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20 Awesome Brochure Designs Inspiration

Brochures are one of the most powerful marketing tool for companies and organizations. Through brochures companies are able to tell people about their products or services as well as their mission/vision as a company or organization. In creating a brochure, design is a major factor such as the choice of color scheme, the size of the brochure, the printing process to be used or applied as well as the type of paper. Online Printing Services is one of the most popular Source for print designing. Searching online for instantly brochure printing and other printing stuffs. There are many companies in the market who are working and printing for you.

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How To Set Up Your Own Ebay Store – Infographic

Online auctions are one of the marvels brought about by the internet connected world we live in today. Only a decade ago, just a handful of people used online auction sites, but today millions use them each day. Ebay store is the original and most popular online auction site, having been around for more than 15 years. It’s so popular in fact that many people now make a living from it, setting up dedicated shops for ebay-only sales.

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35 Collection Of Premium Flat WordPress Themes

The trend of web designs is a continuous process with the occurrences of the final revolution among. Nowadays the web sites being changed into a Flat design. The importance of Flat designs is the simpleness of designs and typography. The entire visual constitution of these designs gets helpful in web sites a reverting visitor.

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How Stickers Can Be Preserved As Arts

Stickers rule. When I stop to think about it, labels have changed my life. It’s hard to believe that the paper and release with adhesive backing can do so much. Repetition works, and stickers are the perfect medium to demonstrate the principle. While the labels are placed more quickly than they weather or cleaned, they accumulate. For cities, it is a constant struggle of service.

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10 Features of Flat Design You Shouldn’t Forget about

The features/tips listed below will all stop you falling into the habit of creating regular websites. We all have a tendency to deviate from the simple and create convolution, and we are especially guilty of this when creating flat website design. Here are a few tips to help you, which involve flat website features that you should not forget about.

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20 Stunning Abstract Photography

In the past several days we have been making posts on the different types of Photography. And substantially all of our readers have been like. I am going to share Abstract Photography Post, this type of photography also takes a high place.

So I thought today’s post must be on abstract photography. We collect some most beautiful and stunning abstract photography for your inspiration. I hope this post will be useful for you all.

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Catvengers: Dazzling Illustration By Jenny Parks

Jenny Parks is a scientific illustrator that also happens to be a shameless nerd, with a penchant for drawing animals, dinosaurs, imaginary creatures… and occasionally, people as cats. Somehow, she found herself with a bit of internet fame with the illustration ‘Doctor Mew’, and has been baffled ever since. With a BFA in illustration from the California College of the Arts, and a graduate degree in Science Illustration from UC Santa Cruz, she now resides in San Francisco as a freelance illustrator, fulfilling her destiny to make a living drawing cute, fuzzy things.

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Weekly Web Design Inspiration #37

Weekly web design inspiration series of creative and beautiful web designs, In this series we collect and share some unique and new trend designs from all over the world. We hope that our readers will appreciate our hard work and will inform us through your precious comment.

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Modern Interior Design Inspiration Series no #10

Starting a series Modern Architecture Design and Interior Design Inspiration for our reader. We collect new and modern Architecture and Interior Design from different designers from all over the world. I am definitely sure that this Architecture and Interior Design Inspiration series must gain your knowledge of designing and also help for your projects.

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Should I learn and switch to HTML5 or not?

HTML5 is the latest version of HTML which has made the development process simple and easy. With cutting-edge features, it is the buzzword at the moment in the tech world. Lauded by experts, HTML5 has a host of features for added benefits including content security, improved semantics, interoperability and accessibility, drag and drop support, Browser history management, document editing and timed media playback. Apart from all these, there are some really interesting features and benefits you would like to know.

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Creativo – A Responsive WordPress Theme

Specially created to look amazing and both mobile devices and regular computers, Creativo is a Responsive Multi Purpose WordPress Theme that comes with 3 predefined layouts: Boxed, Wide and Extra Wide. Try previewing Creativo on your mobile devices or simply resize your browser window to see the theme in action.

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Friday Freebies – Free PSD Files For Designers #29

PSD files are very useful for every designer you should save your time. Friday Freebies Free PSD Files for Designers, This weekly post is a collection of some high quality and fully layered PSD files, You may find in this collection UI Kit , Icons and PSD web template or some others useful PSD Files. Today we share a small but truly awesome and beautiful collection of PSD files. Hopefully our readers must like this collection.

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Top 17 Independent Infographic Designers 2013

List of Top Independent Infographic Designers are given in the below part of the article.

Tiffany Farrant is one of the most popular independent infographic designer who is based near Bristol near UK. At the 2nd position in the list of Trevor Johnston who has worked as graphic journalist for many years and now works as technical and infographic digital artist.

Stephen J. Beard is at the 3rd position in the list and he is an expert of newspaper information graphics. The 4th position is taken up by Lokesh Dhakar who is based in Baltimore and he has his specialisation in user interface design.

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Showcase of Trendy iPhone App Design Inspiration

The iPhone is the most popular product of the past few years. Now everyone knows what the iPhone is, and most of you have one or have come in close contact with one. The iPhone has changed the mobile industry and slated itself as a trendsetter. The phone itself isn’t the biggest selling feature – it’s the apps. Allowing consumers to purchase apps really sets apart the iPhone from anything else. The App store has exploded with amazing clever little tools. Developers are pushing the boundaries with creative ideas and beautiful looking interfaces.

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Top 20 iPhone Apps for Women-At least she is responsible to have one!

iPhone application development has journeyed into unexplored territories and all types of needs of users can now be satisfied with iPhone applications. Demographic studies indicate that a large proportion of iPhone users are women. There are a large number of applications which provide very good value and utility to women of all age groups, ethnicities and geographical location. The following are some iPhone apps for women, which they can use to cater to a number of different requirements.

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