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A Collection Of Eye-Catching Molecular Hybrid Necklaces By Aroha Silhouettes

First came Molecular Addictions and now, in Aroha Silhouettes’ latest Designer Drugs Collection, the roof is blown clean off the lab with pieces sure to make you feel like you’re hallucinating. Imagine an alternate reality where unabashed profligacy and depravity could exist without the 4 day hangover or Breaking Bad consequences.The concept behind Designer Drugs is one of hedonism, indulgence and over-the-top debauchery where, in a ‘fantasy laboratory’, both legal and illicit molecular hybrids are created not to be ingested, but worn.
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The Polyomino Game Collection By Lisa Shahno And Aroha Silhouettes

Polyomino Game - Lisa Shahno + Aroha Silhouettes - Monomino 1

The Polyomino Game is a collaboration between Russia-based fashion designer Lisa Shahno and jewellery designer Tania Hennessy of Aroha Silhouettes in Canada. Over a span of six months each designer created seven unique pieces following a set of specific rules. In November the Polyomino Game came to an end with a photoshoot in Moscow, Russia.

Polyomino Game - Lisa Shahno + Aroha Silhouettes - Pentomino

The rules of the game were precise and simple; each designer was to create seven unique pieces exclusively using combinations of squares. To add an element of difficulty Shahno’s clothing designs were restricted to only using squares 30 x 30 cm and Hennessy’s jewellery and accessory designs 1 x 1 cm squares. The colour palette was also restricted to black, white, grey and violet.

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Molecular Jewellery Brought To Life With Illustrated Photography

Molecular Addictions Estrogen Necklace by Aroha Silhouettes

Hormone and neurotransmitter jewellery is given a visual interpretation by illustrator Paulette Arochena for the latest Molecular Addictions collection by Aroha Silhouettes.

Molecular Addictions Serotonin Necklace by Aroha Silhouettes

Molecular Addictions Oxytocin Necklace by Aroha Silhouettes

Jewellery Designs – Aroha Silhouettes
Illustrations – Paulette Arochena
Photography – Kim Akrigg
Hair and Makeup – Dina Day
Model – Brittany Clyde