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26 WordPress Themes Inspired by Flat Web Design

A collection of beautiful flat WordPress themes that perfectly utilize the flat web design. Using these themes you can give your website a modern look.

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16 Perfect Examples of Flat Web Design

The latest trend that is popular in web design is the Flat Web Design. Flat web design is a technique of designing web sites without using special effects like shadows, gradients and textures etc.

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18 Interactive HTML5 Websites

A useful collection of 18 interactive HTML5 websites that not only load faster but are also compatible with most of the modern web browsers.

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25 Best WordPress Review Themes

If you sell products on your website or write reviews about products then it is a good idea to use WordPress review themes. These themes come with many
features. Here are 25 best WordPress review themes.

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25 Black Websites for Inspiration

Color is the important element of webdesign. Here are 25 black websites for your inspiration.

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20 Free Website Templates PSD Files

Free website templates PSD files act as a starting point when you are not able to think about any new design ideas. You can also use these files to learn new things.

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25 Email Newsletter Templates

For the marketing of your products, email newsletters can be of great help. These 25 email newsletter templates can help you get professional looking templates for the marketing of your products.

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20 Responsive HTML Templates

Templates are really helpful to setup new websites. Templates are also helpful when you need to redesign your website and you don’t want to hire a professional designer. For your use, I have collected 20 responsive HTML templates.

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25 Brown Websites for Inspiration

Here is a collection of 25 brown websites which showcase the perfect usage of brown in webdesign as a single color and in combination with other colors.

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30 Most Popular WordPress Themes of 2012

Year 2012 is finally going to end. Many useful and quality WordPress themes were released during this year. At the end of this year I have compiled a list of 30 popular WordPress themes of year 2012.

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10 Email Newsletters for This Festive Season

Emails are a great way to reach your audience and inform them about your special festival discounts and sales. Here are 10 email newsletters for this festive season. These newsletters are specially designed for festive seasons only.

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6 Best Car Dealership WordPress Themes

If you run a car dealership in your city, now you can make an online presence for your business using these car dealership WordPress themes.

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Showcase of 25 Purple Websites

Purple is the color that we usually ignore in web design but this color can add a charm to your designs. If used in proper combination with other colors, it can make your website look beautiful.

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25 Green Website Designs for Your Inspiration

Green is the color that we usually associate with nature and it is one of the 3 primary colors of visible spectrum. This collection will inspire you to use green color properly in your web design.

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30 Fresh HTML5 And CSS3 Website Templates

If you are not expert in coding professional templates or you want to learn coding your own templates using HTML5 and CSS3, you can download some freely available website templates.

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