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How to Turn Your iPad into a Laptop

Keeping that in mind we managed to collect some really nice apps and accessories to turn your iPad into a Laptop. We have sectioned this post into two categories as; Best apps to turn iPad into Laptop and Best Accessories to turn iPad into laptop.
Brydge+ for iPad
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The 50 Best Cydia Apps of 2013 for iPad

Cydia apps add an extra essential touch to Jailbroken iPad’s by providing numerous apps as well as Tweaks that eventually set you right to enjoy the best of both worlds.
best cydia apps 2013 iPad
In this post we have collected 50 Best of the Best iPad Cydia apps of 2013.

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10 Best Internet Browsers for Your iPad

There are many Internet Browsers for iPad but in this post we have only collected 10 Best Internet Browsers for iPad keeping in mind all the details, features and service it provides in addition to those already provided by the Safari Default browser.


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Top 10 Siri for Android Alternatives

Have you ever wanted to try Siri on your Android phone? We have and although we know that Apple will never officially launch Siri for Android, we took the liberty of finding top 10 Siri Alternatives for Android.

Siri for Android

If you had to choose just one app amongst the ones featured on this page, Skyvi would be the one we would recommend.

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More Than 1,000 Astounding Wallpapers for your iPhone 5

It has been quite a while since we have seen a list this big. This massive list of iPhone 5 wallpapers will beat anything you have ever seen. It contains a lot of different iPhone wallpapers styles, types and designs. There is so much diversity of iPhone 5 wallpapers that everyone will find something for their iPhone on this list.

iPhone 5 Wallpapers

The iPhone 5 wallpapers in this list range from Abstract to Art to Photography. There is a bit of mix of the sketch wallpapers as well. What are you waiting for, hop on to the list and checkout this list right now.

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110+ Awesome Baby Photographs

Moms and baby sitters, we give you over 100 cute baby pictures that will get an awe out of your mouth even if you don’t want to. These adorable photos of babies all around the world have taken us by a storm and you are going to love them too. You can find these cute photos here and you can share them on FaceBook, Twitter or Pinterest.

Cute baby Photos

Baby Angry


Baby Wallpaper

20 Top iPad Accessories

We have collected and showcase 20 p notch iPad accessories which at the very least one will make your iPad more useful. These accessories range from earphones to stands, each of them has a unique use and makes your iPad experience even better.
iPad Speaker
iPad accessories
iPad Stylus
iPad Car mount

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10 iPad Protective Cases For Your Device

We all love our Apple iPad’s and providing it with a standard protection is almost like a natural instinct that comes to our mind. After investing an impressive amount of money into your iPad it is naive if not foolish to not think about the suitable case for this precious device. There are a lot of protective cases available in the market made from different material with some extra functions and exquisite designs thrown in.
iPad Protective Cases
Protective iPad Cases

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200+ Retina iPad Wallpapers for iPad 3

We received a positive response on our earlier article about iPad retina wallpapers and we have decided to showcase even more wallpapers for our readers/fans. The New iPad has an incredible display and a resolution of 2048×1536px. However, in order for wallpapers to look good in portrait as well as landscape mode, the backgrounds have to be 2048x2048px. All the wallpapers below are of that resolution. The pixel density of the Retina iPad is 264 PPI and the various wallpapers we have collected below will definitely look best on your retina iPad’s high resolution display.
Retina iPad Wallpapers
iPad Retina Wallpapers

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How To Make Android Apps

The name ‘Android’ has made a lot of buzz in the market and has reined a lot of space too. Google, from the day they acquired Android, has made a wonder out of it and to say the least, it would not be conflicting that Android is rated the best OS in today’s age. Google has also made it extremely easy make Android apps.

how to make android apps
how to make apps for android

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5 Best iPad Metal Cases

Metal iPad cases belong to the category of iPad cases that provide rugged protection and the metallic finish just makes your iPad look and feel tough. We are going to list the 5 iPad metal cases we think are best in the class. You are going to like this list if you are looking for a metal case for your iPad.

iPad Metal Cases
Metal iPad Cases

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Ultimate List of iPad Tips and Tricks

Top tips for mastering the iPad. Impress others with your iPad savviness by learning these tablet tricks. We’ve assembled this list of tips for subduing the iPad’s on-screen keyboard, managing your multitude of apps, searching through the contents of your tablet, and more. Learn these skills, and you’ll soon impress everyone with your iPad-savvy, whether you’ve owned an iPad since day one or if the iPad 3 is your first model.
iPad Tips and Tricks
iPad Tricks and Tips

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105 Cool and Unique iPad Cases

So, you are planning to buy an iPad or you have already bought one and now you probably are searching for a case to protect your iPad. We have summed up 105 cool iPad cases in this post. One of them will surely match your taste depending on whether iPad is just another toy at home, business partner, show off, and so on.
Cool iPad Cases
Vaja-Messenger-Bag for iPad

Cool iPad Cases with Uniqueness

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60 HD iPad Retina Wallpapers

Your old iPad wallpapers obviously won’t look good on the new iPad because of the huge resolution difference. The native resolution of iPad is 2048×1536px but in order for the wallpapers to look just as decent in the landscape mode, wallpapers have to be 2048x2048px.

All the wallpapers below are 2048x2048px so these will look great in portrait as well as landscape mode.
iPad Retina Wallpapers
HD iPad Wallpapers
Retina HD iPad Wallpapers

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12 Best Carbon Fiber iPhone 4 Cases

Carbon fiber cases for iPhone 4 albeit expensive, but they provide a high degree of protection and do not mess up with your iPhone’s already genius design.

In this post we have collected 10 Best Carbon fiber iPhone 4 cases that will also work with an iPhone 4s.Carbon Fibre iPhone 4 Case

Carbon Fiber iPhone case
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