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20 Dazzling Alternative Movie Posters

The Paper Fox – Designs As Deceptive As A Fox

Realistic 3D Paintings Of Aquatic Life by Kenglye

Amazing Painting you won’t believe…

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20 Super Hit Sports Website Designs

30 Smoking Hot Examples of 3D Digital Artworks

30 Blockbuster Examples of Cinematic Photography

26 New and Realistic Sand Sculpture Artworks

Picture Artworks Using Ballpoint Pen – Will you Believe?

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50 Best Non-Photoshopped Pictures Roundup of 2012

Think Invisible – Guess the Negative Space Characters

Do you think you are smart enough to guess the pictures which you have seen more than many times? M. Szulyuvszky and A. Bodor have come up with a unique concept and project which is named as Think Invisible. It is a fun project according to the creators. They are of the view that people will enjoy guessing the pictures which are smartly trimmed and selected for the project. It is strange that most of us even by not seeing the complete picture but the circles can identify the product, movie or advertisement.

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Double Exposure Photography ‘Two in One’ Image – By Great photographers

Alison Scarpulla
She is talented and a gifted photographer. She loves to experiment and it can be seen from her portraits. She merges different photos in such a way that they look old and grainy look. She and her art is all about mystery that is involved in reality and vagueness. by GraphicDesignBlog
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Flyer Designs Fresh and Sizzling – Inspiration for Designers

A flyer is very practical and feasible for small businesses in marketing their new products and services in the local marketplace. Check out these 30 inspirational and creative flyer designs and start those creative juices flowing with ideas.

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Most Beautiful Elisha Cuthbert

Most Creative Pictures of Sandwhich Art

Cica Zhou Bikni Art Photography