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Diploo’s Ted & Teddy – The Meeting. Hand crafted ceramic figurines.

Ted & Teddy – two ceramic figurines, completely hand made from ceramic clay, fired, glazed in white with enamel decoration.


Hashioki for Youmiko Sushi Cracow by Diploo Studio :)

Ceramic hashioki (chopstick holders) created for Youmiko Sushi Cracow. Hand made by Diploo Studio :)

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Diploo Studio Munny Customs

Diploo Studio Munny Customs – Series of customized DIY Munny by Kid Robot. All figurines are hand made from ceramic clay, glazed in different colours with hand painted finishes. Those are the first customized art toys by Diploo, but of course not last ones:)

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Diploo Woods – graphic teaser for upcoming project

Diploo Woods – upcoming project from Diploo Studio, inspired by forests and trees where ceramic material is combined with wood in its natural substance. Digital graphics presented below are kind of teasers revealing the very spirit of the project and inspirations…

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BOODHA by Diploo Studio! Hand made ceramic figure with USB dock, made to load some positive energy to your device:)

“Budha represents intelligence, intellect, communication, analysis, the senses (especially the skin), science, mathematics, business, education and research.” – source: ;)

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Diploo’s FROOTIES – hand made, ceramic halogen lamps! More @

Diploo’s FROOTIES – series of ceramic lamps, shaped in funny – custom shaped design to bring some lighting excitment to any interior:))) More @

Diploo Frooties
Diploo Frooties 2

Singing Brownies by Diploo

The series of ceramic, handmade sculptures – vases, designed for any interior bringing fun and excitement:)

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My Dear Deer Friend meets Mr. Woods

My Dear Deer Friend is a series of ceramic, hand made sculptures set in the forest of Zachełmie, Poland to meet the forest creature Mr. Woods:)
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“My Dear Deer Friend” by Diploo Studio

One of the friendly Deers by Diploo set out in the forest of Lysa Gora in Poland. These are ceramic hand-made sculptures designed for any interiors. More @