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Flat 3D Mock-up Templates – Apple and Other Devices

Mock-up Templates are great at helping you visualize whether or not your ‘finished’ design serves its intended purpose sufficiently by quickly placing your design into the environment it will eventually be surrounded by. By doing this, you can potentially spot grey areas within your design and correct them, saving you time and money from printing and/or manifacturing, what could be classed as, an incomplete design.

There are many templates available to download on the market, free and premium or ofcourse you can make your own. Below you will find an example of both free and premium mock-ups created by Italian UI Designer Frank Rapacciuolo, he has created some beautiful Flat 3D Mock-up templates for various devices such as the iPhone 5, Nokia Lumia, Samsung Galaxy S4, and more.

Download Mock-up Template here

10 Premium Realistic Logo Mock-Up Downloads

This article features 10 premium logo mock-up downloads, all of which are photorealistic and greatly detailed. The downloads work with photoshops smart object feature making it easier to replace the content with your own designs with just a few clicks. We have tried to include as many different logo mock-up styles as possible such as wood, leather, various 3D effects and much more.

Download Here

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Photoshop Effects Tutorial – How to Create Realistic Fabric Stitches

This photoshop effects tutorial is going to be walking you through the simple process of creating your very own and pretty realistic stitches using basic photoshop tools. We are also going to be utilizing various textures that we have created in the past that are completely free from any restrictions.

Below is a snap shot of the photoshop effect that you are going to be learning today –

See the Photoshop Effects Tutorial Here

10 Free High Resolution Leather Textures

What we have for you are 10 high resolution leather textures exclusive to Inspiration Hut, half of which have been edited to a lighter shade, the other half is darker and higher in contrast. The colors we have made available consist of Sepia, Red, Blue, Emerald Green and Original Grey, of course the color choices are endless with a little tinkering in Photoshop. All of which have been conveniently compressed into one file (.zip) for easy downloading.

Download Here

New Art and Design User Submission Website

We all like to add extra exposure to our portfolios, and to the ones that inspire us. well today was the launch of a new way to submit your work and inspiration to Inspiration Hut. By taking advantage of the popular publishing platform that is Tumblr, you can now submit your favorite creations / inspiration directly to us, and our favorites will be published on our website for thousands to see. Nice and easy. Check it out here –

Click here to start submitting your images.

Hand Drawn Slab Font – Swindale Slab

Swindale Slab, as you may have already guessed is a slab styled font. This is our first font with over 100 glyphs, and comes in both regular and italic with the plan of adding more styles in the future (bold, light, outline and maybe more) so if your a fan of Swindale, be sure to keep your eyes peeled.

symbols1 lowercase1 capitals1

Download here.

25 Watercolor and Ink Photoshop Brushes No.3

Here is our third installment of our Watercolor and Ink photoshop brush set series, all of which are completely free to use personally and commercially. You can find the first one here on Inspiration Hut, and the second is located over on our marketplace (its still free there). We are still splitting, scanning and prepping each brush preset and expect to have around 8 packs in total that we will slowly by surely leak out over the coming months. So be sure to keep your eyes peeled and enjoy. 

preview_1 preview_2 preview_3

Download Here

6 Paper Shadow Photoshop Effects (PSD File)

There are many situations in which you could find yourself requiring realistic paper shadows within photoshop, especially with the rise of skeuomorphic design. Within this particular PSD File there are 6 great paper shadow effects all fitting around a standard A4 page with a light texture featured on the face of the paper, the effects can be used on any background as they are completely transparent.

Download Here

Free 16 Page Case Study / Portfolio Booklet Download (InDesign File)

Here we have a modern, branded, and clean portfolio / case study booklet with 16 pages included to help enhance the presentation of your work and your concepts to potential clients and onlookers. But of course the booklet can be changed into many print products such as a general product brochure, a newsletter, a magazine, an annual report and many other editorial resources. The color combinations are endless and simple to change, with a click of a button you can change the color of all the grey and orange triangles as well as the content boxes using InDesign and Object Styles.

Download Here

12 Practical and Fun Gadgets for Photographers

I have complied together a great collection of practical and fun gadgets for photographers, and also included a great concept piece which every photographer needs and I hope becomes reality! To find out more about each product, just click on the link below the image.

Camera lens MugCamera Lens coffee Mug This mug comes with a lens cover lid for keeping your beverages hot, as well stopping any unwanted dust particles. The lid can also be used as coaster for the mug or a novelty holder for your favorite biscuits.

gorrilapodGorrilapod The Joby GorillaPod flexible tripod lets you position your point and shoot camera anywhere to capture the perfect shot. Flexible, wrapable joints secure round objects and position your camera at any angle and rubberised ring and foot grips enhance stability on difficult terrain. GorillaPod Original can wrap round a railing or perch on a rock, stabilising your camera to capture crisp photos.

Bottle Cap Tri-Pod Bottle Cap Tri-Pod  Perfect For The Spur Of The Moment Shots When You Don't Have A tripod Handy!

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8 Portfolio WordPress Themes That Use Flat UI Design

In this article we have compiled 8 WordPress Themes that have been designed specifically for portfolio and blog use, oh and if you have not yet guessed, they will all feature beautiful flat design. For those of you that may be new to the web developing world, WordPress is primarily a website CMS (content management system) that opens the doors of owning and running a website to the masses, it can be used as a simple blog, a business website, an online shop, or in this case a portfolio. Themes allow you to customize the design and functionality of your website, and the WordPress system allows you to run it. If you want to learn more about WordPress I highly recommend WPbeginner as your go to source for everything WordPress.


"Business Essentials was written from the ground up with the modern business in-mind. From the elegant, clean and easy to read text, to the various fully featured page templates including staff, careers, home, and case studies your site looks gorgeous on a big screen all the way down to mobile with it’s responsive design"

          Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 10.00.04


INVIA has been built with Bootstrap 2.2.2 allowing its responsive qualities to be brilliantly slick and its cross compatability to be flawless. It comes retina ready with the a bunch of icons to choose from that are also retina ready. The author of the theme has also taken this one step further and included a $15 slider plugin to help utilize the themes inbuilt slider function.

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 10.01.48

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 10.02.05

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Font Download – Brixton Bled – A Creative Take on Vintage Printing

Brixton Bled is a creative alternative to our popular font Brixton. Brixton Bled represents the beautiful effect that often occurs when screen-printing letters and words, that effect being the outer edges of the individual letters bleeding out as they are absorbed into the medium they are printed on. They’re are 3 weights available, all have italic alternatives making this a family of 6 fonts.

Download Here

Hand Drawn Font – Allister – 4 Weights Available

This particular article is talking about our font Allister, we launched the original Allister font near the beginning but have only recently developed 3 more variations making Allister officially a font family. The 3 extra variations include Light, Bold and Black making a total of 4 weights including the original; Regular. Allister is a quirky font face with only capital letters, numbers and various symbols all as loud and proud as the prior. Check out the screenshots below to see what all the fuss is about.

Download Here

Hand Drawn Font Download – Avera

Avera, another beautiful hand drawn serif font created by our very own Tom Chalky. With a quirky figure and wonky serifs, Avera is a mighty fine addition to our steady growing collection of premium fonts. Great new’s for you freebie lovers, the numbers + symbols that come with Avira are available as a FREE download, follow the instructions to the right if you are interested.

Download here

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Creative and Colourful Floral Illustrations by Daryl Feril

The artist behind these creative and colorful floral illustrations below is freelance illustrator and designer Daryl Feril. His creations are full of intricate detailed patterns, gorgeous colors and great shading techniques. Apart from having his work featured on our own humble website, Daryl has been featured in numerous publications including Computer Arts Magazine, and Digital Arts Magazine.

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