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Polarity by Nastplas for AntiAnti

Dr. Franken + Natalia Molinos ( for AntiAnti ‘Polarity’ — View on Behance

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— behavior pedagogy through material (object) experience.

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A Co. of WLVS / We Create WOLVES!

We Create WOLVES

A Co. of WLVS, is an ideal experience of art & design. The artists involved act as a symbol to represent the canis lupus migrations & travels throughout each territory across the globe. A visual field of tracks / wolf-line collectively & individually. We’ve created a dialogue with the historical + mythical battle of the wolf. The fear & pride; the monster in your view-finder, did our imagination create it, questions of if it was/is/continues an illusory matrix & the epic odyssey of our dear protagonist-villain polarity.

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A∴A∵Perception[s] Supplement № 004

sound is an effect of light, silence is intelligence — void of color

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SONN Print Study

SONN Print Study

In preparation for AntiAnti’s prototype video, we want to share our love of print. This will help the viewing of our first print to be a bit more relative, knowing where we’ve come from. Enjoy in joy!

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AntiAnti . TYPE

This video was put together by Son for AntiAnti ( in prep for PERCEPTION(S) — (you can view here on issuu or here it is on dyt)

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KDU x Billy Bogiatzoglou for TMRW TODAY


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A∴A∵Perception[s] Supplement № 004

[issuu autoFlip=true width=750 height=272 shareMenuEnabled=false printButtonEnabled=false backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=120130095727-1eb199115178472e8376733620ee410e name=antianti.perceptions showhtmllink=false username=antianti tag=antianti unit=px id=9df2bc32-1714-791f-6c4b-c3e8635c7763 v=2]

The initiation of our image dialogue, an æsthetic exploration into perception via rhetoric. AntiAnti

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David Gensler & Kostas Seremetis – Keep Feeding the Machine

As founder of The Keystone Design Union (KDU) and clothing label Serum Versus Venom (SVSV), David Gensler’s business card reads CEO, Strategist and Designer. But those terms hardly describe the realm of his work. This man has a strong vision. He recognizes and connects creative talent all over the world, expresses his ideas through garments, home goods, jewelry and photography, consults various clients such as LVMH Hennessy, Burton Snowboards, MTV, Nike and Stussy (just to name a few) and masterminds out-of-the-box projects for these brands. Most remarkably, David stays true to his vision, not caring about what the rest of the industry is doing. For his clothing line, he deliberately decided to make himself independent from the fashion calendar and produces his collections at his own pace in his in-house factory.

One of his close friends is painter, sculptor and video artist Kostas Seremetis, who impresses with an extraordinary output of iconographical works that mostly reinterpret characters from popular culture. He has been entitled a “superhero, whose powers are art,” which describes Kostas pretty aptly. Throughout his career he established a large international following and his works have been exhibited among artist like Gerhard Richter and Jean Michel Basquiat.

The Avant/Garde Diaries visited both friends in each of their Brooklyn studios and got a pretty interesting insight on their dynamic friendship. As they fuel each other’s work and consider another as avant-garde, they decided to introduce each other. “I think that new avant-garde is more about doing something without too many fingerprints being left from other references,” David introduces Kostas art. “If David is looking for a jacket or some sort of shirt, and he can’t buy that material, he’ll make it,” Kosta says about David. “So I guess what we are guilty of is just making things that we feel are absent in culture.” We couldn’t agree more.

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David Gensler for SVSV 2012

David Gensler, Founder and CEO of the design and marketing consulting firm, the Keystone Design Union took time to show us around his work space in Brooklyn, NY. He discusses his unique and creative solutions to the fashion world. His brand of clothing, Serum Vs. Venom (SVSV) does not comply with conventional thinking in the fashion industry, and he’s thrilled to share this innovative perspective with the world over.

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religio.medici for AntiAnti

Design, Sound & Animation by Michael Ostermann ( from Vienna, Austria for AntiAnti (

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SVSV — Hyper-Reality

Hyperreality is used in semiotics and postmodern philosophy to describe a hypothetical inability of consciousness to distinguish reality from fantasy, especially in technologically advanced postmodern societies. SVSV

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SVSV / Serum Versus Venom

Luxury is Cliché. Consumption is Salvation.

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Brooklyn Machine Works / Tokyo

The KDU has teamed with legendary Bike builder, Brooklyn Machine Works to progress their 15 year old brand.

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The Keystone Design Union x Jay Electronica & Erykah Badu x Urb

The Keystone Design Union x Jay Electronica & Erykah Badu x Urb

The KDU was asked to re-envision and redefine a classic American music publication by taking over complete Creative Direction of URB Magazine. The 18 year-old music and culture magazine proved to be a great vehicle to showcase the depth and breadth of The KDU network’s talent. We pulled together teams of our own photographers, stylists, designers, illustrators, journalists and industry contacts to reinvigorate this well-known publication and brand.

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