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VVSVS Ivan Flugelman UPDATES

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VVSVS is the work of Creative / Art Director Ivan Flugelman. He has just updated with some fresh out of the oven work that is worth checking out.

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VVSVS Libraries

Small Update from VVSVS “Libraries”

VVSVS Updates

VVSVS has updated his website with some new and fresh work.

VVSVS is the studio platform of art director Iván Flugelman.

Ivan graduated as a Graphic Designer at the University of Buenos Aires, were later on was a professor during a period of four years. He has worked as a motion graphics art director in the major animation houses in Buenos Aires: Punga Visual Consorcio and Peppermelon, until he decided to move to Europe.

Here he has collaborated with companies in London, Munich and Berlin like Partizan Labs, Tilt Design, Shucks Studio, Kemistry, Alpenblick and Zeitguised.
After working around Europe, he set base in Berlin to create VVSVS.

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London Based Art Director VVSVS showcases some small but juicy updates!