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WIN Domain names with Namecheap! has teamed up with Namecheap to bring you guys a great opportunity to win domain names! Namecheap are big names in the domain name industry and also offer hosting too! Known for their friendly service and customer support, they’ve offered a bunch of domain names to win exclusively for downgraf readers. One lucky winner of the grand prize will take away three top level domain names (.com/ and also two runners up will receive a domain name each.

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5 Best Responsive CSS Frameworks For Web Design

In the terms of web design, a framework can be defined as a package made up of a structure of folders and files of standardized code (CSS, HTML and Java Script documents). Most of the websites have a very similar structure. The main purpose of frameworks is to make available those similar structures for the web developers, so they can reuse the given code without rebuilding a structure from scratch. It helps developers to save their lot of time.

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40+ High Quality Free Fonts For Designers

Fonts considered to be used to complete a designing point. There are many things which matter a lot & essential whether it goes with the theme, draws the attention or else. It improves other features & limiting them but mostly depend on designer’s choice of selection of perfect or well suited fonts. Appropriate font will not only boost the complete appearance & design of your projects but will make the end user expertise much convenient as well. So, this is one of the main reasons which push designers to look for fresh new fonts inside their collection & design related projects.

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40 Retro Logo Designs Inspiration

In today series we are collecting 40 Retro Logo Designs Inspiration. At the main time, the vintage and retro design is in all places, people are using it in to their wallpapers, bags, website designs & logos as well. There are a desirability & love to make every generation to be a part of it.

Vintage logo designs use soft, neutral tones like tans & pinks, while retro logo designs are bright & high-pitched. Both have an “old-fashioned” look & feel that will make the logo design pop.

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Responsive Web Design: 7 Advantages on Why You Should Opt It For

Responsive is the new buzz word in Web Design industry. Be it the companies or the individuals, all are desperate to get a new website designed and developed using Responsive Design. And for those who already have a website, are looking ahead to get it redesigned and developed so that it is able to adapt to different screen sizes and give better user experience. The prime reason for this sudden shift in preferences from Mobile Site to Responsive Web Design is nothing but the feasibility to serve the end user, who has become quite tech savvy and surf the web on smartphones, with the same content as on a desktop website in a better way.

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Flatty UI Kit Free PSD

In web design, we are continuing to see a move toward simplicity. We’re seeing fewer websites that are over-designed, and more that are focused on letting the content shine. On the graphical element level, this trend has taken on the name of “Flat Design”. This means less decorative elements like gradients, reliefs, and realistic forms are being used, and more flat colors. Flatty UI is a flat design UI pack which prepared to help some needs of designers and get started to create your own flat designs.

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10 Most Wanted Web Hosting Companies

Nothing is more important than having a continuous online presence. If your website goes down, each second spells a greater financial loss for your business. Therefore, it’s important to find a reliable web hosting provider that fits your needs. This is a new list of the 10 most effective present-day hosting providers.

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Modern Architecture and Interior Design Inspiration Series no #11

Starting a series Modern Architecture Design and Interior Design Inspiration for our reader. We collect new and modern Architecture and Interior Design from different designers from all over the world. I am definitely sure that this Architecture and Interior Design Inspiration series must gain your knowledge of designing and also help for your projects.

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20 Fantastic Ready to Print Retro Templates

Retro is so yesterday. And that’s why it’s so cutting-edge today! Hip to our thoughts yet? Yeah, using a retro style for your clients can be a great way to help your next project really stand out for them. Or use a retro style on your own personal projects to inject a real dose of yesteryear into your work.

With this Mighty Deal, you no longer need to live in the past, you can recreate it with your work! This Retro Bundle features 20 different Retro Style Print Templates from Cruizine Design, just perfect for you to capture that old time feel. Best of all, whether you’re working on flyers, business cards, invitations or even fun trading cards, all these templates are completely print ready! Just customize to your needs and ship off to your printer.

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4 of the Weirdest Ways Humans Interact with Technology

New devices have always been meant to improve our quality of life. One historical case is that of Ludwig van Beethoven, who–in combination with standing closer to the source of noise–used an ear trumpet to deal with his gradual progression of hearing problems. Sometimes, however, the use of our digital toys can go beyond their job descriptions. Let’s take a look at the silly, the useful, and the ugly.

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The 10 Best Microstock Sources For Your Images

If you’re a freelance designer, one who works within a creative agency, or if you publish articles in a magazine or on a blog, you know that using images in your projects is an important matter. Not only do they have to look great in the greater context, but you need to know that you’ve made yourself the best deal in acquiring them. In other words, you need to be sure that they are top-notch, affordable, and easy to find. I’ve decided to compile an up-to-date list of the best stock images agencies whence you can get your images.

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Weekly Web Design Inspiration #38

Weekly web design inspiration series of creative and beautiful web designs, In this series we collect and share some unique and new trend designs from all over the world. We hope that our readers will appreciate our hard work and will inform us through your precious comment.

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Why is 4G Sucks In New York City

As most New Yorkers will tell you, 4G in the city is awful , especially in Manhattan. The Internet takes forever to load, your smartphone constantly searching for signal, and if you accidently move two spaces to the left, the video you’re trying to stream is now frozen. 4G and 4G LTE, wireless Internet access which is supposedly faster than normal home broadband, is typically spotty and unreliable in the New York City. Plenty of times we have felt like taking our phones and bashing it against the wall. Only some common logic prevents us from doing so. If 4Gs main purpose is to supply faster internet connections, then why is it so slow?

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30 Amazing Neon Light Typography Designs

Neon – the word alone evokes all sorts of feelings. Comfort coming from a long hard day at work; escape from a troubled night at home; unease on a lonely walk on the wrong side of the tracks; nostalgia on a stroll through memory lane; wonder upon entering a city that beckons with its lights.

No matter the setting, neon signs have a way of touching the human heart with their warm glow. But with all the sentimentality attached to these beacons of night, there’s a science to their bright hazy magic.

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10 Most Addicting Apps Ever – Infographic

Playing a game or browsing through an App on the smartphone is the best time pass activity for most of the individuals in current tech-driven society. Gaming and social media Apps are best ways to eliminate your boredom after having a business meeting for long time.

Though the App store is filled with thousands of stunning addictive games, still a smartphone owner prefers playing only few games that are often played by worldwide smartphone users. Besides offering entertainment, Apps are even used for getting directions to nearby coffee shop, checking bank statements, making financial transactions and they even help you in gaining fitness.

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