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Latinotype Bundle – Save £1,000

latinonew11 650x317 Latinotype Bundle   Save £1,000
It’s another fantastic bundle from HypeForType – this time on 7 Latinotype families. This bundle contains 89 fonts ordinarily worth £1,022, but we’ve knocked a couple of digits of the front, and you can get it for just £22! That’s a fantastic £1,000 saving you’d be crazy to miss!

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Thirsty Soft

hft000 thirstysoft.pr1 1 1 650x317 Thirsty Soft
Blink and you miss it: Thirsty Soft is here and gone again in just 2 weeks, so you’ve only got a limited time to get it. To help you out, HypeForType has reduced it to just £5, so if you were unsure before, you can’t be any more. Thirsty Soft is the smoother, rounder cousin to Thirsty Script, another great by Yellow Design Studio, offering a creamy script which flows easily in its ligatures. Easy going and relaxed, Thirsty Soft just floats along on whatever tide pulls it, so make the most of it while it’s here, because it’ll be gone before you know it.

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Machete Pro

machete 001 650x317 Machete Pro

A caveman in the font world, Machete is big on brawn and savage instinct, seemingly rough around the edges but with a misunderstood heart of gold. Machete doesn’t want trouble, Machete just wants some fun, and won’t let anyone stand in its way, because that’s not how Machete’s world works. When you let Machete lead the way, you’ll find that it’s fun to let loose once in a while.

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Australis Pro

hft australis 00 650x317 Australis Pro

Australis Pro is a trim and proper professional font, a sleek businessman without the grease, and only a little time for tradition. Australis Pro prefers to do things a new way, not by being unique, but by setting the new standards for fonts to work by. With links to traditional Roman style fonts, but with modern twists, Australis Pro is a go to font for something a little different, but with all the association of professionalism and tradition.

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LatinoType Type Bundle

latinonew1 650x317 LatinoType Type Bundle

Another great offer from HypeForType – the Latinotype Type Bundle! This amazing offer includes 89 fonts, totalling £1,022 in all, but you can get the whole lot for the massively reduced price of £22. Yes, that’s a £1,000 discount, and how often are you offered that? You’d be crazy not to get it.

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class1 650x317 Clasica

Clasica likes to put things in perspective, being an incredibly sensible font with a distinctive lean to its letters. Ideal for print based formats, text, headlines and titles, Clasica’s thinline strokes and sturdy slabs make it legible and elegant all at once.

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hft cons 01 650x317 Consuelo
Consuelo is simple, smooth and easy on the eye, but also elegant; childlike but well behaved; sweet, innocent and incredibly polite. Inspired by brush strokes, the font is ideal for headings, logos, posters and advertising, where charm and style need to be effortlessly combined.

Buy Consuelo from HypeForType for just £17 per font, or get the whole set at £93, including 4 fonts, their italic variants and a set of ornaments. Until 26th July 2014 you can get the entire family for 50% off.

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HypeForType – Type Bundle 4

tb41 650x317 HypeForType   Type Bundle 4
It’s another great saving! HypeForType’s 4th Type Bundle is here, so you can save 97% on 40 fantastic Fenotype fonts. Altogether these fonts would come to a whopping £563, but buy the Type Bundle and you can get the lot for just £19.

These delicious script fonts are great for decoration on many levels, from the pure elegance of Alek, or the class of The Carpenter, right through to the fun loving No Seven, these Fenotype Fonts will give you a smooth summer style.

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Rolling Pen

rollingpen 001 650x317 Rolling Pen
Rolling Pen is the result of designer Alejandro Paul’s mix of interests in calligraphy and pop technology. The design takes inspiration from 19th century business penmanship as well as modern digital, geometric designs and blends them together into a flowing, casual but intense style with plenty of options for swashes, ligatures and alternates perfect for design work.

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seashore 001 650x317 Seashore
Seashore has a backslanted design that carries with it the rhythm of the sea, based on a left-leaning calligraphy style popular amongst the 19th century elite and converted into a metal-type. Also bringing to mind the right-to-left written Arabic font, Seashore’s swashes and ligatures lend it a graceful drift perfect for shorter pieces, such as monograms and invitation headings.

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esmeralda 001 650x317 Esmeralda
Esmeralda mixes classical type tradition with modern influences to create a font that is at home in both text and design work. The classical form is apparent in the basic font, but takes a more rounded and organic approach to its creation for something a little bit different, but still very legible. Using Open Type features reveals the more magical side of the font, with swashes, alternate characters and contextual ligatures using the space in a much more creative manner.

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hft000 eveleth.introsale 1 650x317 Eveleth
Eveleth is a textured font with plenty of customisability – 3 different textures are each spread over 3 different weights, with 6 character sets in each category, giving you plenty of options for each character, word and phrase. That’s not even mentioning options for shadows, thin forms and regular characters. Eveleth’s customisability allows you to use it for any message you want to send, in any tone.

Buy Eveleth from HypeForType for just £12 per font, or all 16 variations and ornaments for an amazing £27. Even better, until July 31st 2014, Eveleth is 85% off, making it only £4.86 for 16 amazing fonts.

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adorn final 1 brilliant 650x317 Adorn
Adorn your invitations in any number of fantastic and elegant styles, thanks to Laura Worthington’s new font Adorn! Designed with the goal in mind of creating fonts for invitations of every kind, Adorn can be found in 13 wonderfully individual styles, not including 7 sets of ornaments.

Buy Adorn from HypeForType, from £9.60 upwards, or be prepared for every occasion with a £59 package of all 20 styles.

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New Slab

hft newslab 01 650x317 New Slab
New Slab is, as the name implies, a slab serif font combing three different typefaces into a minimalist and neutral form, perfect for large blocks of text and in print formats. New Slab is available in 8 weights, with italic forms for each, for a total of 16 different fonts.

Buy New Slab from HypeForType for just £15 a set, or get the regular form for free!

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hft darwin 01 650x317 Darwin
Darwin mixes grotesque, geometric and humanistic styles to create a very legible but ever so slightly different font. A tall x-height, straight lines and geometric curves make this font very professional and a pleasure to read.

Buy Darwin from HypeForType for just £11 per font, or buy all 20 variations for only £95. Until July 18th 2014 Darwin is 80% reduced, meaning that you can get the entire font family for only £19!

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