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The Future of Urban Art: 10 Amazing Urban Projection Videos

There’s a growing art trend in cities throughout the world, where architecture, video art and sound installations meet for brief moments of genius. To explore the beginnings of this art form, TheCoolist has collected 10 amazing videos of urban projection art, where buildings come alive. More at TheCoolist.

Glass Materpieces: 15 Brilliant Uses of Glass in Architecture

While steel and concrete may remain paramount in the world of architecture, glass remains an almost ethereal form in the way architects design our homes and offices. To celebrate the world’s greatest glass buildings, TheCoolist has selected 15 amazing glass structures from around the world. Check out the full, eye opening list at TheCoolist.

The White Shark Watch by Urwerk

Urwerk has released a new watch in their Rare Species line of luxury wrist watches. The Urwerk White Shark Watch is a monochrome version of the Urwerk UR-202, one of the most mechanically progress watches in recent years. Check out more about this new watch at TheCoolist.

Maximilian Busser’s Latest Magic: the HM4 Thunderbolt Watch

Maximilian Busser and Friends have released their latest work of magic, the MB&F HM4 Thunderbolt Watch. This titanium and sapphire watch is a throwback to the designer’s early years, where an obsession with model airplanes and aerodynamics led to his interest in modern watch crafting. As is true with the other watches from this designer, the new Thunderbolt is an instant classic. More at TheCoolist.

Germany’s Deutsche Oper am Rhein Ballet Calendar

To promote a troupe of some of Germany’s most talented ballet performers, the Deutche Oper am Rhein Ballet has released a tasteful nude calendar as photographed by Klaus Kampert. More at TheCoolist.

The Architecture of the Expo 2010 in Shanghai, China

The world expo in Shanghai China is home to some of the greatest works of architecture in recent history, a celebration of cultural spirit from around the world. The Expo 2010 Shanghai Pavilions represent great achievements in sustainability, in beauty and in message, reflecting the spirit of the nations for whom they were built. More at TheCoolist.

Giving Pride to the Poor: Favela Painting in Brazil

A duo of Dutch artists travel across Brazil working with the poor to reinvent their communities in color. Favela Painting is their art form, teaming with the poorest of Brazil’s favela shanty towns to give them a renewed sense of pride in their own neighborhoods. More at TheCoolist.

The Apple Store of Guns: MSZU, Germany

No matter which side of the gun issue you’re on, it’s hard not to respect the design sensibility of this progressive gun club in Ulm, Germany. The MSZU Gun Club is open to licensed gun owners, hunters and law enforcement officials, boasting a modern design seemingly inspired by the Apple Stores of the world. More at TheCoolist.

Classic Contemporary: the Hensdyk 2500 SF

Fusing elements of the sports cars of the 1950s and the 2-seater roadsters of today, the Heynsdyk 2500 SF is a rarity in the world of automobiles. It carries both a sense of history and an upcycled sensibility, as a kit car starting at only $20,000 USD. More at TheCoolist.

Design of the Past: The 1951 Vincent Rapide

Photographers Guerry and Prat have captured this stunning rehab of the world’s fastest production motorcycle of the 1940s. This 1951 Vincent Rapide has been faithfully restored to near original perfection, a bike that showcases a time when motorcycles were true works of art. More at TheCoolist.

The MBandF HM3 Frog Timepiece

The luxury watch brand MB&F has released a new timepiece inspired by the amphibious form of the common frog. The MB&F HM3 Frog Watch features two raised domes inspired by the bubbly eyes of our pond-going friends. More at TheCoolist.

10 Amazing Graffiti-Style Light Painter Photographers

A slow-shuttered camera, a flashlight and a bit of inspired performance can yield some truly stunning imagery. These 10 amazing light graffiti artists weave some of the most incredible light-based artwork in the world, from the days of Picasso to modern day. More at TheCoolist.

Mauro Lecchi’s Lamborghini Concept Yacht

Designer Mauro Lecchi has developed a new design concept that could help to shape the future of the Lamborghini brand. Lecchi’s Lamborghini Yacht takes its inspiration from Lambo’s land vehicles and maintains those styling influences on this futuristic boat. More at TheCoolist.

10 Excellent Must-Read Books For The Passionate Architecture Fan

Are you a fan of architecture? The best way to expand your architectural experience, short of world travel, is to study the must-read books on architecture like these. These 10 excellent architecture books cover architecture’s history, its philosophies, its forms and even its fiction. A great way of rounding out your experience and appreciation of architecture. More at TheCoolist.

The Gauntlet Aston Martin Concept by Ugur Sahin

Who has the audacity to think they can remake the world’s greatest sports cars in a better design? Ugur Sahin, of course, and his audacity is met with a stunning level of talent and vision. The Ugur Sahin Aston Martin Gauntlet Concept is a brilliant re-working of Aston Martin’s most prized sports cars, like the One-77 and others. More at TheCoolist.