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Fantastic Moleskine Sketches 6

We gathered fantastic Moleskine sketches 6 by Norio Fujikawa. He is San Francisco, USA based artist. He is an intelligent and bright illustrator & digital artist. Moleskine Sketches 3 were shared before few months but this post contains his latest work. Moleskine Sketches 3 were creative piece of work but Moleskine sketches 6 are wonderful and fantastic piece of work which is really creative and resourceful. In fact Norio knows how to draw on paper perfectly, how to bring out imagination on paper and how to give out things that are being draw on paper.

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Wonderful Hyper Realistic Paintings

As always, over again I am here to bring out a new artwork of another artist for your inspiration. This is wonderful hyper realistic paintings of Mike Dargas that are truly awesome. Mike was born in Cologne, Germany in 1983 and lives there as well. He started painting when he was child. He has been used to work using oil colors and has sold out first work to his friends. He presented his talent publically at the age of 11 where he showed his painting, “Domplatte” in front of Cologne Cathedral. He to be famous at the age of 20 in the tattoo scene by winning awards.

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Brilliant Digital Art Wolf and Hoof by Maxim Shkret

We have been used to share creative and inspiring stuff with you. Today brilliant digital art Wolf and Hoof by Maxim Shkret will be shared for inspiration.

Art is beyond limitations and artist having creative mind crossed every limit to introduce new form of art. Illustration, digital art, surreal photography, digital photography, nature photography, sculptures making etc. are types of art. Artists remain busy to create, make and introduce new things. They do their best to make perfect piece of work of their selected field. We too remain busy to bring out such work for our users’ inspiration.

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Creative Doodle Art of Lei Melendres

Lei Melendres is from Philippines. He is talented and professional doodle artist and illustrator and has been used to work in an advertising agency for more or less two years. But before five years, he’s doing freelance now. His art is a combination of casual and spur-of-the-moment elements which consist of cartoons, monsters, people, robots, patterns, shapes, typography and other peculiar things. He is dedicated, keen and concerned toward his work.

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Stunning Fashion Photography of Daria Zaytseva

We gathered a collection of fashion photography for fashion lovers’ inspiration. This collection contain stunning fashion Photography of Daria Zaytseva who is a fashion photographer. She is a Russian photographer and very young as she is twenty two years old only. She specialized in portrait & advertising photography, fashion photography. She was in full swing for shooting in age of fifteen.

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Ink Pen Sketches by Basak Erdemir

Ink pen sketches by Basak Erdemir will be featured. She loves sketching, drawing and animals. She has been used to draws sketches using black ink pen. The drawing we are sharing have been draw on coffee breaks at work and at commercials breaks on the couch.
She is talented and brilliant who used to draw doodles with ink pen. She’s from Istanbul, Turkey. She keeps focusing on craft, drawing and sketching. We are sharing her sketches that are really fine and nice to see.

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Lucas Levitan Adds Cartoons to Photographs

Lucas Levitan is a Brazilian artist. He is from London. He is an art director, illustrator, film-maker, photographer and a Puppeteer. He beautifully adds cartoons to photographs in the way that all photos seem actual. He occupies some other Instagram users’ photos. Some photos are funny, some are senseless, some are innovative and some of them are obdurate but Lucas prettily gave them sense by matching both cartoon and photos.

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Moab Monkeys put a Pentagon Space Net over 400 Ft up

Moab Monkeys put a Pentagon space net over 400 Ft up and 200 Ft from the rock face. This pentagon is handmade. Photo shoot is really breath taking as very first they had to walk the 200ft space on a cord. Subsequently they left the net by diving into empty space throughout a gap in the center of the net. Indeed, that was really amazing to see. Such an awesome photography you may ever see.

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Steampunk Lion Drawing by Paula Duta

Steampunk_Lion_Drawing_by_Paula_Duta_13 (1)
Paula is an interior designer but she loves drawing, illustration and character design. She’s from Romania. Steampunk Lion is wonderful art piece by her that catch the attention of people at one glance. This drawing has been made with different pens, watercolor, markers and other material. Hope people will like this amazing work.

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Alex Solis Turns Famous Horror Character as Baby Terrors

Alex Solis is Chicago based illustrator. He has been used to create some of the most horror character into babies with an ink drawing. With peculiar subject, he re-imagined all the character and all are looking pretty little lethal babies.

Solis’ drawing is really stunning and showing his talent. I hope people will definitely like his artwork.

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Robert DeJesus Turns Photos into Anime Characters

Robert DeJesus is an artist of illustration who turns photos of strangers into an anime character. He brilliantly do his work that capture the attention of people at once glance. He has been used to work for Hasbro PlayStation Magazine, Marvel Comics, Antarctic Press, Anime Lowa, Guitar World Magazine, Anime Central, 989 Studios and Anime Weekend Atlanta.

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Beautiful UI UX Design Inspiration

In web design, UI (User Interface) design is closer to help the user to do assign duty as proficiently as possible. Appearance and texture is much important. User experience (UX) system could be website, it could be a web application etc. In modern frameworks, it is normally stand for some form of human computer interface (HCI). UX is about those fundamentals and factors that are associated with the user’s collaboration with a specific device which can generate a positive or negative observation or awareness of the brand product or device. In short, UX is totally independent.

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Creative Skull Illustration by Andrey Pridybaylo

The Skull design illustration is a part of series entitled Skully July art challenge where he enquired artists to sketch or draw skulls all through the month of July and post them on Instagram. We hope that our reader will like this Skull Illustration Artwork.

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Wonderful Concept Art by Leo Chuang

Concept Art is a subcategory of illustration which is used to convey an impression or idea. Basically the main objective of concept art is to show a graphic image of design used in motion pictures, comic books and video games before finishing product.

Today we’ll share wonderful Concept Art by Leo Chuang aka Goolooloo. He is a brilliant Illustrator and Digital Concept Artist based in Taipei, Taiwan. Hope our readers will like his artwork.

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Splendid Wild Animals Photos by Marina Cano

Marina is a brilliant wildlife photographer. She’s from Cantabria, in the North of Spain. She has been used to take pictures from the time when she was a teenager. Her photos contains a commanding, friendly quality. In many photographs you can see that animals’ eyes as they gaze at the camera give the expressive impression of them. It seems that they are really there to make their photograph.

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