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India: Recycled Cardboard School Bag Transformed to Desk


Mumbai NGO Aarambh’s desk cum school bag made from recycled cardboard, is poised to be a saviour for underprivileged school kids in India. Continue »

Amazing Asian Restaurant Design in Hong Kong


Hong Kong based NC Design & Architecture, has pared back the look of traditional Asian dining spaces to create a crisp, minimalist aesthetic for a Malaysian-Chiu Chow Chinese restaurant in Hong Kong. The dining area features a wall wrapped in sinuous dark wood that morphs into an open-kitchen counter with stools that reference traditional drums. Continue »

Star Trek Enterprise Office Building


Liu Dejian, CEO of Chinese software firm NetDragon, has taken design to where no man has gone before with his distinctive Star Trek-style office building. Continue »

Coke Bottle 100 Years Young Celebration

To celebrate the 100th birthday of the iconic Coke bottle, Coca-Cola is cooperating with the High Museum of Art in Atlanta to display 100 items in an art museum show from Feb 28 to Oct 4 2015. Continue »

Joe Colombo’s 1960s MiniKitchen Get a Facelift by Boffi

The Minikitchen is a re-issue of Joe Colombo’s celebrated 1963 design, realised now in Corian® by Boffi. Joe Colombo produced a series of innovations which made him one of Italy’s most influential Italian product designers. It contains basic necessities such as an induction hob, mini fridge, storage compartments, electrical sockets, and chopping board and pull-out worktop. Continue »

Fraise Ornamental Paper Collar by Desinere

Fraise is an ornamental paper collar that presents itself with many possibilities, existing as an exquisite planter and tray or simply as a beautifully pleated paper wreath for the festival occasion. Each Fraise collar is carefully handcrafted and features the unique tactile papers from the Curious Matter series by Arjowiggins. Continue »

BOLD Hotel by Markus Betz

The BOLD hotel in Munich is designed by Markus Betz Architektur Projektabwicklung. As a cool design hotel that has raised the bar for budget hotels in Munich, with its significance, style and an individual character for small prices. Continue »

POD-iDLADLA by Clara da Cruz Almeida

Pod-Idladla is a modular, prefabricated nano-home designed by Clara da Cruz Almeida. Continue »

DIY take-off light by Fifty Fifty

See more photos here>>takeoff_lightning_5
The DIY take-off light by Fifty Fifty is designed to be of high originality and individual functionality. Designer Maximilian Schmahl of Fifty Fifty try to make the product to work easily and does not take itself too seriously. With your own creativity, you can create your very own special lampshade which will have a special relationship with their owners.
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Infinitum Table by Lou


Infinitum is an arduino-powered table that turns on when items are placed on it, and which turns off when they are removed. This table is designed for people who never tidy up, but leave their belongings everywhere. The designer decided to design a table that would light up when objects were placed on it, giving people a beautiful backdrop for their objects and the illusion of an infinitely deep hole in the floor. This would also encourage users to tidy up before they left a room because the light would only switch off once there was nothing left on the table.
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Bookniture – The Multipurpose Furniture


Designer Mike Mak has launched a very minimalist and functional Kickstarter project : The Bookniture (ending 18 March 2015). Bookniture is Moleskine look-alike book, can be opened up 360 degrees multipurpose furniture. With origami structure design (to replace the original idea of honeycomb structure), this paper furniture has superior strength but light in weight which make it suitable for chair & table.
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Korean Tattooist Seoeon


Unlike most heavy shaded dragon or skull tattoo, Korean tattoo artist Seoeon’s ‘line tattoos’ seems to be gaining popularity among young Koreans. The designs involves simple lines, pastel colors and geometric figures which are rare in the industry. Design like origami cranes, diamonds, cats, bows, unicorns and hearts, these tattoos are like a breath of fresh air in an industry full of heavy and complicated designs.
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Garcia de Orta Secondary School by Bak Gordon Architect


Garcia de Orta Secondary School in Portugal was built in the 1970s as a series of separate pavilions. In the modernization of Portuguese secondary schools, architect Bak Gordon designed a modern extension building that act as the school’s central space. It complies with the brief and provides a large recreational area that is external but covered. Strong and bright red colour is used in the new environments contrast with the neutrality of the bare concrete wall underneath.
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iD Town International Youth Hostel by O-office Architects


O-office Architects latest re-development of the abandoned industrial site in Shenzhen into iD Town art district project is an international youth hostel. Original a dormitory building serving the factory immigrant settlers, the renovation began with the conversion of ground floor area into the youth hostel lobby space, a cafe, kitchen and multifunctional public spaces. Continue »

A’ Design Award & Competition – Winners of A’ Package Design Awards


A’ Design Award & Competition is the Worlds’ largest annual juried design competition honours best designers, architects, and design oriented companies worldwide. Every year, projects ranging from industrial design to architecture that focus on innovation, technology, design and creativity are awarded with the A’ Award to push them further for success. Winning and having the A’ Design Award & Competition is a recognition of excellence for designers and a proof of quality for companies. Continue »