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10 Tips on Pursuing Your Passion

Who are you? Do you really know? How will you find out?

If you cannot answer the question “Who am I?” with some degree of certainty, then chances are you may not be able to find out who you are by continuing to do the very same things you have done up to this point in your life. There are many wonderful things to learn in life, but one of the most important learning experiences is the ongoing inquiry into knowledge of self. This knowledge of self will guide you in the pursuit of your passion.

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Top 9 Bookmarking Tools for Designers

We all find cool stuff online that we want to save for later – but we never remember it and most bookmarking systems on browsers become messy and cluttered very quickly. This is where bookmarking tools shine; they allow you to keep track of anything you find online, organize it and store it for you, being ready to access anytime and from any device with internet access.

With the mountains of information and content online, it has become a lot more difficult to pick through and find what you’re interested in. Search engines only go so far; they are confined to keywords which are good for specific searches, but not so good when finding varied topics under an interest or niche. Some bookmarking sites not only allow you to keep track of any interesting things you find online, but they also to share your interests with others and see what they have bookmarked as well. By tagging and annotating your bookmarks, they become organized and categorized with other users’ bookmarks, in a process called folksonomy.

For designers, bookmarking is extremely useful, especially when looking for content fitting one niche, industry or type of design. It allows you to connect with other designers, find and store tutorials, interesting examples, useful resources, tips and tricks, and so much more. Whether you’re on your phone or on a computer and you see an article, a tutorial, a photoset or simply a cool site that you want to refer to later, bookmarking tools are real handy.

You can keep any interesting resources you find online for later use, and you can organize them depending on style, project, or whatever classification is best, and share them with your friends and find other bookmarks similar to yours.

Dragdis is a sleek tool that works via a sidebar added to your browser that you can drag anything onto. Create categories and drag whatever strikes your fancy on to them to save for later reference. Sharing also works the same way – you drag content onto the link in the sidebar to upload it to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.

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Speed Reading 101: How to Read Faster

On average, a person reads around 250 words per minute, but if that same person learns the art of speed reading, then the amount of words read per minute can be doubled. However, the question we have to ask is why go to the trouble of learning how to read more quickly? Well, firstly, one benefit is that you will be able to learn more as you will increase your knowledge-base, and will be able to read more material in the same amount of time.

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Why You Should Take More Risks

Are you comfortable in your life right now?

If you are, you could probably do yourself a huge favor by stepping out of that comfort zone. Start making changes in your life. Why not? F%*& it!

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Astonishing Hand Lettering by Sean McCabe

Sean McCabe is a hand lettering artist and type designer currently living in San Antonio, Texas. His passion for hand lettering and typography has recently turned into a successful business. In March 2014 Sean launched Learn Lettering, an online video course that educates people about the ins and outs of hand lettering. In addition to teaching, he also produces a twice-a-week podcast discussing design, creativity, and business.

Below you will find forty-five creative examples of his stunning work. Enjoy!

Eventually all the pieces fall into place

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How to Overcome the Fear of Being Alone

Loneliness. Does that word scare you? A surprising number of people fear being alone.

In the United States we’re socially programmed into believing that being lonely is weird. We constantly see this in movies and TV shows. If you’re quiet or alone, you’re automatically labeled as weird, strange, or a loser.

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Top 5 Microphones for Podcasters

Planning to start a podcast? Well, before you get started you should consider getting the most important piece to the puzzle, the microphone. Having a high quality microphone is going to make a huge difference to the sound quality of your recording.

There are two factors to consider before buying a microphone. First, you should know your exact budget. Second, you should have a good idea of where you plan to record (big room, small room, noisy background, etc.). As with many other things in life, the more money you spend, the better quality you’ll get.

If you don’t have the money right now, don’t sweat it. As you become more successful you will be upgrading your gear as you go. The goal here isn’t to spend hundreds of dollar an a microphone. The goal is to find something within your budget that you can use on a regular basis.

Today I collected some of the top entry level and professional microphones for you to consider. This list is the result of reading reviews from customers, industry professionals, and credible technology websites. Below you will find microphones aimed at different budgets. Good luck!

Audio-Technica AT2020 USB Condenser USB Microphone

This USB microphone plugs directly into your laptop or desktop (Windows and Mac compatible). This mic is easy to use and should function seamlessly with almost any recording software. The AT2020 is a great choice it you’re just starting out. It’s perfect for home studio recording, field recording, podcasting, and voiceover use. The only downside is that it lacks gain control and a headphone input.

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20 Educational Print-Ready Design Tutorials to Become a Pro

Designing self-promo printable materials such as business cards, resumes, letterheads and flyers is a great way to grab people’s attention and gain new clients. The more creative these self-promotion products are the more chances you will have to stand out from the crowd and increase your odds to get a dream job.

Follow these detailed helpful print-ready design tutorials for Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator I put together and learn how to create a stunning self-promotion kit to leave a lasting impression. Don’t waste your time – scroll down, pick the tutorial you like best and start working on your future.

1. Creating a Coffee House Logo – From Theory to Vector in Adobe Illustrator

In these tutorial you’ll get to know how to create a coffee-themed retro logo design in Adobe Illustrator and properly place it on the cup holder. Along with tutorial you’ll learn some tips to think about while creating a logo of any kind.

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40 Incredible Graffiti Drawings by Banksy

Banksy is an England-based graffiti artist, political activist, film director, and painter. His eye-opening street art combines irreverent dark humour with graffiti done in a distinctive stencilling technique. Such artistic works of political and social commentary have been featured on streets, walls, and bridges of cities throughout the world. Most people say graffiti is ugly, disruptive, pointless, irresponsible, and childish. All of those allegations are flushed down the toilet, when it’s done properly.

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How to Boost User Engagement on Your Blog

No matter how good your blog is, if you don’t have the right amount of traffic or the right amount of comments, you’re not getting anywhere. To most of us who blog, blogging is everything, so don’t let yourself fall victim to low user engagement. If you’re not getting enough views, comments, or other user interactions, you’re not going to survive the blogging game.

Here is a list of the best tricks of the trade that I’ve picked up over the past few years that are guaranteed to boost your user engagement.

Get Found with SEO

If you’re not making your blog posts search engine optimized, your article will not rank high in Google. For more information about SEO, check out this wonderful PDF guide from Google. To keep up with the latest happening in the SEO industry, check out Moz offers great services, guides, and their blog is packed with useful information.

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How to Promote Your Work on Behance

As many of you already know, Behance is a world leader in helping creatives around the world promote their work. On Behance you can showcase your best works, connect with others, and build your reputation among fellow designers and artists. One could even argue that Behance has become a hotspot for freelancers and other creative people.

Behance can help you expand your business, attract clients, and have an opportunity to show the world what you’re made of. Today I will go over how you can take advantage of this incredible platform.

Just because you set up an account and uploaded a few projects, that doesn’t mean people will go out of their way to find you. You must hustle to accumulate eyeballs for your projects. Here’s how you do it.


This should really go without saying, but if you haven’t fully filled out your profile, do it now. I wouldn’t want to hire someone who is not willing to open up and share their information with me. Who are you? Where are you from? What kind of experience do you have? Questions like these should be answered. If you don’t have much to work with, that’s okay, your about info will certainly grow with time.

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60 Spectacular Examples of Long Exposure Photography

Amsterdam At Night by Iván Maigua

Long exposure photography involves a long-duration shutter speed. Shutter speed is the length of time your camera’s shutter is open while taking a photo. While you have the shutter open, light hits the film or image sensor. Depending on how long you have your shutter open, the difference can have a dramatic impact on your photo.

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Sell More on Etsy: Top Methods for Maximizing Your Profits

Etsy is an online platform where people just like you sell their handmade products and crafts. According to, Etsy is one of the top 150 most visited websites in the world. More than ever, there has been a growing demand of custom or handmade products. In a world where most products are manufactured by machines, people enjoy the fact that something they bought is unique and cannot be purchased at a local retailer.

Many have tried but failed to sell items on Etsy. Others have made a few sales but never saw another dime after that. Frankly, it’s really not that easy to get on the Etsy bandwagon. To make matters worse, there is no way to break into the site and instantly become a popular seller. The fact is a lot of time and effort must be spent to really build a reputation and achieve desired results.

To help you in building your business on Etsy, here are the top methods for maximizing profits on the website.

Eye-Catching Photos

One of the most important things to make a good impression on customers is having beautiful photos. They need to be of high quality and show your product in a way which entices people to buy it, what I like to call “drool-worthy.” You also make sure that all your items have quality photographs. One item cannot look better than the other. They must all compliment each other. Overall this will give a sense of professionalism while building trust.

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Top 5 Computer Monitors for Designers

1. Dell UltraSharp 27

This wonderful monitor offers a 16:9 aspect ratio and has over 3.6 million pixels. The 2560×1440 resolution LED display is a feast for the eyes. You can easily adjust its height and even tilt it to portrait mode.

If you’re a designer, you know how important it is for the monitor to have accurate colors. When you print something in CMYK, you expect it to accurate. Well, this monitor has accurate colors right out of the box. You can also use this monitor to watch tv and play video games. The connections include four USB 3.0 ports, DisplayPort 1.2, DVI (HDCP) and HDMI.

If you care about the environment, you’ll be happy to know that it’s made with arsenic-free glass, a mercury-free panel, uses 25-percent post-consumer recycled plastics in its chassis, BFR/PVC-free laminates in its circuit boards, and is shipped with environmentally responsible packaging.

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Top 5 Best Backpacks for Traveling

Red Oxx Sky Train

This backpack is 38 liters, so you have more than plenty of space for your possessions. It offers tie down straps for your clothing so you won’t have to deal with crumpled and gross looking clothes. It also has a great variety of ways to carry it. It can be rolled like a suitcase, carried like a messenger bag or held on tight like a backpack so you’ll be able to use your hands while you’re on the go. The best part about this bag is that it’s completely handmade, which means you know it’s high quality.

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