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Pracownia Restaurant Interior by Karina Wiciak

restaurant karina wiciak wamhouse 1 Pracownia Restaurant Interior by Karina Wiciak
“Pracownia” which in Polish means “workshop”, was designed as a light pastiche of a painter’s studio. The most characteristic features of the interior are colourful blobs, because almost the entire interior of the “Papiernia” has been splashed with paint, from floor through furniture to the ceiling. It was not designed to be youth interior in the pop-art style, but to be modern, elegant restaurant. That is why, beyond the blots, the white and silver metal finish dominates.

“Pracownia” is the tenth project of the collection “XII”, designed entirely by Karina Wiciak.

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Home & Interiors

New England Residence Interior Style

new england style home zps885a5c2b1 New England Residence Interior Style
An owner tasked the designer Rene Desjardins to build a new house which possessed all the quality of New England style. The newly build New England Residence is like an American cottages, it favours the light, the views, the landscape, friendly large rooms and wood, but the resemblance ends there. There are no rustic or nostalgic references here, no decorative excesses or accumulations.

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Parrish Art Museum

Parrish Museum interior1 Parrish Art Museum

Designed by Herzog & de Meuron, the new 34,400-sq-ft Parrish Art Museum is essentially a double-barrelled, extruded version of the classic, house-shaped artist’s studio includes 12,200 square feet of exhibition space- three times larger of the Museum’s former building. Continue reading>>


Christmas Gift Guide: Leica X2 à la carte

Leica X2 a la carte zps7f228e63 Christmas Gift Guide: Leica X2 à la carte

Own a Leica X2 à la carte camera that is absolutely unique this Christmas seasons with the Leica X2 à la carte programme- a concept to personalize your X2 camera with a selection of styling options via specially selected stores.
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Bamboo Bench by Gal Ben-Arav

bamboo bench design zpsbe450114 Bamboo Bench by Gal Ben Arav
Israelis designer Gal Ben-Arav has created the bamboo bench, a raw bamboo seating idea that not only practical but also sustainable.
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Alter Self Jewellery by Elina Gleizer

elina gleizer jewellery zps83ba9435 Alter Self Jewellery by Elina Gleizer

Alter Self jewellery is inspired by ergonomics, human curves, anatomy and guide lines. Each item is designed for specific body part and expressing it with slight exaggeration. Designed by up and coming Israeli Jewelry Designer, Elina Gleizer.
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Geo Table by Gonçalo Campos

GEO detail table Geo Table by Gonçalo Campos

Portuguese product designer, Gonçalo Campos designed this Geo Table – a stone top table that reminds us of where materials come from.
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Gelato Bistro- Al Fresco Branding by Anagrama

al fresco dining zps9c01a055 Gelato Bistro  Al Fresco Branding by Anagrama

Anagrama came up with a hand-crafted illustration language for San Pedro based gelato bistro- Al Fresco.
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Oth Sombath Thai Restaurant

thai restaurant interior zpsa224dc74 Oth Sombath Thai Restaurant

Designer Patrick Jouin has created this Thai-cuisine restaurant to showcase the talented Thai chef Oth Sombath, in the gastronomy city of France. Corresponding to Oth’s cuisine: the interiors of the restaurant offer an unusual but rich in colors, texture and surprises settings!

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Limited Edition PIXEL Cabinet by Boca Do Lobo

pixel cabinet design zpsdedb58d3 Limited Edition PIXEL Cabinet by Boca Do Lobo

Consisting of 1088 triangles that made up the PIXEL cabinet, The PIXEL cabinet by Boca Do Lobo is a limited edition piece that showcase design and craftmanship at its finest…

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Home & Interiors

Cheerful Small Apartment Interior

modern apartment interior zpsf1cb18a5 Cheerful Small Apartment Interior

This small apartment of 65 sq m in Southern Finland get a clever facelift from Architect Maurizio Giovannoni with bright and cheerful color interior.

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Festival of Colors

Festival of Colors india zps9e2a8b0d Festival of Colors

The festival of Holi or better know as Festival of Colors is celebrated on the day after the full moon in early March every year. It is India’s most celebrated festival along with Diwali…

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Doce Cielos Honey Packaging by Anagrama

doce cielos honey packaging zpsbfc0a419 Doce Cielos Honey Packaging by Anagrama

Doce Cielos, a brand specializing in traditional handcrafted honey-based products has asked Mexico branding agency, Anagrama to design a new honey packaging and branding design for their new line of products.

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Iron Lace house

metal staircase design zps0d0be8ab Iron Lace house

A stunning staircase railing design by Rene Desjardins for the Iron Lace House.

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Ronaldo Fraga Illustrations

Ronaldo Fraga illustration zps56eb7fd81 Ronaldo Fraga Illustrations

Brazillian fashion designer Ronaldo Fraga collaboration with furniture retailer Tok & Stok on a selection of products, from cushions to lampshades and tableware…

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