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Modern Architecture and Interior Design Inspiration Series no #11

Starting a series Modern Architecture Design and Interior Design Inspiration for our reader. We collect new and modern Architecture and Interior Design from different designers from all over the world. I am definitely sure that this Architecture and Interior Design Inspiration series must gain your knowledge of designing and also help for your projects.

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20 Fantastic Ready to Print Retro Templates

Retro is so yesterday. And that’s why it’s so cutting-edge today! Hip to our thoughts yet? Yeah, using a retro style for your clients can be a great way to help your next project really stand out for them. Or use a retro style on your own personal projects to inject a real dose of yesteryear into your work.

With this Mighty Deal, you no longer need to live in the past, you can recreate it with your work! This Retro Bundle features 20 different Retro Style Print Templates from Cruizine Design, just perfect for you to capture that old time feel. Best of all, whether you’re working on flyers, business cards, invitations or even fun trading cards, all these templates are completely print ready! Just customize to your needs and ship off to your printer.

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4 of the Weirdest Ways Humans Interact with Technology

New devices have always been meant to improve our quality of life. One historical case is that of Ludwig van Beethoven, who–in combination with standing closer to the source of noise–used an ear trumpet to deal with his gradual progression of hearing problems. Sometimes, however, the use of our digital toys can go beyond their job descriptions. Let’s take a look at the silly, the useful, and the ugly.

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The 10 Best Microstock Sources For Your Images

If you’re a freelance designer, one who works within a creative agency, or if you publish articles in a magazine or on a blog, you know that using images in your projects is an important matter. Not only do they have to look great in the greater context, but you need to know that you’ve made yourself the best deal in acquiring them. In other words, you need to be sure that they are top-notch, affordable, and easy to find. I’ve decided to compile an up-to-date list of the best stock images agencies whence you can get your images.

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Weekly Web Design Inspiration #38

Weekly web design inspiration series of creative and beautiful web designs, In this series we collect and share some unique and new trend designs from all over the world. We hope that our readers will appreciate our hard work and will inform us through your precious comment.

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Why is 4G Sucks In New York City

As most New Yorkers will tell you, 4G in the city is awful , especially in Manhattan. The Internet takes forever to load, your smartphone constantly searching for signal, and if you accidently move two spaces to the left, the video you’re trying to stream is now frozen. 4G and 4G LTE, wireless Internet access which is supposedly faster than normal home broadband, is typically spotty and unreliable in the New York City. Plenty of times we have felt like taking our phones and bashing it against the wall. Only some common logic prevents us from doing so. If 4Gs main purpose is to supply faster internet connections, then why is it so slow?

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30 Amazing Neon Light Typography Designs

Neon – the word alone evokes all sorts of feelings. Comfort coming from a long hard day at work; escape from a troubled night at home; unease on a lonely walk on the wrong side of the tracks; nostalgia on a stroll through memory lane; wonder upon entering a city that beckons with its lights.

No matter the setting, neon signs have a way of touching the human heart with their warm glow. But with all the sentimentality attached to these beacons of night, there’s a science to their bright hazy magic.

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10 Most Addicting Apps Ever – Infographic

Playing a game or browsing through an App on the smartphone is the best time pass activity for most of the individuals in current tech-driven society. Gaming and social media Apps are best ways to eliminate your boredom after having a business meeting for long time.

Though the App store is filled with thousands of stunning addictive games, still a smartphone owner prefers playing only few games that are often played by worldwide smartphone users. Besides offering entertainment, Apps are even used for getting directions to nearby coffee shop, checking bank statements, making financial transactions and they even help you in gaining fitness.

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25 Creative Business Card Design Inspiration

Business cards design is always popular and helping to grow your business. Your business card can brand you and your business. When a person views it a 2nd time, he must quickly relate it to you. Business card performs an important role. For people your business card assists as a messenger that provides information about the person along with his organization. Today we collected a some creative business card design for your inspiration, these business cards design help you in your projects, Hopefully our visitor like it this collection.

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List of the Best HTML5 Editors: Let’s Explore the Collection

HTML, through its inception has become the most used text marking language in the web page developing and designing world. Many contents are created through “hyper text markup language”. To minimize the compatibility issues with different technologies such as mobile, HTML is converted to HTML5. With the latest version of HTML, you can create the web content at your fingertips, but this is not enough. The developers need to write the code at Word pad or notepad then explore that file through browser, to see whether it is working or not.

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20 Examples of Inspirational Logo Design

A Logo Design is one of the most important elements for company identity and also the branding of a company what is more, it tells a full story concerning your business additionally brand design is one in every of the foremost vital assets of each organization. Today we make a post of 20 Inspirational Logo Design, This post is part of our weekly post Logo design inspiration series, In this list we add a different variety of logo design. I hope this collection is useful for you, Let us know through your comments.

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Apps which Pay you – Infographic

Everyone in the world is interested in earning few extra bucks apart from their general wage. To help out such individuals, several App developers are crafting new Apps that would allow the smartphone users to earn some additional money just by taking part in online surveys, grabbing photos and watching trailers.

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5 Packaging Design Trends From the Last 10 Years

The packaging of a product is as crucial as the physical design itself. Striking a balance between the need to be eye-catching, yet increasingly environmentally aware is an ongoing challenge for developers and marketing departments worldwide.

Even in the past decade, the way in which packaging is designed has changed enormously. If you were to compare the way a supermarket aisle looks today with one from 2003, the differences in packaging may well be subtle to the eye, yet upon closer inspection those changes become magnified.

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Reasons why still accepting guest posting is a good habit

In 2008-2009, when I start blogging, the term “guest post” wasn’t very famous and many people were reticent about. Nowadays, a guest post is something very common and very used by bloggers. As the name itself is saying, a guest post is the blog contribution of someone that does not own the respective blog or isn’t hired to write for. Usually, it’s a blogger that writes a post or more for a backlink/backlinks. It became a very fruitful activity and even the Google experts paid a closer attention to it. Well, right now we have an inflation of guest postings and it determined people to believe that it’s harmful. It was enough to wrongly interpret the statements of Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s Webspam team. Definitely, he mentioned that there are two different kinds of guest blogging.

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Inspiring Graffiti Street Art from L7m

Graffiti began in the 60s, and up to date, Graffiti is a form of art. Graffiti is a type of art that is illegally made on walls and have found commonality in public places. Specifications by spraying, drawings which might be used to forward a different message. Spraying a paint write a word and make a designs it’s called graffiti.

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