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Discarded Cable Drum Transformed into a Sculptural Furniture

Designer Henry Baumann has transformed a discarded wooden cable drum into a beautiful piece of sculptural furniture. Called ‘4 1/2 circles’, the piece is made out of a one huge cable drum by making single spiral cut that allows the drum to be transformed into the desired shape without breaking the integrity of the original object. The only thing that is not a waste is the glue that holds the entire structure together. (Via: Environment Team, CONTEMPORIST)

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Jerrod Maruyama’s ‘Hipster Mickey’ Illustrations

California-based illustrator and character designer Jerrod Maruyama has created a fun series of illustrations called featuring Mickey Mouse as a hipster.

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Cartoonist Draws a ‘Doctor Who’-themed Bayeux Tapestry

In order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, Cartoonist Bill Mudron drew an awesome pop culture inspired Bayeux Tapestry, which takes you through the decades of The Doctor’s history.

Via What an ART!!!

Hybrid Creatures by Nicholas Di Genova

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Greenpeace Makes The World’s Largest Polar Bear From Recycled Materials

Greenpeace has created the world’s largest polar bear puppet using recycled materials and reclaimed ship parts. Called ‘Aurora‘, the giant people-powered animal stands 16 feet tall and 41 feet long which is about the size of a double-decker bus. Interestingly, the puppet can move it’s body parts and will make its way through Central London on 15 September to protest oil companies’ plans to drill in the Arctic.

(Via Environment Team)

TogetherFarm Blocks – Fun, Easy-to-Use Modular Garden Box System

Currently funding on Kickstarter, ‘TogetherFarm‘ is a modular garden box system consisting of lightweight interlocking blocks that allows you to quickly build custom raised garden beds of any shape or size without using any tools or hardware. (Via Environment Team)

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Cool 3D Collages Made With Vegetables

Artist JB Hyde, in collaboration with photographer Sophie Pawlak, created a series of cool 3D collages using vegetables, images from a ‘History of Art’ book and doll parts.

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Eco-Friendly iPhone Case That Doubles as a Wallet

Designed by Mark Caneso of pprwrk studio, this is an eco-friendly iPhone case that can also be used as a wallet. It can hold 3 credit cards sized objects, maybe a little cash, and comes with a nifty pull tab that allows easy access. Called ‘Chipster‘, the piece is 100% made from recycled chipboard. (Via Environment Team)

80’s Bad Hair Wrestlers

In his “80’s Bad Hair Wrestlers” set of artworks, Australia-based motion graphics designer and character designer James Boorman pays tribute to four of the most iconic wrestlers of the 80’s.

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Giant Sculpture of Doctor Who’s ‘Dalek’ Made from Six Tons of Straw

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of ‘Doctor Who’, Snugbury’s Ice Cream, in collaboration with Mike Harper from Harbrook Engineering, made this giant straw sculpture of ‘Dalek’. The piece stands 35 feet in height and is made up of approximately 6 tons of straw and 5 tons of steel. (via: Environment Team)

“Weird Animal Facts” by Illustrator Belhoula Amir

France-based artist Belhoula Amir has created a series of minimalist artworks showing some weird facts you probably didn’t know about some animals, in a fun remarkable manner.

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Cool Adventure Time Mashups by Mike Vasquez and Joe Hogan

A set of awesome fan art by Mike Vasquez and Joe Hogan that features characters from ‘Adventure Time’ mashed up with ‘Deadpool’, ‘Walking Dead’ and ‘Star Wars’. (Via What an ART!!!)

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Modern Versions of Ancient Egyptian Art

Modernized versions of ancient Egyptian art created by Anton Batov, an illustrator based in Moscow, Russia.
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Mega Man Family Portrait

‘Mega Man Family Portrait’ is a realistically painted Mega Man fan art by Elizabeth Sherry, an illustrator based in Toronto, Canada. (Via What an ART!!!)

‘Simpsonized’ Game of Thrones Characters

Brussels (Belgium)-based illustrator Adrien Noterdaem (aka ADN) has drawn some of the characters from the popular ‘Game of Thrones’ series in the style of ‘The Simpsons’. (Via What an ART!!!)