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Alliance Is Rebellion

“Alliance Is Rebellion” Indian signs an Star Wars character artworks by Scott Erickson.

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G-Tag by Gigaset

G-Tag the newest Bluetooth based beacon by Gigaset.

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Mango’s Spring/Summer

Spring/Summer campaign by Mango with Miranda Kerr.

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Ana Alcazar Summer Campaign

80ies Album Cover Villains

Material Design Star Wars Characters

Material Design Star Wars Characters illustrations by Alexandr Gorelenkov.

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Fiction meets Fiction Mashups

“Lego fiction meets fiction” fake advertising mashups by Alexandre Tissier.

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Flat Marvel Heroes

Flat Marvel Heroes illustration series by Alejandro Rojas.

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Impossible Magnets

Cult places from Pop Culture transformed into impossible holiday memories Miguel Sousa, Sara Enriquez & Martín Feijoó.

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Comic Book Pixel Art Movie Characters

Comic Book Pixel Art Movie Characters illustrations by Michael Myers.

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Badass Cartoon Series

Game of Thrones Beautiful Death

Black Sailor Moon Girls

Sailor Moon Girls redesigned as black girls by Odera Igbokwe.

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Steampunk Gameboy

Olaf The Disney Princess

Frozen character Olaf as Disney princesses illustrations by TortallMagic.

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