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25 Iconic Photos that Changed the World – Part 2

Here is the second part of iconic photos that changed the world.

The father and the child, 1980

This image brings out the harshness of poverty and hunger in Uganda. This badly starving kid is about to die due to hunger. His hand in the hand of a missionary seems ironical and almost satirical on the circumstances.

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10 Best Portfolio WordPress Themes

Here is an amazing collection of best WordPress portfolio themes.

RockWell Theme
RockWell is a powerful theme with unique features. It’s easy to use, easy to customize and most importantly – it allows you to unleash your creativity. Fun, loud and versatile = that’s RockWell. Doesn’t matter if you are a photographer, business, blogger or a designer – this theme will suit all types.

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12 Free Online Website Builder

In order to get a good sale nowadays every business should have a website. For people who do not have web developing skills, it is hard to create a website by their own. Therefore, we have created a list of free website builders where you can create your free website within a minute.
WEBS – Make a free Professional Looking Website Today!

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Famous Quotes By Famous People

When you listen to a quote it definitely inspires you and makes you look at life in a new way. There are many number of famous quotes that will just brighten your day, you can get these famous quotes sent to your email address, or as a text message. By reading these inspirational famous quotes on a daily basis you will be able to have a positive and healthy attitude towards life. Here is an amazing portfolio of famous quotes of famous people

Bob Marley

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How to Learn Chinese Easily

Shaolan, author of the procedure, since childhood, was fascinated by the depth and richness of the Chinese language, but understand its complexity and lack of access to foreigners. Then she decided to come up with a method for the study of the language, as simple, clear, intuitive and fun. So she started an educational program.



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35 Bokeh Effect Photography

This time we are presenting amazing collection of really beautiful Bokeh effect photography for your inspiration.

G-Force by Ed McGowan

Day One Hundred Five by Dustin Diaz

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25+ Digital Portraits of Woman

Just look at these amazing photos! Wait.. Are they real or digital paintings??

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Optical Illusions That will Blow Your Mind

The Endless Chocolate

If you cut a chocolate bar 5 on 5 and rearrange all the pieces in the order shown, then, out of nowhere, there will be an extra piece of chocolate. The same can be done with the usual chocolate and make sure it is not computer graphics, and is an existing puzzle!!

Absent of a Mermaid

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15+ Beautiful Infrared Women Portrait Photography

“Anyone can take a portrait photography, regardless of experience or training due to the often overwhelming advancements in digital photography and the many tools and accessories that come today’s digital cameras. Here we are going to see some amazing infrared woman portrait photography..

My Name is SANDRA


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20 Totally Free SEO Tools

Free SEO Tools: “SEO tools have become one of the major weapons in the search marketer’s arsenal. There’s no question whether to use software for SEO or not. Even those few advocates of fully manual SEO also use different tools in their daily optimization activities. And although skills and knowledge are extremely important, equipment is also high up on the priority list.

1. Pingdom Full Page Test
Pingdom tool that analyzes a URL’s load time

2. Google Webmaster Tools
A very useful tool from Google. One of the most useful SEO-Analyzer.

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25 Iconic Photos that Changed the World

Below are 25 of such iconic, drastic, world changing photographs which changed the way in which we perceive the world.

Kevin Carte: The Starving Child And The Vulture, 1994

Probably one of the most acknowledged and empathized upon images is this dreadful picture taken by Kevin Carte. This Sudanese child is being stalked by a vulture. The bird is aware of the fact that the child will die due to starvation, so it is patiently waiting for his meal. This click won the photographer a Pulitzer but unfortunately he was so shocked by the naked stark poverty that he committed suicide three months after gaining recognition for the picture. It enlightened the world on the ruthless effects of famine in Africa.

Alfred Eisenstaedt: The Kiss, 1945

On August 14th, 1945, Japan surrendered to the U.S. This signalled the end of World War II. Celebrations erupted across streets and the most joyous were the ones in uniform. The wave of overjoyed masses also had one of the most brilliant photographers of the 20th century; the German immigrant Alfred Eisenstaedt. While capturing the celebration, he spotted a young sailor who was running and grabbing any girl with…

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Logos with Hidden Satanic Messages

Here are few of the symbols and their associated hidden satanic messages. Though these have nothing to do with the genuine logo makers or the concerned organizations but you know that you never know.


CBS Broadcasting Inc. (CBS) is a major U.S. commercial broadcasting television network, Its logo resembles an eye which indicates to the eye of Satan.


The symbol of Olympics games is composed of five interlocking rings colouredblue,yellow,black,green and red on a white field .The logo represents the 666 ,the number of man,the mark of the beast.

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50+ Amazing Nature Photography

A photographer not only just take picture but also stop the moment in his camera. A photographer not only capture the moment but also speak with his clicks. Let’s see 70 mind-blowing nature photography that will make you think.

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Colorful Fashion Photography by Donbass

Donbass Photo Agency is one of the most comfortable and caring photo studio. Their company takes care of individually designed for each client and provide all the convenience and comfort for training and professional photo shoots. You can find them on Twitter. This is an amazing colorful fashion photography by them.

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