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Robotic Leggings by Dustrial

Robotic, cyberpunk themed leggings fro traversing the dystopian dreamscape by Dustrial.

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New Cyberpunk Fashion from Dustrial

Dustrial mixes elements of sci-fi and street, upgrades that with trends of the internet, technology and gaming culture to deliver a brand concept that is future perfect.

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Dustrial Cyberpunk Clothing, Sci-Fi Streetwear

CYBERSPACE cyberpunk fashion dustrial 001
Dustrial’s mix of sci-fi and streetwear trends blends elements of the internet, technology and urban dynamics to deliver a brand concept that is future perfect. Source: Cyberpunk Clothing

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Dustrial, Sci-fi Inspired Streetwear Fashion

sci inspired streetwear dustrial

Dustrial explores the parallels of science fact and science fiction over the last century. How it shapes our perception of the past, present and future.

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Mobile App Interface Web Font Icons, Free Download by Ctrl Alt Design

One Nation Under Boston by Ctrl Alt Design

Glitch Art – Cara Delevingne by Ctrl Alt Design

Lady Gaga Artpop glitch rmx by Ctrl Alt Design

Mobile User Interface Design, Blood Sugar Management, by Ctrl Alt Design

INTERFACE DESIGN,Ctrl Alt Design, Boston MA

User Interface design for a mobile blood sugar and insulin management app.

Source:Ctrl Alt Design

Graphic Design, Ceremony Poster by Ctrl Alt Design

Americabre, Poster by Ctrl Alt Design for Dustrial

Dustrial Streetwear, Women’s 2014 Designs, Punk + Pastel

Social Media Share Icons by Ctrl Alt Design

Social Media Buttons free download ctrl alt design

Cohesive social media share icons for your blog, contact page, share bars etc.

Social networks & sites included:
Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Vine, , Instagram, Vimeo, Dropbox, Skype, WordPress,, Spreadshirt, Dribbble, Reddit, Google Drive, Digg, Deviant Art, Sound Cloud, Live Journal,Tumblr, Society6, MySpace, Behance, YouTube, X-Box, Apple, Email, RSS

Download Here:
Social Media Share Icons V2, Flat, Metro, Free Download

By: Ctrl Alt Design

She Sells Seashells Apparel Design, Ctrl Alt Design, Boston

Boston Summer Evening by Ctrl Alt Design