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VH1 Launches Retro “Dating Naked” Adventure Game

When VH1 kicked-off the second season of its original “Dating Naked” series on July 22, it also released a free videogame produced by The Uprising Creative. Called “Love’s a Beach,” the 8-bit mobile and browser game online at invites players to choose two avatars that run, raft and ride together through various levels of a tropical paradise for fun and a top-spot on the global leaderboard. Scores and game images are easily shared on social media and can be found by using the hashtag #datingnaked. Continue »

Rihanna’s “American Oxygen” leverages Uprising Creative

Directors Darren Craig, Jonathan Craven and Jeff Nicholas of The Uprising Creative have become especially popular lately, and their new music video for Rihanna’s “American Oxygen” has a lot to do with that. The project’s iconic imagery was first seen in the NCAA’s official March Madness promos, and the finished video was the first to debut exclusively on the much-debated Tidal service. Last week, it finally appeared on YouTube and Vevo, where it is currently racking up well over a million views per day. Continue »

Remix Modest Mouse with the Strangers Linguistic Remix Generator


Last week, Epic Records recording artists Modest Mouse released their much-anticipated album “Strangers to Ourselves,” giving fans worldwide access to their first new music in eight years. To continue the celebrations, the band has also launched the Strangers Linguistic Remix Generator, a groundbreaking interactive project developed by The Uprising Creative which lives online at Continue »

Experience Deluxe “Tales Of Us” courtesy of Goldfrapp

Cap Gun Collective’s cinematic collaboration with director/editor Lisa Gunning and Mute Records recording artists Goldfrapp is now available for instant download via iTunes. This spellbinding “Tales Of Us” film accompanying the album of the same name enthralled audiences around the world via in-theater simulcasts of live Goldfrapp performances of “Tales Of Us” tracks, which were recorded live at London’s Air Studios.
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Leviathan presents future of experiential media and projection mapping

Jason White is the executive creative director for creative studio Leviathan, which he co-founded in 2010 and quickly built into an industry leader in creating phenomenal visual experiences that maximize all media platforms. The studio’s high-profile projects include Amon Tobin’s “ISAM Live” – winner of an FITC Best Animation Award and featured in Communication Arts Interactive Annual – plus other feats for musical artists Drake and Skrillex, and many major brands.

So far this year, Jason has presented at FITC and Adobe events in Tokyo and Amsterdam, and his next presentation is scheduled for 27 April at FITC Toronto. For FITC Amsterdam, Jason and his Leviathan colleagues produced the event’s opening titles. In reviewing that presentation for the Artists and Algorists website, Gemma Carr wrote: “Jason is passionate about creating pieces that the audience can interact with so that they are all making art together… He ended his presentation with a bit of advice which included that you should always collaborate, and that none of these projects would have been possible without the help of several teams.”

Experimental “Ghost Box” Project from Leviathan Inspires the World

Last month, the principals of creative studio Leviathan decided to unveil their experimental proof-of-concept project entitled “Ghost Box,” which they designed to demonstrate how almost any product of any size can be brought to life by projection with you as the director. Distributed to leading creative industry media outlets worldwide as a video with a short description, the hope was to ignite enthusiasm and excitement around the project and Leviathan’s vision, artistry and craftsmanship.

As shown in the demo video, Leviathan’s first application for Ghost Box was an interactive art installation involving music from Waveplant, but they also revised it into a custom car configurator. The video concludes, “Such technologies could be used for anything from a storefront window to a large-scale event,” and asks: “Now that we know it’s possible, what do you want to build?” Here are some responses.
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Shilo’s Holiday Homage to HBO Classic

Director Anthony Furlong and his colleagues from the Emmy Award-winning creative production company Shilo have created a cinematic holiday card for HBO as shown in the following Behind the Scenes presentation. HBO’s holiday video begins in the home of a family sitting down to watch HBO together, then recreates the network’s renowned 1983 intro by flying through New York and then moving through the vast landscapes of the United States. For Shilo, attention to detail was paramount as they designed and built every New York building to match the original within this updated style. The paper world they created provides a unique holiday twist connecting to cards, gift wrappings and handmade charm.

According to Furlong, his team’s research and development phase consisted of building practical houses and characters from paper, which gave them an understanding of how to realistically model each object in their world and which paper weaves would provide the best stand-ins for real world materials. “We wrote a variety of concepts and scripts, with our favorite being a take on the original HBO intro from 1983,” he says. “Not only is it a celebration of the iconic intro’s 30th anniversary, but it became a perfect holiday journey by visiting the homes of viewers throughout the country. For us, home is what the holidays are all about.”

To learn more, please visit

CMA Awards draw 16.6 million viewers for ABC

On November 6th, the ABC Network televised the 47th CMA Awards program live from the heart of “Music City” at The Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee, and the results are in: 16.6 million viewers watched the show, giving the program its largest overall audience since 2009. Working hand-in-hand with ABC, the Brooklyn-based creative force Juniper Jones ( produced this year’s CMA Awards advance promo campaign featuring the show’s co-hosts Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood ( Their storytelling goal was to take country-music fans behind the scenes into country music’s biggest night.

For the force’s creative director Kevin Robinson and executive producer Susie Shuttleworth, it was yet another wonderful opportunity to be part of a historic night of broadcasting with the global television and music industries’ most accomplished talents.

To learn more about the CMA Awards, please visit The Country Music Association’s official website is Continue »

“School Meals: Potential” PSA for World Food Program USA

The award-winning bicoastal design and digital production company Thornberg & Forester and their clients at World Food Program USA (WFP USA) are very proud to share this important new PSA entitled “School Meals: Potential.”

The full-length PSA runs two minutes in length and can be viewed on YouTube here:

T&F co-founder and director Scott Matz says, “We wrote and designed a story to showcase the incredible fact that World Food Program School Meals nourish not only the bodies of thousands of children most in need, but also aid in the development of their minds (through education). While the film is a testament to WFP’s sheer passion and drive to fight hunger on a global scale, it also celebrates the human spirit. The film looks squarely in the eye of the issue, promotes awareness and offers an engaging call to action in an aspirational way.” Continue »

To the movies with Lifetime and “Witches of East End”

Based in DUMBO on Brooklyn’s waterfront, Juniper Jones is the creative force dedicated to creating custom-tailored solutions. We are especially proud of our recent :60 cinema/TV spot for Lifetime’s new series “Witches of East End,” which has helped attract millions of viewers each week since its debut on 6 October. As shown in our Making Of video – – we shot the talent in a real environment, then added considerable visual effects artistry to dramatically showcase a very powerful group of witches creating a dramatic fire ritual.

Naturally, without a good story, it’s all just smoke and mirrors. The story for this spot was not really narrative; the idea was to communicate a feeling of intrigue and to give hints into who the characters are and who they will become.

To us, this spot would already look quite amazing even without all the fire! Using Fume FX, we had the perfect tool to create iterations of fire, smoke and heat haze to make the overall story come to explosive life. While we did shoot plates on set and a couple of small fire setups with talent, it was still a situation of having 90% of the spot created in post. VFX artist extraordinaire Allen McKay and a supporting pyrotechnic crew matched the 3D fire to the real fire.

To learn more about “Witches of East End,” please visit

Behind the Scenes of the Thursday Night Football Open Starring Priyanka

Based in DUMBO on Brooklyn’s waterfront, Juniper Jones is the creative force dedicated to creating custom-tailored solutions. Recently the force was selected by the NFL Network and MAGGIEVISION Productions as their key partner to create the 2013/2014 “Thursday Night Football” broadcast open starring Priyanka Chopra.

The open premiered on Sep. 12 ahead of the season’s first game, and since then, each week’s broadcast has attracted millions and millions of viewers. The custom project toolkit Juniper Jones delivered allows the network to give each host city – and the week’s competing NFL teams – a one-of-a-kind “Thursday Night Football” spotlight featuring Priyanka.

It’s our pleasure to share the debut open ( ), and some of the concept artwork and behind-the-scenes imagery from our work (below). To learn more about Thursday Night Football, please visit Continue »

Final month in Denmark for VIKING exhibition featuring Shilo

When Atelier Brückner approached the Emmy Award-winning creative production company Shilo to create an audiovisual installation for its new exhibition featuring Roskilde 6, the world’s largest Viking ship, creative director Tom Green knew it would be a project of epic proportions. Continue »

Enjoy Bacardi’s New Visual Identity from ATTIK

Facing increasing competition in a crowded spirits category and brand fragmentation, Bacardi turned to ATTIK for a new visual identity system that would strengthen and unite its entire rum portfolio and allow the brand to speak with a single voice on a global scale. Over the past year, the new system has been adopted by all of Bacardi’s individual marketing territories, supporting the brand’s highly visible 150th anniversary celebrations all around the world.

“The Casa de Bacardi has a rich history of creating great parties and great times, always bringing people together. To support a comprehensive revitalization of the Bacardi brand, ATTIK redesigned the BACARDÍ visual identity to match the warmth, masculinity and proud heritage of the iconic 150 year old spirits company. Our creative strategy was to help BACARDÍ own a distinct position in the competitive rums market.”

ATTIK is part of the Dentsu Network focused on developing integrated advertising, digital and branded experiences. The agency’s complete case study appears here:Í

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Lexus “Amazing Mix” Contest Open Through 5 August

An innovative new website and interactive promotion has launched as part of the cross-media campaign for the entirely new 2014 Lexus IS sport sedan. The Amazing Mix site presents a stunning video board where the new Lexus IS sedan is front and center. By using the keyboard, the scene’s visuals and audio elements change, creating one-of-a-kind custom mixes which can easily be saved and shared via the user’s social channels. For additional inspiration, users can type in LEXUS and see what happens. The Amazing Mix uses Flash for its main site, while mobile users can access a custom HTML5 save-disabled version that allows them to play with the content. Online banners drive users to the site and the introductory brand film that appears on the site will also be used at trade shows and events.

Participants will have a chance to win tickets to the 2014 Pebble Beach Food and Wine Festival, hotel stay at the event and $2,000, or a $500 cash prize. To enter, visit, make a custom mix, and upload it to the Lexus gallery. The submission deadline is 8:59 AM Pacific Time on Monday, August 5. Continue »

Strong Open and Finish for 2013 NBA Finals

Sports Media Watch reports that the affiliate ratings for ABC for game seven of the 2013 NBA Finals drew 26.3 million viewers for the June 20 telecast, as The Miami Heat conquered the San Antonio Spurs to win their second-straight NBA title. Like the other six games in this year’s championship series, game seven – now the second highest-rated NBA Finals broadcast of the decade – opened with the spectacular new Broadcast Open produced by the creative force Juniper Jones through its continuing relationship with ESPN.

According to ESPN senior coordinating producer Tim Corrigan and his team producing each of the 2013 Finals telecasts, the new Broadcast Open was a two-month project. “It puts all the focus and attention on great players, great teams and great moments that only happen at the NBA Finals,” he said.

For ESPN, credit goes to Executive VP John Wildhack, Senior VP Mark Gross, NBA Finals producer Tim Corrigan and producers Valerie Fischler, Mark Teitleman. Along with creative director Kevin Robinson, DP Scott Maguire and editor Eli Mavros, Juniper Jones’ credits include executive producer Susie Shuttleworth, senior producer Ryan McRee, associate producer Kyle McKeveny, art director Lloyd Alverez, TD/CG supervisor Caius Wong, 3D generalist Joe Nguyen, 3D VFX Joe Gunn, compositor Chris West, designer/compositor Steve Lee, designer/animator Naomie Ross, rotoscoper J Bush and assistant editor Jonathan Rouzier. The 2013 NBA Finals Broadcast Open features the music track “Legends and Heroes” from Mibe Music (composer, Claudio Pelissero, music supervisor, Peter Zepina), and the sound design and mix are courtesy of Joe Just of Vidiots.