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Power Ranger Classic Makeover

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Manga Style Disney Princesses

Dragon Ball Z Pop Culture Fusion

Walking Dead Cartoon Style

Walking Dead characters in cartoon style by Edward Pun.

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Secret Hero Life II

Brand new “Secret Hero Life” illustration series by Greg Guillemin.

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Indian Disney Princesses

“Indian Disney Princesses” photo series by Amrit Grewal.

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Kids Playing Star Wars

Childish Pokémons

Childish Pokémon illustrations series “Tiny Monsters” by Karolin Gu.

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Marvel Superhero Silhouettes

Marvel Superhero Silhouettes illustrations by Jason Stanley.

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8-bit Tea Time II

8 bit teatime (Super Mario Bros. )_part 1
New “8-bit Tea Time” artworks by Dina Belenko.

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Game of Thrones Houses as Companies

Game of Thrones Houses as Companies with modern logos by Ed Wain.

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Superhero alphabet “Superbet” artworks by Simon Koay.

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Female Joker Cosplay

Female Joker Cosplay photo series by photgrapher Akami and cosplay model HydraEvil.

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Pillows for Nerds

Pillows for Nerds by graphic design studio ak-lh.

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Modern Skeleton Heroes

“Modern Heroes” illustration series by artist MAD.

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