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Croatia Music Festivals


Art direction for the Croatia Music Festivals. Croatia is a land with beautiful coast line where people can indulge good life, sun and the waves. A pure Mediterranean fantasies with sapphire waters and positive music vibes. We created a custom typography that combines that into identity – filled with good vibe, waves and vivid color. When you scroll the logo dances like you would if you would be in one of their amazing festivals.

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Ciril Jazbec

Making of – the visual identity for Ciril Jazbec – one of 30 word best young photographers and National Geographic rising star. All of his branding materials was made with letterpress in an old print house including all the books.

Dimension Two Skate

This banger pulls into some heavy ones while pumping a few thoughts out of your self-expression, pouring the vibes and delivering groundbreaking slides with a message that transcends well beyond the line.

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PiiP- connecting ideas and empty places

piip branding
PIIP is a new initiative to link creatives with affordable empty spaces around their cities. To encourage people to add empty unused places around them or join other coworking places. To encourage people to add empty unused places around them we designed and developed a simple app where you can add empty places arround you. When you spot a place you can easily add it to the network by taking a photo of it. Geolocation is added automatically.
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Screen Cover /

Screen Cover. Help yourself with this healthy work resistant screen cover. It filters burn outs so we can build #topshit brands for you. Take care in 2014.
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DTWO Longboards

Here is the link to a group of friends, craftsmen and artists that don´t take themselves too seriously, longboarders who have decided to make something out of the idle dimension. Love the second and contribute to the expression of an alternative culture. A culture not necessarily set against the odds but definitely aimed to pursuit the second dimension.

Dimension Two Longboarding summer

Some easy summer beach time with these design beauties – Dimension Two Longboards –

Dimension Two Longboards

We have just rediscovered the importance of side jobs inside the studio. So we transformed one of our hobby’s not in to project but into real product. The longboard. DTWO is a longboard company from Slovenia. Our goal is to deliver good, progressively shaped longboards, carefully crafted with second dimension in mind. Inspired by our beautiful backyard where our path runs on sunny side of the alps, passing the deep valleys, breathing in the urban madness and ending up in the low lying coastal trails.

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Good design is for good clients /

Our new year gift to clients.

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Top Talk 2012 \

Top Talk is an annual business meeting of Simobil. The main guest speaker was Pierluigi Collina who talk about making a split second decisions. Most memorable quote from his speech were: “It is hard to win, if you don’t have the ball”, “The details make the difference.” and ” Leader is difficult to describe but easy to recognize”. We designed all the communication materials from invitation, billboards and the animations for the main event that took place in the new opera house.
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Freeski branding \

When branding and product design walk hand in hand…
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Elan Puzzle TBT ski \

We designed this brand new Puzzle ski for Elan skis. It is a breakthrough in freestyle skiing…
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Raddddar will be a web based app where you can easily see and connect with people around you. It’s a service based on coincidence and location. Just a simple opportunity, to meet people near you.

Top Dee Jays \

Topdeejays is the biggest organized global DJ database.It offers visitors a chance to browse through categories like genre, country or social network and look at their favorite DJ’s profile, where they can find links to social media profiles and their statistics, listen to tracks from Soundcloud and Beatport or watch videos from YouTube. Topdeejays is a one-stop-shop for every true electronic music fan.

El grande \

The El Grande is no limits performance for riders at the top end of the range when it comes to boot size. As the widest board in the world, the El Grande is a big deal, not just because of its girth, which eliminates toe and heel drag, but also because it delivers precision handling unlike any other wide board out there. How do we achieve a maxed out waist width and a board that is agile and responsive at the same time? By using our patented Omega sidecut which allows us to put the meat of the board under your feet where you need it, and keep the tip and tail slim for great maneuverability and edge to edge turning.