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20 Free Mockup Designs to Boost Your Designing Skills

Designing become so popular these days and every designer wants to be on top. As long as this field is becoming professional new methods are coming to represent its uniqueness one of these methods is called using mockup.

Mockup is a model of design used to demonstrate or upgrade the original design we want to present. Mockups were not so popular in past months but now they are essential need for designers. Designers made their design and everybody knows that it’s a time taking process and when they design is ready they need a definite presentation to show their clients.

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70 Creative Water Color Paintings

Water Color are water soluble pigments used by artists to express their feelings, emotions, creativity and dreams through it. In this modern age people still adore this kind of art and paintings, therefore we made a huge collection of amazing water color painting.

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40 Amazing Shots of Aerial Photography

Taking photos of the ground from an elevated position is called Aerial Photography. In this position, the camera is not normally positioned, camera may be mounted and photographs may be taken remotely or triggered automatically.
Place for aerial photography include helicopters, fixed poles, kites, rockets, parachutes, balloons and other places like these.
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25 Premium Business Cards to Print

A business card is the main advertising element of your company. People share their business cards on formal meetings or chat, which explains their company at the spot. Today we shared some business card to print, hope you like this post and don’t forget to share 25 Premium Business Cards to Print.

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Huge Collection Of Macro Photography By Alistair Campbell

Macro photography is photography magnified. It is generally recognized as “macro” when you are increasing the size of an object in your picture from about half life-size, as represented on the image sensor, to five times life-size Continue »

15 Beautiful Sugar Candy Girls Fashion Photography

There is a lot kind of photography we are seeing these days, but today we are discussing Fashion Photography. In this kind of photography the most important thing is how to get attraction of viewer. The thing that force viewer to look on the photo again. Continue »

Terrific Application Icons For Inspiration

A symbol as a representative of something is known as an icon. In this modern world everything on our computer or mobile has its Application Icon. Every software or technology we see in our computers has an icon, there for we showcased some great examples of icons. Continue »

Jelly Bean For Samsung Galaxy S2 Official Release Date

Those people who carry Samsung galaxy s2 are definitely waiting for its jelly bean update too. Its been an eternity of time now and people are still waiting for the jelly bean because of rumors and release date issue. The exact release date was November 2012 but it turned out December 2012. Continue »

20 Magnificent Artwork of Oil Paintings

Art of Oil painting is certainly a unique and amazing style of painting. Commonly used drying oils include linseed oil, poppy seed oil, walnut oil, and safflower oil. These oils are boiled with resins to create a varnish and gloss. Oil Painting is very traditional painting used by Indians, Chinese and some other western countries. But somehow they didn’t get much popular, there is a great difference made now in this new age. In this modern world Oil Painting became very popular with its uniqueness and quality.

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6 Funny Desktop Wallpapers

Desktop Wallpaper is an image used on the desktop screen of computer or mobile as background.Desktop Wallpapers are usually used as visualization or decoration of computer screen, it makes the computer screens look better.It uses very short amount of memory but really attractive though, there for we shared some funny desktop wallpapers for you.
Funny Desktop Wallpapers

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Amazing Art of Oil Painting

We know about painting things but we don’t know its type. It is of many kind water color painting, pencil art painting and oil painting. On Snapzlife we shared some paintings about oil painting. Oil painting is one of the greatest human skill . The people who made these paintings are creative and experience full. Painting with water colors is very challenging, we must aware regarding any of our tiny mistakes from the beginning of the painting. But with oil it is ofcourse it is challenging but there are always been chances to get rid of the mistakes. Bellow are examples of amazing oil paintings hope you like it and share it with friends.

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Amazing Underwater Photography by Mark Tipple

In our daily life we think that photography is very simple and everyone that have camera can do it but my fellows this concept is wrong. A person having best camera of the world but having no experience in photography is like animals fighting for their food. As long as this world is growing alot of talented people shown Mark Tipple is one of them. He is from Sydney, Australia and his points of expertise lies in cinematography, Photography and underwater photography. We shared some of his awesome work on Snapzlife hope you like it, share it and appreciate this great man.

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25 Memorable Wedding Photography

A Snap is worth a million words but we think that wedding photographs are more than that because it consists of many promises we made, love we shared, a memory, happiness and joy. Actually my friends wedding is those beautiful moments every man and girl wants in their life. And Photography is the only way to capture those beautiful moments with you to remember it. On this topic guys we shared some of excellent moments of wedding photography hope you like it and share it.

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Amazing & Outstanding Digital Art By Alexiuss

Hello guys Happy Xmas today our post is about digital art.Making digital art is a time taking process but it is also a creative work. Basically this kind of art is designed using computer and different devices such as pen tablet etc. Today we shared some work of a awesome and brilliant designer Alexiuss. His full name is Vital S. Alexius and he is from Canada. We have featured some of his precious items from gallery, he has done amazing work and we brought this collection for our users to get inspired. We hope you like this post and share it with your friends.
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Amazing Christmas Light & Display Designs Photography

Hello everyone, we hope you are enjoying Christmas very much. Our today’s post is something related to the Christmas as well. Imagine Christmas without lights it is actually so much boring and not good so we brought some inspirational photographs about Christmas light. We hope you’ll enjoy this post and Happy Christmas. Also don’t forget to check our previous posts related to Christmas: Amazing Christmas Cookies, Cute Christmas Snow Man Photography and Hot and Beautiful Christmas Girls.
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