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Croatia Music Festivals


Art direction for the Croatia Music Festivals. Croatia is a land with beautiful coast line where people can indulge good life, sun and the waves. A pure Mediterranean fantasies with sapphire waters and positive music vibes. We created a custom typography that combines that into identity – filled with good vibe, waves and vivid color. When you scroll the logo dances like you would if you would be in one of their amazing festivals.

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Ciril Jazbec

Making of – the visual identity for Ciril Jazbec – one of 30 word best young photographers and National Geographic rising star. All of his branding materials was made with letterpress in an old print house including all the books.

Dimension Two Skate

This banger pulls into some heavy ones while pumping a few thoughts out of your self-expression, pouring the vibes and delivering groundbreaking slides with a message that transcends well beyond the line.

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PiiP- connecting ideas and empty places

piip branding
PIIP is a new initiative to link creatives with affordable empty spaces around their cities. To encourage people to add empty unused places around them or join other coworking places. To encourage people to add empty unused places around them we designed and developed a simple app where you can add empty places arround you. When you spot a place you can easily add it to the network by taking a photo of it. Geolocation is added automatically.
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