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Volkswagen Trust Campaign Illustration


In light of the recent accusations against Volkswagen for deliberately cheating the emission tests this campaign championing the trust their customers should have in Volkswagen as a rather odd meaning I guess.

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Interactive Multimedia Skate Ramp by ENESS

ENESS created an interactive skate ramp as a promo for the TRON: Legacy movie premiere.

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Kuryako Special Edition Packaging

Sebastian Barrena created a special edition packaging for Kuryako. The package includes a ‘mini gun’ and braces to give that ‘gang’ feel to it. Furthermore he created a gig poster and accompanying artwork.

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Five Muertitas by Krisztianna

Krisztianna created five different Muertitas. Each representing a season of the year and one ‘Momma Muertita’.

Krisztianna – Muertitas on Creativitea

View more pictures of these amazing five Muertitas at Creativitea.

Krisztianna – Muertitas on Creativitea

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Color Smeg Refrigerator Advertisements

Guilherme Eugênio Ronconi created some fresh fruit- and colorful print advertisements for the new color Smeg refrigerators.

More Smeg ads here

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Rewritable Carpet Message Board

Gonçalo Campos created a message board that’s in fact a piece of carpet that can be written on by changing the fabric’s direction. This way you can write/re-write stuff with your finger and hands on the board.

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Tipp-ex: “If Only You Had Written It”

Andrés Mencía created advertisements for Tipp-ex. As a slogan he used “If only you had written it” – Tipp-ex.

“I’ve never slept with that woman” – Bill Clinton

“I’ve slept in a bed with many children” – Michael Jackson

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Turn Your Bed in a Chocolate Bar!

Bed Toppings created a topping for your bed, paired with sheets for you to transform your bed into a chocolate bar.

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Abstract Digital Portrait Paintings

Denis Gonchar created these abstract portrait paintings from photo references.

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Pop-up CD Packaging by Lilla Tóth

Lilla Tóth created a CD packaging for Electronica. The special thing about it is that when you open it up it has an abstract pop-up that complements the music and printed design on the front and back.

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New work by Joe Fenton – The Herd

Joe Fenton just updated his portfolio with his latest addition called “The Herd”.

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Fluffy Cyclops iPad Case

iLoveHandles created an iPod case that has built in cleaning and huge cuddling factor! The case uses the camera of your iPad as the cyclops eye and you can clean your iPad’s screen with its hands.

Find more images of the fluffy cyclops iPad case and a ton of other creative stuff at, your daily cup of inspiration

Shelf Inspired by a Piano

Sebastian Errazuriz created a shelf that’s build from piano keys. You turn them up if you don’t want to use them and flip them horizontal to use as a shelf.

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Paper Masks by INK Studio – Graphical Carnaval

INK Studio created these paper masks as an intern project. INK Studio are four students: Thibaut van Boxtel, Mirante William, Braeckevelt Julien, Cédric Philippi. They named the project Graphical Carnaval.

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