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Awesome Behind the Scenes Photos from “Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark”

Raiders of the Lost Ark (later marketed as Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark) is a 1981 American action-adventure film directed by Steven Spielberg, produced by George Lucas, and starring Harrison Ford. It is the first (chronologically, the second) installment in the Indiana Jones franchise. It pits Indiana Jones (Ford) against a group of Nazis who are searching for the Ark of the Covenant which Adolf Hitler believes will make their army invincible.

Here is a gallery of rare behind-the-scenes photos from “Raiders of the Lost Ark” that you’ve never seen before.

Steven Spielberg setting up a shot of miniatures
Spielberg, Harrison Ford and a corpse
That’s noted Indiana Jones stunt double Vic Armstrong standing to the left of Harrison Ford

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Classic Photos From the Campaign Trail

Here are classic photos of American politicians on the campaign trail: famous leaders and largely forgotten pols shaking hands, kissing babies, eating everything put in front of them, traveling in planes, trains and automobiles in search of one more vote…

President Franklin D. Roosevelt talks to a young mother while sitting in his car during a trip to the western U.S. in January 1936.
Vice Presidential candidate Henry A. Wallace throws a boomerang in a field in January 1940. Wallace, who was vice president during FDR’ second term and served as the secretary of both Commerce and Agriculture, was relatively famous for his prowess with the boomerang, and could occasionally be seen in the early morning near the Lincoln Memorial in the 1940s, hurling the curved, lethal-looking pieces of wood and catching them as they returned.
LIFE photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt adjusts Richard Nixon’s tie prior to photo shoot during the 1960 presidential campaign. Nixon lost to JFK in November of that year by one of the smallest margins in American history.

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Mini Skirts in the Classroom in the Past

Here’s a look in the past of mini skirts in the classroom

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Old Portraits of Hillary Clinton in 1969

Class leader Hillary Rodham of Wellesley College talking about student protests which she supported in her commencement speech.

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Dad’s Root Beer Vintage Ads

Dad’s Root Beer is an American root beer created in Chicago in 1937 by Ely Klapman and Barney Berns. It is currently sold and marketed by The Dad’s Root Beer Company LLC, and owned by Hedinger Brands, LLC. Here some vintage photos of Dad’s Root Beer advertisements.

Dad’s Root Beer, 1967
Dad’s Root Beer, 1969
Dad’s Root Beer, 1958
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The 60s’ Paper Dresses

Here are some vintage dresses were made by paper in the 1960s

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Early Photos of Construction and Evolution of the NYC Subways

A collection of early images that show the construction and evolution of the New York City subways from 1900.

First actual work at Bleecker and Greene Streets. ca. 1900
Engineers in tunnel during construction of present IRT at City Hall Station. ca. 1900
Edward Levick. Mayor McClellan on first subway trip. 1904

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Photographs of General Motors Cars and Trucks, 1902-1938

Here, principally black and white photographs for the automotive and truck lines of General Motors, during the years 1902-1938.

The Evolution of GMC Trucks, 1902, 1905, 1906, 1915.
Rapid Motor Vehicle Co. 1-ton Rapid Truck. Model of 1905.
The Improved Chassis of 1906.

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Green Giant Vintage Ads

Green Giant and Le Sueur are brands of frozen and canned vegetables owned by General Mills. The mascot of Green Giant is the Jolly Green Giant.

The Minnesota Valley Canning Company was founded in 1903 in Le Sueur, Minnesota. The brand “Green Giant” was originally used for a large variety of pea, “Green Giant Great Big Tender Peas”, in 1925. The figure of a giant was introduced in 1928. The company was renamed to the Green Giant Company in 1950. In 1979, it merged with the The Pillsbury Company, and in 2001, the group was acquired by General Mills.

Get the World’s Corniest Radio, 1969
Jolly Green Giant Foot Rug, 1967
Is My Face Red, 1954

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Celebrity Puppets from “Spitting Image” (1987)

In 1987, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich published Spitting Images, a collection of photographic portraits of some of the puppets, with accompanying text by National Lampoon‘s Sean Kelly.

Bette Midler: America’s Happiest Camper
Mick Jagger: Rolling Stone Youth Formula: Removes Lines, Wrinkles, Moss!
Prince Charles: The Dunce and Future King

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Amazing Vintage Portraits of Wannabe Weathermen, 1983

Photographer Michael Jang took these amazing portraits of aspiring weathermen and weatherwomen in 1983 when he was working for a local television station in San Francisco that was holding auditions.

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‘American Photographs’ by Walker Evans

Like the work of most great artists, the best of Walker Evans’ pictures are marvels of contradiction. Or, rather, they acquire their power through the contradictions they deftly reconcile. Here, a small collection of Walker Evans’ photos from his book ‘American Photographs’

Penny Picture Display, Savannah, Georgia, 1936
Sidewalk And Shopfront, New Orleans, 1935
Parked Car, Small Town Main Street, 1932


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Old Photos of NYC Coffee Shops

Check out these old NYC coffee shops, from the 1880s to 1980s

Caffe Reggio, 1975
La Casa del Cafe; coffee shop, 1962. (Courtesy of the MCNY)
8th Avenue and 23rd Street, Coffee Pot. February 28, 1926. (Courtesy of the Municipal Archives)

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Awesome Vintage Longhaired Lady Photographs by Stan Shuttleworth

Stan Shuttleworth worked for the Planning Commission of San Bernardino County, California and lived in Redlands, California. Stan was also a very well known photographer. Stan like some of us understood that he had a passion for ladies with long hair. Not being ashamed or shy about this, Stan would advertise in the local papers for lady’s with long hair to model for him. He then would photograph then in all of their splendid glory. Stan understood he was not alone in his admiration of women who let nature take its course with their hair. His pictures were available to anyone who requested them. Being the kind of person that Stan was, once you requested pictures from him he would mail a sample out on the honor system. If you did not like them, then you were to return them to him. If you did like them, then you sent him a payment, and Stan would send you some more. Stan did this from 1950’s up until the 80’s when he passed away from a stroke as a result of battling diabetes for many years. Stan really wanted to share his work with the world, and this site will help him do so now that he is no longer able to.

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Vintage Photos from ‘Bloomingdale’s Book of Home Decorating’

Before there was IKEA, there was Bloomingdale’s. Founded in 1861 by Joseph and Lyman G. Bloomingdale, the first incarnation of today’s upscale department store was a “Ladies Notions’ Shop” specializing in hoop-skirts on Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

Bloomingdale’s Book of Home Decorating by Barbara D’Arcy, the influential interior design guru and chief decorator of the model rooms in the flag ship store’s furniture department, is testament to its influence.

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