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Spray Painted Portraits by David Walker

This is an unbelievable graffiti work by London based renowned artist David Walker. These mind blowing colorful portraits are highly precised just by applying spray paint without aid of stencils or brushes.

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Photorealistic Pencil Drawings by Diego Fazio

These pencil drawings are so photo-realistic and the examples of best precised work by 22 year old self-taught Italian artist Diego.

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Wearable Sculpture By Daniro Elle

Here is a beautiful and stunning wearable sculpture by Daniro Elle. Daniro Elle is student at the Columbus College of Art and Design where she studies fine art, dance, and fashion design. Let have a look,

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“Flora” by Jun Gil Park

Jun Gil Park is a photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. Here is gorgeous and beautiful Floral Photography “Flora” by Jun Gil Park.

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“The Voracity” by Anna Williams

Anna Williams was born in Richmond and studied photography at the University of the South under professor Pradip Malde. “The Voracity” by Anna Williams is a conceptual and motivational project about hunger, consumption, and beauty.

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19th Century Animal Portraits by Andrew Pinkham

Philadelphia-based photographer Andrew Pinkham must have a great love for pets, because he’s gone to great lengths to make ordinary creature companions look like legendary beasts of old.

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Trunk House by Paul Morgan Architects

This beautiful Trunk House has been developed by Australia-based Paul Morgan Architects. The splendid project seems to show where a small weekender can live in the forest in a habitude that uses the natural ecological forms in building an apartment.

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Jason Freeny’s CAPSLs

CAPSLs are durable, interactive keychains with pocket-sized personality that can be opened to store small goodies. Coming off the success of his “Pop Anatomy” sculptures, Jason shows once again that it’s what’s inside that counts.

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Outstanding Examples of Conceptual Photography

Photography is truly a form of art. Conceptual photography is an art of getting your “concept” across the mind of the viewer using just the contents of a photograph.

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Manicured Lawns by Alice Bartlett

London based Alice Bartlett has the world at her fingertips. While wandering around a model toy shop, she was inspired to create this series of manicured lawn scenes on her fingernails.

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Edible Cookie Cup by Enrique Luis Sardi and Lavazza

A Venezuelan designer has created a new coffee cup that can be disposed of inexpensively and in an environmentally friendly way by eating it. The edible “Cookie Cup” was created by Enrique Luis Sardi for the Italian coffee company Lavazza.

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Tamashii Chair by Anna Stepankova

I am amazed to see this beautiful, unique and stylish Tamashii chair by Anna Stepankova. This masterpiece is the result of an emphasis on a handmade experimenting with a wooden material.

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Memory House by A-cero Architects

Located in a residential complex in northern Madrid, the Memory House is another powerful project adding to the impressive portfolio of architecture studio A-cero.

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Murals of Buttons, Pins and Beads by Ran Hwang

This is a beautiful work of Ran Hwang who uses thousands of components including pins, buttons and beads to create these enormous wall-sized images.

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Stuning Art Photos by Marina Stenko

This compilation is about the lovely art photos by Ukrainian photographer Marina Stenko. Let have a look on this beautiful creation.

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