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Taking Advantage of Technology in Your Workplace

If you own or operate a business, you understand how vital it is to keep up with the needs of your customers, and the ever evolving landscape of the industry you’re in. With this in mind, the next phase of your business evolution resides on the digital side of things and the world of eCommerce. In this arena, you can connect with customers all over the world, and conduct business at a blistering pace that was almost unimaginable just a few years ago. However, before you jump in, take a moment to look over a few prime ways technology can help you make the jump, and solidify your business longevity for years to come.

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How To Track Down Any Font That Crosses Your Path

The problem has a familiar ring to all designers and bloggers: by chance, you stumble upon a word written in beautiful characters, the font sticks in your mind, so you spend many futile hours searching and searching for a way to use it in your work. In most instances, the quest leaves you frustrated and empty-handed. This is no longer the case. I’m here to tell you that you can put the days of the internet scourging behind you with a useful tool named WhatFontIs.

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Win One of Three Premium Themes from Theme Fuse

Chances are good that you’ve heard about ThemeFuse. They have a reputation as being at the top of the field when it comes to creating premium WordPress themes. Now, they are offering three WordPress themes for our readers lucky enough to win.

If you are using WordPress for your blog or website of choice, you will love the quality and the style these themes offer. Anyone fortunate enough to win this giveaway gets access to one premium them of their choice from ThemeFuse entirely free.

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How to Design Labels That Work for Your Business

Can product labels help you sell? Is it possible to use shipping labels to do some marketing for you?

The answer is yes.

Ecommerce shops online are plenty. Not many businesses, however, use what they have to make sure that every piece of paper, packaging, and even invoices/way bills/ or receipts work. Most of these elements that go into your business are often ignored.

That’s a huge opportunity cost, if you think about it. Customers almost always notice shipping labels. Others — including shipping staff, customs officials, etc. – also notice labels.

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20 Useful Flat UI Kits Free PSD

Today we gathered 20 useful flat UI kits free PSD, This Post is part of our weekly post Friday Freebies Free PSD Files for designers. Hopefully our readers must like this collection.

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35 Very Useful CSS and CSS3 Tutorials Collection

CSS and CSS3 are the most common markup language that is used for stylizing web pages written in HTML, XHTML or other languages. While CSS is primarily used for stylizing the layout of the webpage, CSS3 is used for incorporating beautiful designs in the web page. However, to make the best use of this markup language the designers need to have an in-depth knowledge about the various techniques that can be employed.

There are many useful tutorials in CSS and CSS3 that will aid the designers in coming up with alluring designs. In these tutorials step by step detailed demonstration of different techniques of using CSS3 and CSS are present that will be of great help in getting specific effects on screen. These markup languages are preferred by designers because it has some cutting edge features and is extremely flexible.

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Deal of The Week: 200 Premium Photoshop Actions

Actions speak louder than words. That’s true, but they also speak louder than images. At least that’s what Photoshop is out to prove!

Even the best of photos can be improved by adding various editing effects to them. To make life so much simpler, Photoshop Actions work as a fantastic shortcut to apply some incredibly amazing effects to any of your images. With this Mighty Deal, you’ll be getting a spectacular collection of 200 premium Photoshop Actions from for a fraction of the regular price. We’re talking 93% off here.

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20 Examples of Parallax Web Design That Will Surely Inspire You

Navigation of websites is imperative because user experience the way in which they cooperate with the website that can make or break the enhancing of the website. If someone cannot reach on your website, then it’s useless but if someone can easily able to find what they are looking for, that makes a major difference.

In web design the Parallax effect or parallax scrolling is the technique in which features layered the images putting around the website with different position, makes an amusing & attention-grabbing 3D illusion. In websites, this effect positively creates scrolling everywhere & make remarkable experience. Parallax scrolling is boundless not only because it makes direction-finding simple but it can also enjoyable to cooperate with. Parallax scrolling is known to enhance gravity as well. It offers to interrelate the content in an electrifying mode. This effect is entitled with parallax scrolling.

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25 Free Great iPhone Apps For Graphic Designers

Nowadays with the vast range of applications available for the iPhone, it is possible to carry a whole arsenal of tools with you. Today we are talking about the needs of iPhone apps for Graphic Designers. Mobile devices become in common use these days, and in high demand.

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Showcase Of Best Landing Pages Design Inspiration

Landing Pages are utilized for lots of things. Many people have products for selling, some have apps to sell out whereas some people just would like others to know about their products & facilities. Landing Pages are imperative if it is completed properly as it can increase your business & productivity.

It can be a waste of time if finished imperfectly as you will never intend your Landing Page to miss the mark regardless it relates to you or your client. We come with the inspiration for some landing pages to facilitate you.

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Creative Calligraphy and Lettering Design

Calligraphy is considered the part of designing world. It has an antiquated & flecked status & used in modern design projects as well . Calligraphy can be seen through thousands of fonts, logos, website headings & others incalculable examples. Calligraphy design is valuable, eternally changing & ever appreciated. Calligraphic fonts are popular in designing world for a long time. Calligraphy & Hand-lettered design no doubt, is attractive & has a gradual sensation that is often missing in digital designs.

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How to Get Success in Freelance Web Designing

Discipline, hard work and dedication. These three attributes are essential if you want to become a successful freelance web designer. It’s not that easy to work on your own, and maintain discipline and keep deadlines without getting distracted or de-motivated for some reason or the other. Freelancers don’t have anyone else to fall back on; they are the worker and the boss too. On the other hand, the fruits of freelancing are many. If you can build up a solid image and reputation, it can be a very profitable career and an envious one too. But to dodge the pitfalls that come with freelancing, it will be beneficial to go through these freelancing tips I am providing to vastly improve your chances of succeeding in this field of employment.

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Modern Architecture Interior Design Inspiration Series no #12

Starting a series Modern Architecture Interior Design Inspiration for our reader. We collect latest and modern Architecture Interior Design from different architect designers from all over the world. I am definitely sure that this Architecture Interior Design Inspiration series must gain your knowledge of designing and also help for your projects.

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Digital Art Design Inspiration Series #17

We Start a new series of Digital Art Design Inspiration, In this series we’ll gather a collection of beautiful and stunning digital art, 3D Art, photo manipulations, digital illustration art, Drawing Art, Fine Art and Comic Characters design Inspiration. All artwork is collected from different Artist all over the world. Hope you guys will like it, surely.

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Here’s the Best Way to Build Your Maiden first App

You’ve come to the right place if you want to build your first web application. In this post I’ll examine both common, universal tips for newbie developers as well as tips that can be used by persons with a technical background, those who have a sound knowledge of web design. At the outset let me make one thing clear: starting web apps are normally simple ones; you have to subsequently build on the code. Simply put, that’s what the evolution of web software is all about.

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