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Most Famous Guitars Illustrations By Federico Mauro


Federico Mauro was born in Avellino, May 23rd 1980. Since 2001 he has been a professional freelance Art Director & Multimedia Designer. Federico majored in Communicational Science in 2004 with an experimental dissertation on Horror cinema. Check his work after the jump.

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National Geographic Photo Contest 2012

In today’s post we have gathered 35+ Photos of National Geographic Photo Contest 2012. You can find amazing and breathtaking photos. Checkout complete post just after the jump.

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20+ Adobe Photoshop Tutorials June 2013

In this article we have gathered 20+ Adobe Photoshop Tutorials that are released in June 2013. In this tutorials post you can find Icon designs, Photo Effects and photo adjustment tutorials to shine your skills. We hope so you like this post and we will be thankful if you like, share or comment on this post.

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Best Free Fonts Of 2013

Here we present a great collection Best Free Fonts that are released in 2013. These Free fonts are suitable for business logos, web design, magazines, posters packaging, and  advertising etc.These font are both commercial and personal use but its good to check license agreement before commercial use.

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20+ Free Adobe Illustrator Tutorials, April 2013

Here we present a collection of 20+ Free Adobe Illustrator Tutorials that are released in April 2013. These tutorials are free and you can also learn more thing from these tutorials.

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20+ Latest Free High Quality Fonts

Typography is an greatest art and there is always new things to learn. A selection of good typography for Web or Ul is very difficult task. That’s why we roundup a collection of  20+ Latest Free High Quality Fonts.

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25 HD Blackberry Z10 Wallpapers

In this article we have collected 25 Free HD Wallpaper For Blackberry Z10. Just download a wallpaper for your smartphone. Checkout complete wallpapers post after the jump.

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20+ Technology Logo Design Inspiration

In today’s post we have gathered 20+ Technology Logo Design Inspiration. Select a logo for your business or Website below. Checkout more logos below after the jump.

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Awesome Adobe Photoshop CS6 Tutorials

In today’s post we have roundup Great Collection of Adobe Photoshop CS6 Tutorials. With the help of theses tutorials you will learn new tools, Effects and Techniques. Have look Below After the jump.

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6 Top PHP Frameworks

Here we present 6 Top PHP Frameworks. Web Development using Frameworks is very easy. Have a look on these Frameworks and let us know which one is best for you through comments.

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15+ Still Life Food Photography

Here we present 15+ Still Life Food Photography for your inspiration. Still Life can be that “something extra”. Checkout complete Still Life Food Photography below after the jump.

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Free Calligraphy Fonts For Designers

In this article we have posted 10 Free Calligraphy Fonts to Download. These fonts are free to use. Check all  Fonts Below after the jump.

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Amazing Self Portraits By Fiddle Oak

Fiddle Oak is 14 years old. He is the lad behind, and in front of the camera. He is lonely and loves getting flickrmail. Checkout his work after the jump.

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Awesome 3D Artworks By Axel Ritter

Here we present 3D Art Works By Axel Ritter. He is a greatest artist From Wiesbaden, Germany. Checkout his complete work after the jump.

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Free Chat Plugins For WordPress

Nowadays there are many chat plugins for WordPress but select one of them id very task that’s why in today’s post i have posted Top 10 Free Chat Plugins For WordPress. Checkout all Plugins after the jump.

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