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Punk Disney Princesses

Punk Disney princesses manipulation series by unknown artist.

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Silhouette Star Wars Poster

Line Logos


Minimalist Line logo series of famous brands by Nick Barclay.

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Comic Book Rock Stars


Superheroes illustrated as rock stars by Andrés Moncayo.

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Marvel/NFL Helmets Mashups

Disney Meets Gotham Characters

Cult Movies Pixel Art

Fresh Prince of Bel- Air Character 21st Century Update

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air characters updated into 21st century by Leland Foster and Lyst.

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Art Deco Style Disney Poster

Futuristic Pin-Ups

Futuristic Pin-Up illustration series by Sakke Soini.

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Cartoonized NBA Logos & Mascots


NBA mascots as cartoon chraracter illustrations by Baboon Creation.

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Superheroes on Skyscrapers

“Superheroes on Skyscrapers” photo series by Benjamin Von Wong.

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Greetings From Mars

‘Greetings from Mars’ is a narrative photography series by Paris-based, author-photographer Julien Mauve.

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Ducktales Avengers Mashup

Ducktales Avengers Mashup illustration series by Chad Townsend.

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Pixelated Heroes

Pixelated video-game, comic book, tv-show and movie characters by James Boorman.

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