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Marc Newson’s Retro Riva Speed Boat

Riva goes back to 1842 when a young carpenter, Pietro Riva, opened his own shipyard in Sarnico, Italy. The luxury yacht company was passed through generations, always concerned with crafting elegant boats for those who take true pleasure in the small details.

In 2000, Riva joined the Ferretti Group, one of the world’s leaders in luxury boats, working to integrate their style with Ferretti’s knowledge. With the partnership came new research and ideas, ultimately leading to Riva’s collaboration with Australian-born industrial designer Marc Newson in 2010.

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César Biojo Paints Portraits And Immediately Destroys Them

César Biojo defines his work as the controlled result of multiple accidents; the coexistence of two opposites: creation and destruction. Biojo starts with the figurative— constructing a character—and when he feels it is perfect he destroys it with the abstraction of extra paint and spatula rips and drags. The result is a perfect imperfection: a focus on the fragility and ephemerality of the human existence that asks if we were perfect for a moment? And then reassures you yes… but that moment has passed.

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Truly Unique Illustrations by Polkadot Design

At the foot of the Acropolis, Nearchos Ntaskas and Clair Georgelli run their studio, “Polkadot Design“. They enjoy creating illustration and design for clients, personal projects and exhibitions.

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INFRAMEN, by Nir Arieli

Nir Arieli launched his career as a military photographer for the Israeli magazine Bamachane, before receiving a scholarship to pursue a BFA at New York’s School of Visual Arts; he graduated with honors. Nir’s photographic passion is within the portraiture and dance fields. He is an admirer of beauty and gentleness, these qualities are the heart of his work.

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The Alfred H. Barr Painting and Sculpture Galleries at MOMA

Vincent van Gogh. The Starry Night. Saint Rémy, June 1889. Oil on canvas, 29 x 36 1/4″ (73.7 x 92.1 cm). The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Acquired through the Lillie P. Bliss Bequest

The Alfred H. Barr Painting and Sculpture Galleries feature on the fifth floor roughly span the years 1880 to 1940. Within an overall chronological flow, galleries highlight individual stylistic movements, artists, and themes, including Post-Impressionism, Cubism, the work of Henri Matisse, Claude Monet’s Water Lilies, and Surrealism, among other subjects

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London hand drawn map by Jenni Sparks

‘London by hand’ is a hand-drawn map of london, created by British artist Jenni Sparks for London-based art print producers evermade. Based on a geographic map of the London metro system, the print replicates the streets, neighborhoods, and landmarks of the city, as well as highlighting lesser-known, quirkier shops, museums, and tidbits of local history. The birthplaces of British celebrities and locations of local markets are among the information depicted in hand-drawn letters and sketches.

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Awesome Wood Sculptures by Sergey Bobkov

Sergey Bobkov an artist aged 53, has created amazing and unique sculptures out of Siberian cedar wood-chips. Sergey has developed his very own technique, that prevents wood-chips from falling apart, in time.

After creating about 100-150 chips, from 2-3 inch long cedar stick, he puts them in water for several days. Then, making use of his surgical precision, he carve the chips into any shape he needs.

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Exbury Egg by PAD Studio, SPUD Group, and Stephen Turner

A temporary, energy efficient, self-sustaining work space for artist Stephen Turner situated in the River Beaulieu estuary. The Egg is designed as a place to stay as well as a laboratory for studying the life of a tidal creek.

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A Massive Rotating Supercell Filmed Near Booker, Texas by Mike Olbinski

On June 3rd of this year after four years of trying, Arizona photographer and storm chaser Mike Olbinski finally got the shot he’d been searching for: the formation of a gigantic rotating supercell. After four trips to the central plains since 2010, Oblinski and friend Andy Hoeland were tracking storms in northern Texas last week when they spotted this unbelievable cloud formation. The duo were actually forced to drive right through the storm system (which didn’t spawn a tornado) to obtain this unworldly footage that might as well have been shot on Jupiter, but in the end it was all worth it. Make sure to view it in HD, full-screen, and you can read more about the once-in-a-lifetime encounter over on hisblog. (via vimeo)

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Embroidered 3D Insects and Snails by Claire Moynihan

Claire lives and works in rural Hertfordshire she graduated in 2008 with a BA Hons in Applied Arts. Her current work is a ‘freestyle’ form of 3D embroidery which can loosely be described as stumpwork. She is unconstrained by formal embroidery techniques which leaves her free to experiment with threads and materials to achieve her aims.

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Glass Wine Decanters Shaped Like Veins, Hearts, & Branches

French designer Etienne Meneau creates stunning sculptural wine decanters with natural forms inspired by tree branches, veins, and hearts. The largest of the hand-blown borosilicate decanters are two feet tall and can hold 750 ml of wine (that’s a standard bottle).

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This is Shanghai: Time-lapse by Rob Whitworth and JT Singh

Photographer Rob Whitworth and urban identity expert JT Singh joined forces combining deep city exploration and pioneering filmmaking. This is Shanghai is a roller coaster ride seamlessly weaving between the iconic, sparkling and mismatched buildings of the financial district, travelling by boat and taxi touring Shanghai’s impressive infrastructure whilst glimpsing some of the lesser-known aspects of Shanghai life such as the lower stratum areas or the stunning graffiti of Moganshan road.

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A Clock Tower transformed into a luxury penthouse

The jaw-dropping 6,813 square feet penthouse offers you a 360 degrees view of the city, overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan. Its signature feature, however, are the four massive clocks, installed in 14-foot-high round windows on each wall. The three-story apartment, with the ceiling going from 16 to 50 feet in height, also has a glass elevator running up its center.

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The World of Redmer Hoekstra’s

“I’m inspired by the world and reality is see around me. how does it al work, what is truth? My mind floats through landscapes an dreams, and from it, new machines, creatures and things find life.”

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E8 Garden Deck

Once upon a time, “Eat Your Vegetables” was a hopelessly square sentiment, an admonition uttered by moms and doctors to a reluctant audience. Most of us—children and adults equally—had to be urged to partake of artichokes, asparagus, beets, broccoli, eggplant, and their cousins. But those were the dark culinary ages, before our gastronomic enlightenment. Today, vegetables are appreciated across the land, feted by farmers, honored by home cooks, and celebrated by chefs. They are deliciously liquefied at juice bars and grilled, roasted, sautéed, and poached with the same love as fish and meats in our finest dining temples. And as more and more people understand that they keep girth and cholesterol in check, there’s an extra incentive to eat several servings each day.

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