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HD3: Capture Tourbillon Limited Edition

There are watches and there are “watches”. HD3 has made limited edition watch, only 11 available. The styling is unique at the least, black leather, 18k gold…

Check out the more photos at Addours.

HD3: Capture Tourbillon Limited Edition

Onnit fit primal kettle bell

Usually you need to hide all your exercise equipment from your guests since they are not actually nice looking laying around in your living room. Not this one. Check out this Onnit Primal Bell at or get yours from amazon.

Omnit-Primal-Bells at

Want to enjoy a book?

There are times when you would like to spend quality time with the book you love, then you start seeking suitable place where you can be undisturbed. How about one of these places? What’s your favorite? Interesting to notice how many Eames chairs are in these photos. Check all the photos at

Best places to read

Best places to read

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The 33 Most Beautiful Abandoned Places In The World

Check out these beautiful places which are now part of the history. Abandoned places around the world in stunning photographs. Wouldn’t you like to visit these places or have you? See all 33 images at

Sony MDR-X10/RED X headphones

Sony has been legendary with their headphones in the past but recent years many other brands have left Sony into dust. Now Sony has brand new model which has been reviewed at Addours website. These are the headphones you want,  read the review here and get yours from Amazon.

Welcome to Bangkok ebook for Kindle

Good news for people wanting to travel to Thailand and Bangkok. Now there is brand new eBook with updated information available called “Welcome to Bangkok”. It features best art galleries, foods to experience and lots of more we found valuable which we don’t find from Lonely Planet. The book is very reasonable priced, even cheap compared that you can save big bucks when avoiding those nasty scams in Bangkok. Currently it’s available only for Kindle but you can download Kindle app for free most of platforms. More information here.

Welcome to Bangkok

Nike Air Force 1 Low Premium BHM

Even it’s already 2013, we somehow missed these cool sneakers. And what a theme, respect! The Nike Air Force 1 Low Premium BHM is part of Nike’s 2012 Black History Month lineup. Its got all the features of your favorite AF1′s but in a unique colorway that pays respect to the fashions of our generation. These will age and get value like fine wine. Get yours from Amazon and Read more at

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Lord of the Rings 88 Behind the Scenes photos

Addours suprises again. Check out these amazing photos (88) from behind the scenes of lord of the rings movie sets. If even if you don’t like the movie series that much, these are plenty of fun the look at. Click.


Tchernobyl – 14 photos after and before the disaster

Check out 14 pictures to compare the region of Chernobyl and Pripyat before the nuclear disaster and now… In 25 years, nature has reasserted itself despite the radiation. See photos at

27 Of The Coolest Offices From Around The World

So how was your day at work? or would you like to work some day in one of these magnificent offices? I wonder what kind of office these guys have at Check out the cool office designs and architectures at

Behind the scenes on set of ‘Pulp Fiction’

Many of us are Tarantino fans and Pulp Fiction is one his best works. Check out these behind the scene photos from Pulp Fiction where you can see Bruce Willis, Quetin Tarantino, Uma Thurman and John Travolta. Check the whole set at

Apple’s new products, iPad mini, iPad 4th gen, 13″ Macbook retina, Mini, iMac

Apple announced to today 23.10.2012 many new products, iPad mini, iPad 4th gen, 13″ Macbook retina, Mini, iMac. See them here!

Amazing advertising ideas

Just to get your attention, many companies are putting a lot of effor to advertising with they partnering companies. Sadly we see way too rarely this kind of work. We would love to see how these guys advertise at, greasy! Check the whole set of clever advertising at

12 Ways to Store a Bike in Style

Some places you cannot leave your bike outside or your bike is just too valuable. Then comes the question: “how to store bike and not to have it look like piece of metal?” Luckily here is the answer, check out cool 12 different ways to store your bike in you place, worth of sharing. When dogs will get their own bikes?

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Underwater bar in Maledives

Located 500 meters offshore and submerged six meter in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, lies the world’s first underwater music club, Subsix. The floor to ceiling glass walls on three sides lets you enjoy an unobstructed view of the exotic marine life while the club’s DJ console and bar are along the back wall. Accessible only by boat, this club was constructed first entirely on land, and then later submerged into the ocean. Check more details at