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Haier Smart Piano One Machine Q9 is a powerful Windows 8 desktop with professional MIDI piano

A research and development joint venture between Intel Intelligent interactive laboratory and design team Haier Group has led to this amazing cross-over product which brings professional piano playing and powerful Windows desktop PC together into one. Haier Smart Piano One Machine Q9 is has 10-point touch 27 inch capacitive LED screen (with 3H high qingrun eye screen technology) honed by the latest Windows 8 operating system that has an integrated 61 key MIDI keyboard piano for your kids learning sessions.

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Special Edition Rabito Stud iPhone 5 case for hot geeks

If the people around you think you are stud who can get any girl he wants then this iPhone 5 case is a must have for you to further reinforce the fact. Wearing studs in your ears is definitely cool and matches your personality so why not have a smartphone case that embedded studs for that perfect style statement. Italy Rabito Stud case is a special edition Stud version of Bling Bling for iPhone 5 that comes in six case color options: pink, fuchsia, gold, silver, black and white depending on your choice and has pointed studs.

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