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Libero 2015

Graphic packaging for “Libero” of TyC Sports channel (Argentina). The libero is a position that has the particularity to play “free” within a playing structure. The aesthetic proposal is a tactical “wink” to all the football fans, lovers of this TV show.
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TyC Sports Verano 2015

Graphic packaging for the program TyC Sports Summer 2015. A summery visual identity under the personal conceptual approach of TyC Sports.
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2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ on TyC Sports

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ on TyC Sports channel
Concept: World Party
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TV Show “Brasil 2014” on TyC Sports channel

Graphic packaging for 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ TV Show on TyC Sports channel (when there isn’t a transmission of a match). It´s based on the official look and feel of the event´s brand manual.

Chief of Promotions and CAE: Gonzalo Gómez Berard.

CAE Supervisor: Javier Gori.

Design, 2D/3D animation & compositing: Sandra Pelligró, Martín Ferdkin, Leandro Fernández y Javier Gori.

TyC Sports Branding 2014

New branding for TyC Sports channel (Argentina).

CONCEPT: Flock of Fans
It is based on the dynamics of the flock of birds and schools of fish, and transfered to the fans and the manifestation of its feelings. Different parts that function as a whole.
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“The butterfly effect” BBC World Service

Proposal for “Bring the News to Life: A global creative challenge” BBC World Service. Between October and November 2013, YCN and BBC World Service invited international creatives based outside the UK, aged between 18-34, to develop an advert or advertising campaign that encourages young audiences to engage with the BBC World Service. Continue »

Feliz 2014/ Happy 2014

Tarjeta animada. ///// Animated greeting card.


Titles animation as a visual set (screen loop) to be projected in FORMA ™ | R ¹ (, a design and illustration event in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Happy 2013

My analogic animated greetings card for this year.
Best wishes!

Martin Ferdkin

Happy 2012!

Happy new year!


Translation in english, sentence by sentence:

Wishing you
the best of the world
Happy 2012!

One Motion Day

This short film is about my experience of “Playgrounds Vs. Submarine Channel” on October 5, 2011 in Amsterdam.
I live in Buenos Aires but I was on vacations in Paris that week. I didn’t have much time but I really wanted to go so I made some space in my trip and I travelled back and forth on the same day: Paris-Amsterdam-Paris. And It really worth it! It was an inspiring day of great lectures in a very nice place.

Shooted, edited and animated by Martín Ferdkin (

Original music: “Peces en la inundación” de Juan Gulluni (

Happy 2011!

I´m a graphic designer and animator from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I send you my home-made animated greetings here:

Best wishes!

Martín Ferdkin

Dream Hunters | FIBA World Cup Turkey 2010

[vimeo 14558488]

Basketball promotion for the FIBA World Cup Turkey 2010 on TyC Sports Channel, Argentina.

Head of promotions and CAE: Gonzalo Gomez
Creative Team: Lionel Garcia, Martin Ferdkin, Juan Tejero, Julio and Javier Abdullatif Gori
Screenplay: Julio Abdulatif
Production: Diego Peralta
Speech: Hernan “Loco” Montenegro
Direction: Lionel Garcia
Direction Assistance: Julio Abdullatif and Martin Ferdkin
Edition: Lionel Garcia and Juan Tejero
Sound Design: Juan Tejero
Graphic Design: Martin Ferdkin
Post Production and Color Treatment: Martin Ferdkin and Javier Gori
Animation: Dario Becher, Sandra Pelligro, Martin Ferdkin and Javier Gori
Director of Photography: Facundo Echeguren
Art Direction: Paula Pires
Art Assistant: Maria Laura Doliani
Cinematographers: Jorge Gil and Ernesto Montero
Video Operator: Gonzalo Pérez
Makeup: Estefanía Cabral

Happy 2010! animated greetings

A personal combination of collage and stop motion. These are my greetings to all the readers of Design You Trust.
The english translation would be: “let´s fill out… this new decade… of pretty things… to remember… Best wishes,Martin”
I wish you a great year and a happy beginning of the decade!

[vimeo 8478691]