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20 Best Free jQuery Plugins

Collection of the latest jQuery plugins that are excellent to be used in a variety of designs. Their code is flawless and can be easily manipulated to suite your own project so that it becomes a powerful site.


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22 Amazing Colorful Websites

To save everyone the time and trouble of searching for inspirational and colorful websites for igniting the mind with many ideas we have gathered impeccably designed websites which use many colors artistically.

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24 Inspirational Grey & Silver Layouts in Web Design

Today we are showcasing inspirational grey and silver layouts in web design. Watch how these amazing designs, may appearing very simple yet gives out the most dynamic, sophisticated feel making the whole design work in perfection with plain monotony.

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25 Creative and Awesome Business Cards Designs

We have collected some great awe inspiring and creative designs of business cards for you have a look for inspiration and make an entirely new design for yourself and impress your clients, make them look twice at you by making a powerful impact upon your prospective customers.

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22 Stunning Examples of Typography Designs

Here are varying typography designs that can be downloaded and can be used in meaningful ways to achieve the desired results. You can also design your own typography style but good inspiration never goes wasted.

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23 Great Examples of Photo Manipulation Tutorials (Fresh Collection)

Here we give you some great photo manipulation tutorials to incite and stimulate your imagination and creativity to come up with a unique and distinctly original piece of art; these are all unique pieces that are going to be very helpful for you. Enjoy!

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35 Stylish Collection of Free Fonts

Here we have collected some excellent and stylish free fonts to cater to all kinds of typing purposes. These have an excellent potential to make your work look good, professional and yet not-boring so people can easily go through what you have written and actually enjoy your typography.

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25 Great Websites with Parallax Scrolling

Here are some great examples of parallax scrolling websites. These will inspire you to make your own websites using the parallax scrolling effects giving your websites an intriguing and alluring look inviting the users to go through the entire website.

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25 Clean Website Designs for Inspiration

Another round up of some great and clean website designs which are elegant and tidy and are immaculately designed to look exactly that way. Hope you’ll like it.

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22 Inspiring Examples of Contact Pages

We have gathered amazing and inspiring contact pages for you today. They are all beautifully designed and are very inspirational. They’ll flood your mind with lots of ideas and possibilities on how to make your viewers contact you.

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27 Awesome Collection of HTML5 Websites

Many designers have already designed great websites using the dynamic duo of HTML5 and CSS3; here we have some great examples of such websites, we hope you will be very much impressed by these HTML5 websites and get incited enough to start using it yourself.

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24 Awesome Examples of Colorful Website Designs

Today we are showcasing websites which use colors exemplary with no color overdone or out of sync from others; the colors are all dexterously used. These can be your muse in designing your very own artistically designed website; enjoy our collection and get immersed in the world of colors and possibilities!

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Inspiring Sports Logo Designs with Smashing Creativity

Today we have round-up of inspiring sports logo designs which will surely stir up your inspiration for a perfect sports logo concept! Go for the Goal!

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22 Website Designs Inspired by Nature

Nature is quite very much in trend these days as we surf around web and we find them every now and then as most exciting website themes around. We have included in our post today some really creative website designs inspired by nature. Do have a look!

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25 Useful HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery Tutorials

As digital world is under constant evolution, as a pro, you’ll need to keep up with the latest trends, as a novice, just start polishing your skills with this great compilation we have today of 25 HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery tutorials.

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