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NFL Redesigned: 32 Fresh Football Team Logos

While I was on Reddit the other day, I ran into something pretty incredible. I found a very talented designer named Max O’Brien. Over the off-season he decided to take on a personal project of redesigning all 32 NFL team logos. His passion for football clearly shows, because you must have some serious dedication to redesign every single logo completely out of love.

Personally, I find these logos to be fantastic. Although I don’t agree with every single design, I must admit that they’re very well thought-out. This beautiful project will look great on his portfolio, and I’m sure he will get hired to redesign some team’s logo in the future. I managed to collect every single logo he created. Enjoy!

nfl redesigned 11 650x365 NFL Redesigned: 32 Fresh Football Team Logos

nfl redesigned 31 650x365 NFL Redesigned: 32 Fresh Football Team Logos

nfl redesigned 41 650x365 NFL Redesigned: 32 Fresh Football Team Logos

nfl redesigned 61 650x365 NFL Redesigned: 32 Fresh Football Team Logos

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Tips For Getting Active Instagram Followers

Instagram is one of the most rapidly growing social networks, with more than 100 million active users. Whether you simply wish to impress your friends, possess some Internet influence or make your business widely-known, you may need real Instagram followers. Below I’ve highlighted some useful tips to help you get them rather quickly.

Though my tips can be used to get followers for almost any social network, I will mainly focus on Instagram, as it’s not overwhelmed with spammers and has a visual interface that can help you get additional exposure.

get more followers1 Tips For Getting Active Instagram Followers

Make your account public.

The need for authorization can turn away many users, who just putter around and aren’t interested in anything particular. Many people will follow you simply because they liked some random photo of yours, and if it’s hidden they won’t simply see it.

Follow other users.

If you want to get people follow you, you have to do the same thing for them. The best idea is to follow users with less followers, since they tend to follow you back much more often.

Be unique.

The photos you provide have to stand out from the crowd. First of all, think about their value to your followers (truly useful pictures will get you followed much more likely than a “look-at-me photo”). Next, your photos have to high quality, so be selective. The other important thing is uploading photos within one niche: this will make you look professional. Use the sniper approach, rather than a shotgun. Also, try to include call to actions below your photos like “Witty comment here.” This will make users engaged and get you more exposure.

Post photos on right time.

An Instagram image usually lives for about 3 hours and then goes away. So, the best time to post it is 1-2 hours before most users will connect. The best time would be somewhere around 5-6 pm (your audience’s local time, of course). Posting on the right time will get you maximum exposure and attention.

Use hashtags.

Hashtags are used to organize photos and help users find them easily. The best way is to find what hashtags are popular today and act accordingly. Even if the tag is totally irrelevant, but your photo is attractive, you’ll most likely be followed or at least liked for it. You can also use geotag to tag your images. People are usually more interested in photos from their location.

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6 Steps to Stay Productive All Day Long

Staying productive at work, or while working from home, is a challenge. Our burden can be lessened by learning some key lessons about ourselves and our bodies. “Personal productivity is a key differentiator between those who succeed in their chosen field and those who do not,” says Brian Tracy, author of “Eat that Frog: 21 Ways to stop Procrastination and get More Done in Less Time.”

Generally most people complain how they’re not successful or wish they could be like “fill in the blank,”but the secret is that there isn’t a secret. You have to work hard, stay productive, and use your time wisely in order to succeed. Let’s take a look at how you can boost your productivity and get more done in less time!

1. No breakfast – No energy

seize the day1 6 Steps to Stay Productive All Day Long

Certain breakfast foods increase your productivity, and give energy for a good start of the day. Having a good source of vitamin B in the morning can also improve your concentration and help you think more clearly. If you are in a hurry, get at least a glass of water and a glass of fresh juice. You will help you organism not to dehydrate, and get a vitamin boost from the early morning. This is way healthier than a cup of coffee on an empty stomach.

2. Plan your work!

Have a To-Do List for the day. You should prioritize the urgent tasks, and take on pending issues from the previous day. This way you’ll be able to concentrate on bigger projects and tasks. Not having a plan will hinder your concentration, and you might miss important tasks. Thus it is advisable to do small, urgent, or irritating tasks first to have the rest of the day with an open and clear mind for more creative tasks.

3. Say NO

It’s always good to help your colleagues and friends, but a day only has 24 hours. A lot of people have a hard time saying “no” to others, and end up taking on a bigger load than they can handle in a day. Getting interrupted, shifting to doing something else, and then going back to your task can really hurt your productivity. Moreover, in order to stay productive, you also need to rest, thus you cannot fill all your day with work tasks.

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5 Creative Outside Studio Pods

If you live by yourself and experience little to no distractions from the outside world, then these Pods might not be for you. However if you’re tired of your noisy house, why not opt-in for a a secondary structure to put on your property? Having a quiet and peaceful retreat just a few steps away from your house isn’t a bad idea.

If you’re a music producer, designer, artist, developer, freelancer, writer, video producer, or hold any other position which allows you to work from home, then you should seriously consider a creative outside studio pod.

Outdoor studio pods are one of the most innovative inventions of modern man. These creations not only answer the problems of limited space, the hassles of commuting, and drastic CO2 emissions, but they also embody the creative and innovative nature of human beings.

There are dozens of studio pod designs out there, but only a few are that stand out. Today we’ll take a look at the most creative outside studio pods.

Outdoor Pod by Sett Studio

383086976594612885 0d6615860cc411 5 Creative Outside Studio Pods

Created by Sett Studio in partnership with J Square Architecture, this outdoor pod is a modern design for a second structure to be placed on a property. This outdoor pod design is not intended for one specific place on a property. It can be placed in any area where there is a bit of serenity, it’s tagged as ‘peace and relaxation in a ninety two square feet pod’.

This studio space could be anything that a property owner would want it to be, from the simple office space to the more complex art studio. The exterior design is made of wood which can be layered with a selection of different finishings, while the interior has a sustainable ‘monotread’ finish.

Luxury Garden Office by Archipod

256081225 7eb690b0d7a411 5 Creative Outside Studio Pods

Having a unique spherical design for an outdoor luxury office structure, this studio pod created by Archipod has a lot of brains and innovation behind it. This amazing design is tagged as “a place for new possibilities.” The main idea of the design is the modernization of technology as the missing link for people not to work in office buildings anymore.

The whole structure has a stunning exterior and interior design tailored to fit every need. The outside structure has a wooden finishing and the inside flaunts a modern office style. It also features natural lighting inside the pod, but it keeps unwanted noise outside.

This pod is mainly intended as an office space but can be transformed into anything such as a kid’s playroom, dining room, etc., like the design from Sett Studio.

Office Pod

prefab home office311 5 Creative Outside Studio Pods

Embodying the idea of creating an office space free of day to day distractions, yet still only a few meters away from home, the Office Pod is an outstanding example of a creative and contemporary outdoor studio pod. This offers anyone a truly flexible office space solution that doesn’t sacrifice a worker’s productivity and welfare. Every element and detail of this pod is the fruit of years of study and innovation to provide a highly functional and efficient environment where all space is used to its optimum.

This outdoor structure can be easily relocated to meet changing circumstances and needs. It conveniently includes a desk, ventilation, heating, power, lighting, and storage. It has curved corners which makes it easier on the eyes and eliminates the feeling of being inside a box. Additionally, this pod is estimated to last for more than 25 years which makes it a great office investment.

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Super Tips and Inspiration for Better Portrait Photography

Taking portrait photographs is a lot of fun – if you know what you’re doing. While you may get lucky if you don’t have the skills, it’s a great idea to learn and practice portrait photography so that you can get better. The seven tips below will help you get more out of all the photos you take – especially the portraits.

Portrait Photography Tips

Pay Attention to Framing – One of the biggest tips you should follow is to watch how you frame your subject. Take the time to make sure they’re in the perfect position for the photograph.

Use a Wide Angle – This is a simple tip that goes a long way. For portraits, using a wide angle lens is usually your best option. This will give you the ability to really concentrate on the person whose photo you’re taking.

Look for Interesting Backgrounds – When scouting a location to shoot, be sure to look for interesting backgrounds. For example, for portraits, it’s a good idea to use trees or other greenery in the background to really make your subject pop and be more memorable.

Horizontal Portraits – You shouldn’t limit yourself to shooting portraits in portrait mode. Instead, look for ways to get creative with a horizontal head shot. This isn’t always going to work, but it can give you another option when shooting a portrait.

Get an Angled Shot – Sometimes turning your camera on a slight angle gives you a much stronger photographer than if it had been shot straight on. You don’t want to use this too much, but it can make for better portraits in some cases.

Lose the Focus – While most photos are taken in focus, you can get a little creative by doing your portrait photographs out of focus. Again, you don’t want to use this one too often, but it’s a cool tip that can make for better portrait photos.

Experimental Expressions – Even if you don’t know your subject very well, you can try to have them make funny faces or try to be serious or sad so that you can add another dimension to your portrait.

beautiful examples of portrait photography by artur saribekyan 20 gencept 700x46611 650x432 Super Tips and Inspiration for Better Portrait Photography

2852510193 8f8cbddbaf o11 Super Tips and Inspiration for Better Portrait Photography

portrait photography 211 Super Tips and Inspiration for Better Portrait Photography

56263123471625911 Super Tips and Inspiration for Better Portrait Photography

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Free Goods: 10 Limited Time Files You Should Download

Everybody loves freebies right? Especially if the freebies are actually well designed.

Today we have ten limited time freebies for you to check out. These files won’t stay free for long, so be sure to act now. Before you can download them, you’ll need to need to sing-up for Envato’s marketplace or CreativeMarket to download them. Enjoy!\

Aeterna Small Caps Old Style Figures (Usually $8)

postersfonts2010 2012cm aet2 f11 Free Goods: 10 Limited Time Files You Should Download

Hand drawn, sketchy antiqua that come in two font variants: Regular, Small caps with old style figures.

Back Home (Usually $17)

back home1 Free Goods: 10 Limited Time Files You Should Download

Cinematic track with some epic at the middle. Involved both chorus and an full orchestra.

June – iPhone App Website Template (Usually $20)

preview f11 Free Goods: 10 Limited Time Files You Should Download

The June – iPhone App Website Template is a responsive 1 Page iPhone App HTML website template which looks great and is super easy to update and use.

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5 Easy Ways to get Great Links to your Site!

So you’ve just built your website and it looks pretty damn awesome! You’ve put countless of man hours into it and you are so proud of it you just want to show it off to the whole World! But weirdly… no one is visiting your site! Why is that? Simple, your site needs advertising (unless it has a rich keyword domain)!

Unfortunately there is no quick fix to creating a successful website just by buying a domain with hosting and adding a customized theme, no one is going to be Googling your sites brand unless advertise it! By advertising your site, you can attract page visits and increase your rankings in the Google SERPS and one of the best ways to do that is to do some link building.

Link building is essentially about finding some kick ass clean links back to your website! The cleaner and highly ranked links you have the better. So let’s have a look at 5 easy ways you can get quick clean links back to your site to start bringing that traffic in!

1. Social Media

social media1 5 Easy Ways to get Great Links to your Site!

This is an easy one! Social media is a great way to get links back to your website. We all have Facebook and/or Twitter accounts and besides stalking ex’s and looking at boring vacation photos from the guy you were in 7th grade with, these social media pages can be used for an awful lot more! Why not put them to good use and start advertising your new website on there for all to see!

2. Comment Blogs

Commenting on similar websites to your own and leaving your link is a great way to let the internet neighbors know who just moved in! Although most links from comment blogs are No follow links, commenting on blogs and pages similar to your own can be useful in bringing the right sort of traffic you want, it also tells Google your site kicks ass by commenting in the relevant niches too!

3. Web 2.0s

Why not start off a blog for your own page? By registering some free subdomains from places such as WordPress and BlogSpot, you can write extra content and link to your main site. This is handy as it provides you some free backlinks and it can help expand your traffic fishing net even further. It definitely worth trying as it can’t hurt your site and at the very least you have another outlet platform for free!

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Infuse Your Heart: 60 Brilliant Quotes

Quotes illuminate the world. They infuse our hearts with powerful feeling and ideas. They have the ability to resonate with ignorant and intelligent people. When great thinkers pass away, their words of wisdom continue to live. Their ideas punch us in the mouth and make us snap out of the day-to-day bullshit we accept as ”normal” or “approved by society.”

You can’t solve problems with violence. I believe ideas are more powerful than guns. I don’t care how big or small an issue is, we can always come together and discuss it like adults without shouting and throwing chairs at each other. History always tends to shockingly repeat itself. The only problem is, some people are too naive to notice it. When you’re blindly following a path without getting to the root, you’re simply digging a hole of misery. But hey, I believe in natural law. So if you want to make your own life miserable you have free will to do so.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner, developer, photographer, illustrator, designer, a CEO of a major company (contact me), or just an average Joe, I believe the quotes below will change the way you think and question your beliefs. It’s all up to you. You can be inspired and apply these meaningful ideas to your life, or simply disagree with every single quote.

Always remember to question everything and always ask why (even the quotes below). Don’t allow ignorance and the opinion of “society” to rule your life. If you had to walk away from this article with only one message, let it be this: You’re an intelligent being. You’re capable of doing anything as long as you put your heart and mind into it. Always remember that. I hope you’ll enjoy these quotes.

brilliant quotes 11 Infuse Your Heart: 60 Brilliant Quotes

brilliant quotes 21 Infuse Your Heart: 60 Brilliant Quotes

brilliant quotes 41 650x367 Infuse Your Heart: 60 Brilliant Quotes

brilliant quotes 71 650x811 Infuse Your Heart: 60 Brilliant Quotes

brilliant quotes 211 650x681 Infuse Your Heart: 60 Brilliant Quotes

Advertising Done Right: 40 Clever Examples

Today we’ve got a great showcase for you. We collected clever print, newspaper, billboard, and magazine ads for your inspiration. What make these ads different from others?

They ‘re well thought out.
They share their message loud and clear.
They’re highly creative.
They’re blatantly honest.
These ads are also very memorable, they’re definitely going to stick in people’s minds. Even if you’re not in the advertising industry, you can still gain much inspiration from these examples. I’m very happy to see ad agencies constantly push the creative boundaries.

I believe the fun has just begun. Thanks to the short attention span or people, advertisers clearly know that reaching and grabbing people’s attention in the digital age is harder than ever. The only solution to this problem is creativity. As we move further in the 21st century expect to see more and more innovative attempts to grab peoples attention.

1xvtzel11 650x484 Advertising Done Right: 40 Clever Examples

pm0yn11 650x433 Advertising Done Right: 40 Clever Examples

z2fmcsf11 Advertising Done Right: 40 Clever Examples

qt6evnv11 Advertising Done Right: 40 Clever Examples

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Why You Should Use Plastic Business Cards

Unless given to you at a bar on a night out (in which case they are probably taken home and framed) business cards are often folded up, put somewhere and never seen again. With the introduction of plastic business cards, however, it’s out with the fold and in with the new!

Business cards provide people with fundamental details such as your name and contact details, but what many businesses seem to forget is that they can also say a lot about your brand. Countless companies spend a fortune on fancy advertisements that do a great job of grabbing consumers’ attention, but they then proceed to hand out plain and boring business cards. Most forget how important it is to make a good first impression!

Business cards serve two main purposes: to make a networking connection to potentially gain business, and to provide the recipient with the means to refer your business to a friend. The problem with the latter is that traditional business cards tend to deteriorate more and more as they are passed on from person to person, and this is where plastic business cards come in!

So what are the key advantages to using plastic business cards?


a521733cf7499bfd61c89f8b6558ab4e11 Why You Should Use Plastic Business Cards


ian 4 432058564ea6b21d541a69efdf1d9c7811 Why You Should Use Plastic Business Cards

Which of these two are you most likely to hang on to? Handing over a business card is often the first step in building a business relationship and, consequently, it is absolutely essential to leave a memorable and lasting impression on the customer. With regards to how plastic business cards look and feel, it goes without saying that they are head and shoulders above their paper counterparts.

When a customer walks away with your business card you want them, and whoever they show it to, to have a clear picture of the kind of business you are and to have a strong impression of the products or services you offer. Plastic business cards allow for a huge variety of finishes and provide a great way for you to stand out from the crowd.

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18 Incredible Design Bundles for DIY Projects

Totally in love with the incredible greeting cards, stationery sets, and art prints that you see on websites like Etsy and Society6? It’s easier than you could imagine to create incredible looking print goods of your own with a simple design editing software along with pre-made design resources. Simply select your favorite resources and put them together with meaningful words and phrases, and voila! amazing paper goods you’ve made yourself.

It’s almost Halloween, and then shortly after Thanksgiving and the Winter holiday season will be upon us, so you can start planning DIY card projects for those holidays and everyday occasions. Today, we’re bringing you some of the best bundles of ClipArt, illustrations, and a few font bundles to help you craft amazing DIY print goods.

1. The Big Daddy ClipArt Bundle from Create the Cut

the big daddy f11 18 Incredible Design Bundles for DIY Projects

This massive ClipArt bundle is actually a collection of 4 ClipArt bundles that have been brought together for your design use. The bundle is comprised entirely of hand-drawn elements (just like all those cool prints you would see on Etsy), and you’ll receive over 100 items in PNG format to use however you like. The bundle includes gorgeous hand drawn banners, badges, and more.

2. Handcrumb Toolkit by Gerren Lamson

handcrumbs cover v1 f11 18 Incredible Design Bundles for DIY Projects

If you’re looking to just get started making digital designs for print this set of digital resources is the perfect kit to help you get started. With this kit you can emphasize words or phrases with crafted background shapes or frames, highlight words or phrases with marker slashes, and much more.

3. Font Bundle #1 by On the Spot Studio

stella intro f11 18 Incredible Design Bundles for DIY Projects

If you’re like me and you can’t get enough of handwritten typefaces, this bundle is perfect for you. You’ll receive 6 handcrafted fonts basically for the price of one! These are perfect for creating your own typography art prints, stationery, or greeting cards for everyday occasions.

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8 Must-Have Restaurant Review Apps for iPhone

Ever wonder how to find good food while you’re traveling? Or how friends and family discover the best new restaurants they’re recommending? They might be using an app to learn about the latest and greatest in cuisine in the area to discover these culinary gems.

Below are 8 helpful restaurant reviewing apps to let you discover and explore the newest and most popular eateries around.

8 Must-Have Restaurant Review Apps for iPhone:

1. Zagat to Go

zagat1 8 Must Have Restaurant Review Apps for iPhone

The paper version of the Zagat Guide has been around since 1979, making this a classic go-to resource for restaurant reviews and new dining out ideas. With a vast compilation of reviews from restaurants worldwide, this app gives users comprehensive global culinary information.

The Zagat to Go app allows offline browsing in places without an Internet connection, which can be very handy in a new city or while traveling. With a year’s worth of reviews for 45 different cities, this app is far superior to the printed Zagat Guide, and can be very helpful.

2. VegOut Vegetarian Restaurant Guide

vegout1 8 Must Have Restaurant Review Apps for iPhone

This app caters to vegetarians and vegans, allowing users to find healthy, meat-free restaurants via a list of those in the area, as well as offering a handy search feature for finding an establishment by name.

The VegOut app allows users to share reviews of restaurants, with mapping and phone numbers to find the way to delicious vegetarian and vegan fare.

3. Foodspotting

foodspotting1 8 Must Have Restaurant Review Apps for iPhone

This app focuses more on the type of food you’re craving, so if you’re in the mood for Greek, Mexican, Asian, or seeking a particular dish, the Foodspotting app will lead the way.

With ratings, photos of specific dishes and user reviews, this app can let you know exactly what you’re getting and where to go to find it the next time you have a craving.

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B&O Play A8 AirPlay Wireless Speakers

422861335873722905 0428fdbc3b2f1 B&O Play A8 AirPlay Wireless Speakers

BeoPlay A8 has the portability to turn any kitchen or summer cottage into a party zone. Building on the achievements of BeoSound 8, which sold over 50,000 units in its first year and became Bang & Olufsen’s most successful sound system ever, the two models share the same design, specs and outstanding sound. What makes BeoPlay A8 even better is the integrated AirPlay wireless connection – in addition to the removable Apple docking connector.


Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman

297474962468376635 072908b8342f1 Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman

In continuous production since its introduction in 1956, the Eames Lounge Chair is widely considered one of the most significant designs of the 20th century. It was the culmination of Charles and Ray Eames’ efforts to create a club chair using the molded plywood technology that they pioneered in the ’40s.

In Charles Eames’ words, the vision was a chair with the “warm, receptive look of a well-used first baseman’s mitt.” This original is an authentic, fully licensed product of Herman Miller. The seat is balanced on a five-star, die-cast aluminum base with adjustable stainless steel glides for uneven floors.


Linkase WiFi-Signal Enhancing Case

311752978656664027 31d20e1a7a691 Linkase WiFi Signal Enhancing Case

Linkcase is an iPhone case that increases your wireless speed by up to 50%. Whether you are at home, in a café or at the airport, enhance your WIFI signals simply by sliding out the EMW (electromagnetic waveguide) element on your Linkase. With every detail carefully measured and considered, Linkase wraps around your phone seamlessly while staying slim and elegant.