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Courage Over Comfort – Hand Lettered Print


Brand new hand lettered print by Toronto based art shop Design Different. This print celebrates the 3 year anniversary of the shop.
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Set of 3 Designer Notebooks Made From Ecologically Sustainable Wheat


Toronto based art shop Design Different has started selling notebooks, however these notebooks are not your ordinary notebooks. Each book is made from 100% ecologically sustainable wheat paper. The binding is made from natural organic twine instead of metal staples, and each book is meticulously hand made in Canada crafted with great care. Continue »


The zombie apocalypse has finally happened and you need to leave your city fast! As panic sets in you quickly remember that to survive a zombie apocalypse you need to find a safe zone, somewhere where there’s a natural abundance of water, fish and forestry. Somewhere far away in an isolated place. You decide to Google map a location to search for a safe zone but WAIT, all systems are down. How do you find your safe zone! Continue »


Inspired by one of Leonardo Da Vinci’s most famous quotes, this illustration depicts a painters brush ever so carefully painting the Universe that is present in his mind. Continue »


Toronto based artist Ryan McArthur has been know around the world for his clever and minimal illustrative quotes. This particular quote was recently released and highlights a wonderful quote by John Webster. “Like diamonds, we are cut with our own dust.” To see more prints from this series click here Continue »

A Series of Minimalist Poster Quotes

This series of minimalist prints are all based on intriguing and thought provoking quotes. Each design playfully touches on the meaning behind each quote by representing it in the most minimal way. Designed by Toronto based art shop Design Different. Continue »

Zombie Checklist Poster

Are you prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse? If you’ve seen Design Different’s Zombie Safe Zone Maps you may be close. All you need now is a list of the most essential items to bring with you. This colourful and informative list highlights 14 must have items to take with you when you escape the zombie apocalypse.
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Canada Zombie Safe Zone Map

Canada is now safe! With this zombie safe zone map you will be able to safely escape the apocalypse knowing all 12 provincial safe zones in Canada. This poster comes from a large series of related Zombie Safe Zone Maps. Also be sure to check out there USA Safe Zone Map. Continue »

Mesmerizing Instagram Photos by Toronto Photographer

Jen Aurich
Toronto based photographer Jen Aurich captures stunning photos using her iPhone and Instagram. With her many years of experience as a professional photographer her keen eye for detail shows with these eye popping stills.
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USA Zombie Safe Zone Map

USA Zombie Safe Zones

3 tips to survive the Zombie Apocalypse. 1) Preparation 2) Preparation and 3) More Preparation. Escape your zombie infested city fast and know exactly where to go with this clever and informative map of the USA and all it’s states safe zones.

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Zombie Safe Zone Maps

Zombie Safe Zone Map

Created by Toronto based art shop Design Different, these colourful state maps highlight the most popular cities that are prone to outbreak. With these maps you will be able to safely escape the apocalypse with exact routes to your safe zone.

Each map highlights a from and to point explaining directions, distance, time, and additional information about the safe zone like water type and food resources. Own one or own them all to be extra prepared.
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Henry Ford Inspired Poster Quote

Henry Ford Poster Quote
This original print was inspired by Henry Ford and the original 1929 Ford model T. It is from a series of poster quotes by Toronto based art shop Design Different.

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”
– Henry Ford
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Bob Dylan Inspired Poster Quote

This Bob Dylan inspired poster quote was created by Toronto based art shop Design Different.
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Bob Marley Inspired Poster Quote

Bob Marley Poster Quote
Created by Toronto based art shop Design Different, this print comes from a series of minimalist quote inspired prints.

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”
– Bob Marley
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Space Exploration – Illustrated Poster Quote

This illustrated poster quote was inspired by one of Napoleon Hill’s most famous quotes.

“What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”
-Napoleon Hill
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