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Leather Skins for MacBooks

skinsall 650x109 Leather Skins for MacBooks

Leather Skins for MacBooks

Skin for MacBook

Express yourself with a colorful, eco-friendly synthetic leather skin for your 11” or 13” MacBook Air. Keep your laptop scratch-free and in pristine condition while showing off your style.

The skins are super thin, measuring only 0.6 mm in thickness, while remaining durable and resilient. The low-tack adhesive sticks well, but is easy to remove and leaves no residue.

Each kit comes with a screen protector, palm guard, bottom skin, top skin with cut-out apple so the logo remains visible, and protective film for the logo.


  • For 11″ and 13″ MacBook Air
  • 6 vibrant colors: Orange, light blue, light green, pink, light grey and black
  • Super thin
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Protects device from damage from daily use
  • Designed to fit perfectly and not interfere with other accessories

For more info please visit

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MacBook Leather Skins by onanoff

MacBook Skins 650x855 MacBook Leather Skins by onanoff

Leather Skin for MacBook

The onanoff™ leather Skins brings luxury to your Macbook Air®. It keeps your Macbook® scratch-free and in pristine condition, without adding any bulk or hiding the gorgeous Apple design. It feels great in the hand and keeps your Macbook® perfectly secure. The Skins has strong adhesive that sticks well, but is easy to remove and leaves no residue.

The extremely thin onanoff™ leather Skins (PU) protects and preserves all surface around your Macbook with top, middle and bottom Skin patches. Middle Skin offers a comfortable support for your wrist while typing.

onanoff MacBook Leather Skins – Black

One black mac 2 650x388 onanoff MacBook Leather Skins   Black

Keep your laptop scratch-free and in pristine condition while showing off your style.

Universal Tablet Holder

DSC03156 Universal Tablet Holder

onanoff’s new product, the Dock Minimal, is a universal dock for tablets that is compatible with all iPads and will be one of the first to fit the iPad mini and iPad 5.

On the pictures above the Dock Minimal is being used with the Google Nexus Tablet.

The Dock Minimal is now being funded on Indiegogo,


The Dock Minimal

The Dock Minimal

IMG 2884 The Dock Minimal

For more information please visit

The Dock Minimal

532572 384684468284707 1212538685 n 650x247 The Dock Minimal


To learn more please visit our Indiegogo site

Magneat reflective sticker

magneat forest51 750x499 Magneat reflective sticker


Magneat reflective final lower res 750x199 Magneat reflective sticker


Nordic design company onanoff releases reflective stickers for award winning product Magneat. The reflective sticker serves as a free addition to Magneat – a simple, magnetically attached accessory ideal for users who exercise outdoors, go to the gym or want to enjoy listening on the move without frustrating tangles and knots in their cables

For more information about onanoff, visit