeeds, the work involved in starting another startup begins.

Really successful entrepreneurs don’t even stop with a single business. They move on to create more startups. Elon Musk, co-founder of PayPal, did not stop with the uber popular, digital payment services company. He went on to create Tesla Motors, SolarCity, HyperLoop, and SpaceX. He also invests in many other businesses.
Which part of his life looks “settled” now?

Learning Happens Everyday

never stop learning1 9 Incredibly Effective Habits of Successful Startup Entrepreneurs

You never hear a successful entrepreneur say “I’m an expert. I know.”

They only know that they never know enough. If they are not spending time executing, managing, and hustling, you’ll often find them learning. Meanwhile, everything they do is again a grand session of learning on the job.

Countless entrepreneurs dedicate their time to learning new skills, charting out into unfamiliar territories, and learn all they can.

It’s this learning that arms them with the skills necessary to move forward. It helps them multi-task, run their businesses, make money, and start all over again.

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Top 6 Business Card Innovations That You Can Use Today

Business cards have been in use for a long time as a fast and compact way to give someone your contact information. Even with the rise of social media and the increasing ease in ability to find a person’s information quickly online, they still have a place in business. However, having a plain, bulk printed business card may not cut it quite like it used to.

Over time, the humble business card has evolved, with greater emphasis placed on creativity, innovation and the intertwining with technology. Here are six great ideas that you might want to consider for your business card.

QR Codes

fgcard m11 650x461 Top 6 Business Card Innovations That You Can Use Today

Mobile and smartphone technology has seen an increase in the use of QR codes being placed on adverts and information. The concept behind it is that you can use your mobile device to scan the code to download your contact information or be taken to a website. QR codes are increasingly being used on business cards because it simplifies the look of the card, without having to use too much information. It also shows your recipient that you are technologically savvy, which might be an added bonus if you’re trying to show these skills.

Lenticular imagery

cards111 650x418 Top 6 Business Card Innovations That You Can Use Today

Printing of lenticular imagery on a business card is a fantastic way to add a sense of depth and play on illusion on the card. It can give the impression of motion, which can be used to great effect on the card. This most popular motion is to either skip from one image to another as the card is tilted, or to have the image appear as though it is moving or slowly transforming. Using this technique will mean the person who has received your card will have to interact heavily with it to see the effect of the imagery meaning they are more likely to remember you and be impressed by your creativity.


businesscard0911 Top 6 Business Card Innovations That You Can Use Today

The use of holograms on a business card can add real visual appeal, as well as make it particularly eye-catching. It can mean the difference between someone casually tossing the card in their pocket and actually taking note of the design and image, and forming an impression of how professional it looks. Using hologram designs can be beneficial for anyone working in an industry where image is important or where they’d need to show off particular design skills.

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Photographer’s Ideas on Taking Great Pictures

What does it take to become a pro in the art of photography? Great pictures, probably? Some people were really born artists, and that is an edge especially if they make this craft as passion (not just a source of living or earning). So, how about you? Did you already make much money from taking “shots” and selling them to the patrons in the locale or in the online global market?

Anyway, the measure of success here isn’t just about “figures” (you know what does that mean) as the personal satisfaction is the most expensive reward in the final analysis. But going back to taking great photos, do you know the techniques? An experienced photographer has something to share with you and your friends to further enhance your photographic skills:

Understand the “Language” of Your Camera

We’re dealing on the basics of manipulating the device as this will soon serve as the extension of your eyes – on how you see the world will be reflected on the scenes caught by the camera’s lenses. Everything you have to know is in the product manual, actually. You have to learn the switch, control, button, and menu items; then, proceed with the basic actions such as zooming in and out, and using the flash and shutter button. Well, the choice of the camera really matters as the “quality” of photographs is significantly dependent on the reliability of the device.

Take Shots at Anywhere and Anytime

taking great pictures1 Photographer’s Ideas on Taking Great Pictures

There’s beauty in everything – yes, even in suffering. But it always takes creativity to spot the best scenes which are worth printing on the canvas, turning snappycanvas portraits from photos, or displaying for auction. Go out! That’s the key for you’ll never see the diversity of things if you confine yourself in an isolated room or limited borders.

Before starting the adventure, though, there are certain guidelines that you have to bear in mind; some of those include (1) setting the camera’s resolution properly, (3) bringing extra batteries, and (3) not overlooking the lighting when taking pictures.

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10 Rules to Follow for a Creative Life

No human wants to live in a routine. We all want to be challenged and wish for more creative, fulfilling lives. No matter how contradictory it seems, living creatively is more of habit, and you can make your life more challenging if you follow some guidelines.

1. Something doesn’t inspire you? Learn how to say NO to it!

creative life1 10 Rules to Follow for a Creative Life

Living a creative life means that you have to discover what lights you up and what doesn’t. If you know the things that don’t inspire you, like having endless conversations with your aunt on the phone, you should learn how to eliminate them from your daily schedule and make room for better things to do.

This doesn’t mean that you need to forget about all boring things and never do them again – you will still wash dishes, do the occasional cleaning and uninspiring phone calls, but you shouldn’t allow those things to consume the very best of you and suppress your creativity. Try not to do all of those things within one day.

2. Respect your curiosity

Whenever we are watching children play, we admire their curiosity and wonder how we lost that aspect of our personality. Curiosity isn’t lost, you just have to find it within you and allow it to guide your creativity. If you are curious about something, that’s a good start towards a more creative life. Explore all possibilities and you will soon discover many thrilling opportunities.

3. You have imperfections? Embrace them!

Everyone has imperfections. The first thing you should do about them is to think of a way to fix them. If something cannot be fixed, embrace it as completely normal and natural. Who says that creativity is even close to perfection? To be creative means to be raw and real, so try to create work that embraces those imperfections and you will be surprised with the results.

4. Creativity is a habit – make sure to stick to it!

forest1 10 Rules to Follow for a Creative Life

Creativity doesn’t need to be very time-consuming and demanding, but it still needs to be turned into a daily habit if you want to benefit from it. Routine seems unmatchable to creativity, but if you put “being creative” in your daily schedule, you will soon notice how you enjoy your life more. Forming a creative daily habit has an amazing power to transform your entire personality and the way you perceive life.

5. Avoid comparing yourself to others

You are special and unique. Never make comparisons to others, because you will fall into your own trap. Constructive comparisons can be helpful, but acknowledging that someone is better without any envy involved is rarely allowed by one’s ego. You want to be creative and unique, so don’t do the harm of making comparisons when you don’t need them.

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10 Smartphones Concepts We Wish Were Real

Remember the movie Iron Man 2 where Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) uses a transparent phone that does just about everything? All the way through the movie, the futuristic device is employed in various scenarios enabling our hero to use it as a TV remote, home security system and even a projector. This is what the Smartphone of the future looks like.

We have also seen similar futuristic concepts of Smartphones used in other Sci-Fi movies as well some of which have now become a reality. And it is no wonder the pace at which technology is moving, no concept is impossible to execute. The days are long gone behind us when a phone was used only to make calls and send text messages. Nowadays, people demand convenience. They are willing to pay for a smartphone that can do just about every task for them.

Sighting this demand for a better lifestyle, various industrial designers and phone developers have created several concepts for smartphones that can be implemented in real life. Some of these ideas may sound a little far-fetched but with the right tools and technology in place, they are not impossible to replicate in real life.

Check out these 10 super cool smartphone concepts that we wish were real.

1. Concept Plumage

concept plumage1 10 Smartphones Concepts We Wish Were Real

This concept tries to highlight the importance of having a keypad for touch phones. Designed by Jet Ong, this inspirational device has a foldable QWERTY keypad for Windows Phone. Basically the entire screen is covered with a protective flip cover made of fabric that can be folded in half, thus revealing a QWERTY keypad for ready access.

The designer of this concept phone has not disclosed any other technical specifications for the phone, as his main focus was on the design aspect. For people who like to have a touch and type phone, this is a unique concept indeed.

2. Mobile Script

mobile script1 10 Smartphones Concepts We Wish Were Real

Ever imagined carrying a laptop in our pocket? Well here is one concept device that challenges to make that possible. The ‘Mobile Script’ is a smartphone concept that lodges a gigantic 9.5 inch display screen within its body in a collapsed state. So you can draw out the screen from the side of the phone whenever you want and still carry it in your pocket. How about that?

The device itself is 5 inches (130mm) in height and around 1.3 inches (35mm) in width and looks like a TV remote. The wonder does not end there as the device, also seeks to charge from solar energy. According to its designer, the case is made up of nano material that converts sunlight into energy to charger your phone. Pretty convenient! Let’s hope it turns into a reality sometime soon.


limbo1 10 Smartphones Concepts We Wish Were Real

Limbo is an innovative concept that truly defines the future of Smartphones. With top brands like Samsung and Apple already in the race to create flexible and bendable Smartphones, the ‘Limbo’ concept is one to watch.

The device is built using elastic materials like Thermoplastic polyurethane and hi-polymer along with a flexible display that allows the Smartphone to transform into a ‘smartwatch’. Technical specifications include 4.3” AMOLED flexible display, 8 MP rear camera and 1.3 MP front camera for video chat. All in all, this concept device allows for better usability and lifestyle for Smartphone users.

4. fLEX Click

flex click1 10 Smartphones Concepts We Wish Were Real

The biggest reason I don’t prefer Smartphones with touch screens is the difficulty in typing. With a keyboard or type interface, I can easily know where I’m typing since I can feel the button actually ‘click’. But with a touch screen there is lack of tactile feedback causing finger stress and lack of precision while typing.

However, the fLEX click concept phone designed by Valetin Neda seeks to address this problem fittingly. Under its curved Soft Touch display lays a matrix of microswitches which activate based on content displayed onscreen and can only be pressed where you expect to find a button or control. This enables a user to actually feel a click while they are pushing down a button thereby providing a faster navigation. You wouldn’t even have to look at the display while typing. The device is also curved from top and bottom making it easy to slip into your pocket.

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7 Handy YouTube Tricks You May Not Know

When wanting to watch the latest viral meme, funny video, popular song, or educational video; YouTube is the place we all gravitate to. It is no wonder that YouTube has become, arguably, the most popular and well accepted (by both young and old) video streaming website.

Although Youtube is very popular among the masses, there are few very important (and cool!) tricks that many people don’t know about. Today we will take a look at them.

1. Auto Repeat All Your Favorite Videos

What? YouTube has auto play option? Yes! Is there a catchy song you’re obsessed with? Want to listen to it over and over again? Well, we have all been there.

It’s really not worth it to constantly click replay every single time you want to hear the song again. So what do you do? There is a way to enable the looping feature. Let’s take a look.

Head to and load the video you want to loop.
In the address bar: replace YouTube with InfiniteLooper
It should look similar to this:
Hit enter. This will automatically load the video and begin a loop.

2. Automatic HD Video play

youtube1 7 Handy YouTube Tricks You May Not Know

When you play a YouTube video, most of the time the resolution of the video is 480p or 360p. Low resolution video aren’t too fun. If there is an option for a higher resolution, you should take full advantage of it. But waiting for the video to re-buffer is quite annoying, so in order to stop this from happening, you can change the system settings permanently so that you can watch videos in HD format.

How? All you have to do is simply catch hold of the Magic Actions for YouTube extension (available for Chrome and Firefox only). In this extension, you have to activate the AutoHD option, and select the HD resolution you like.

Now, all of your videos will automatically be played in HD format.

3. Start The Video At A Specific Time

Now this is what you call, ‘the cream of the crop’. You want to share a video with your friend, but you know that the best part is somewhere in the end. What you normally do is, share the complete video with a footnote asking your friend to kindly start the video from 1 minute and 10 seconds. Is there a better way of doing this?

YouTube helps you cut to the chase easily.

Take this URL for example,

After this URL, all you have to do is add the magic words – #t=01m10s. This sets the starting time of the video at 1 minute and 10 seconds. It should look something like this:

Similarly, this process works just the same even when you want to embed a small portion of the video. Simply add the same #t=01m10s in to the original video embed code and then copy paste it on your website. Every time a user hits the play button, the video will automatically start at the specified point. Voila!

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15 Alluring Paintings by Eric Lacombe

alluring paintings by eric lacombe 11 650x863 15 Alluring Paintings by Eric Lacombe
Today I would like to introduce you to Eric Lacombe, a French artists who is worthy of your attention. Eric holds 3 titles under his belt, he’s a painter, graphic designer, and an artist. Born in 1968, Eric currently lives and has always worked in Lyon, France. He likes to describe himself as, “A self-taught artist at the center of a world between fantasy and thaumaturgy.” We collected some of his fantastic works for you to check out below. Enjoy!

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