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Flat Marvel Heroes

Flat Marvel Heroes illustration series by Alejandro Rojas.

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Impossible Magnets

Cult places from Pop Culture transformed into impossible holiday memories Miguel Sousa, Sara Enriquez & Martín Feijoó.

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Comic Book Pixel Art Movie Characters

Comic Book Pixel Art Movie Characters illustrations by Michael Myers.

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Badass Cartoon Series

Game of Thrones Beautiful Death

Black Sailor Moon Girls

Sailor Moon Girls redesigned as black girls by Odera Igbokwe.

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Steampunk Gameboy

Olaf The Disney Princess

Frozen character Olaf as Disney princesses illustrations by TortallMagic.

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Tron Mashups

Tron Mashup illustration series by David Kopet.

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CMYK Puzzle

Alien Christmas Cards

Classic Console Blueprints

Star Wars Masked Actors

Star Wars masked actors illustrations by CCP Design.

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Pop Culture IKEA Men

Pop Culture Character IKEA Man illustrations by Sedki Alimam.

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Famous Hungry


“Famous Hungry” illustration series by Sr. Aderezo.

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